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Are You Breaking The Law Using Instagram?

Are you breaking the law using Instagram? by Estelle Keeber

Now you all know that we’re all about transparency when it comes to Instagram but did you know that YOU maybe breaking the law when it comes to the content you are sharing onto Instagram?

Early in 2019 a handful of celebs were taken to court over the fact that they were promoting brands, products and services without making it known to their followers that they were being paid to do so!

The ASA’s ruling found the post to be a marketing communication based on Flat Tummy Tea’s control over the content of the post, the visibility of the product in the posts, display of the brand handle and other factors. The ASA held that the prior lack of disclosure was a breach of the ASA’s CAP code, its rule book for non-broadcast advertisement, sales promotions and direct marketing communications.

Which in layman’s terms means that the brand (Flat Tummy Tea) knowingly marketed their product using the said influencer without making it clear.

Shortly after the influencer changed the caption of the post and added the word #ad
Even the amazing @mrshinchhome https://www.instagram.com/mrshinchhome was under scrutiny over her use of cleaning products in her posts.

So when it comes to either working with influencers or promoting brands yourself, transparency is crucial. You have a responsibility to your audience to make ethical decisions when it comes to what you promote and providing them with honest information.

Brand collaborations and influencer marketing are huge for online businesses if done in the right way…but that’s a whole other blog!

Until next time…

Stay transparent…Much love

Insta Queen x

Why Take Part In An Instagram Challenge?

Why take part in an Instagram challenge? by Estelle Keeber
As most of you will know we regularly host Instagram Challenges. The last one was our Summer Challenge at the beginning of July. The challenge super successful. We had over 1000 sign ups and over 1500 posts throughout the week using the #mibasigc .
In case you’re unclear, an Instagram challenge is when you create a photo prompt for each day over a certain amount of time and invite others to participate with you. For us at MIBA, our prompts were mainly focused on being a working mum and our challenge usually last a week. We have been holding challenges since we first created our Instagram account back in 2017 and have held over 8 amazing challenges since so we thought that it was maybe time to let you all into a few trade secrets to hosting (and taking part in) a successful Instagram Challenge
Why you should start an Instagram challenge.

Instagram is many people’s favorite social media platform. Over 32% of all internet users have an Instagram account! If you know where your followers are hangin’ out, then it’s smart to build a presence there, too. Starting an Instagram challenge not only builds your presence, but gives people an incentive to interact more with your brand and create a stronger community.

You will gain more organic  followers. During out challenges we have seen growth of over 1k followers. Now, I do want to make clear that we’re not trying to increase our followers just for the sake of having more followers. We’re trying to increase our numbers because we know that Instagram followers are likely to turn into dedicated blog readers or 1:1 clients!

It builds trust with your brand. People are more likely to trust you after having a positive, shared experience together. It creates more of a camaraderie rather than the separation that many brands have with their followers.

It’s fun. I also had a lot of people tell me that it was growing their Instagram followings with new, dedicated followers that discovered them through our unique hashtag. Not only that, but it gave me a much more personal look into my readers’ lives. I got to see pictures of their homes, people they love, the weather where they live, and more!
Select a good hashtag for your challenge. The hashtag is one of the most important parts, because it’s what people will use to tag their photos and be included in the challenge. Choose something that is easy to remember and not being used (check Instagram first to be sure). Use your username or business name in your hashtag, so that it is easier for followers to connect it to your brand and remember who is hosting it.

Keep your prompts simple. It’s better to use simple prompts (for example, one of ours was simply, “me me me”), than to use something too descriptive. You don’t want it to be so difficult that it’s hard for people to think of what they could share. Plus, open-ended prompts allow for the most creative thinking.

Select a manageable length of time to run it. Ours was 1 week and I felt like that was perfect!
Directly invite people to join before it starts. Share onto other social media platforms to encourage fans to get involved!
Interact with participants. This was one of my favorite parts. I enjoyed going through the hashtag, liking participant photos and leaving them comments. It made me feel more connected to the people who were participating, and feeling connected is really important to me.
Instagram thought I was a spammer a couple times and wouldn’t let me leave more comments because I was commenting TOO much, so much for social media!! Encouragement goes a long way in motivating people, so I think it’s important for the host to take time to like and comment on participant photos.
So now you know what goes into creating a challenge and how to take part…what are you waiting for?!
Sign up for the October Challenge now!
A 31 day challenge that will cover ideas for content, hashtags, community building, competitions, engagement and more! Insert link for sign up
See you all there!
MIBA Insta Queen x

MIBA SMS What an incredible day….

MIBA SMS by Estelle

Well what can I say…

To think that just 6 months ago MIBA Social Media Summit was just and idea. Both Leona and I are always looking for ways to develop our own knowledge and after investing in lots of conferences, trainings and online workshops we knew exactly what we loved about them and what we hated.

We wanted to create something where women (and men) could come together have fun, interact and connect with other incredible people whilst earning a host of new skills to grow their business!

And so MIBA SMS was created.

For the first time ever we brought together 5 awesome expert guest speakers in all areas of social media and a panel of inspiring women who have used social media to really make an impact!

The day started with a VIP meet and greet. Our VIP attendees got early access to the conference, an opportunity to mix with the guest speakers and other VIPs aswell and Leona and I! The energy in the room as the doors opened was utterly mind blowing. The feeling of community, excitement and eagerness was off the scale.

I can’t lie before we stepped out in front of the crowd I was literally buzzing with excitement. I knew what a great day was in store and even before I started the day with my Instagram presentation I knew that the day was going to be unforgettable!

Being the first on stage was nerve wracking but very exciting. Many people had travelled across the country (some people even flew in from Canada and Switzerland) and I did not want to disappoint in my home city of Leicester! I need not have worried. The crowd were amazing, and I instantly fell into my flow as I saw how engaged everyone was! There was so much crowd interaction I was literally running around the room on an energy high. It was amazing to see my phone constantly buzzing with notifications throughout the presentation… I did say as we opened the Social Media Summit that this is probably one of the only conferences where we want to see you on your phones and these guys did not disappoint. It was so uplifting to see so many people trying the tips and tricks I was sharing in real time!

We finished off with the legendary Insta Queen boomerang! What a way to start MIBA SMS!

Next up we had the wonderful Gwen Baird from Rag Social who shared all her favourite tips on how to use Twitter to grow your business! I absolutely loved her tips and couldn’t believe how many tweets are sent every day!! I definitely need to up my twitter game!
Her training as so amazing and easy to understand that by the end of the workshop #mibasms19 was actually trending on Twitter! Now if that’s not an expert I don’t know who is!

Gwen’s style was lovely and relaxed and we cannot wait to work with her again! You can check our her Twitter account here.

Our panel discussion followed Gwen’s workshop and these ladies absolutely rocked the stage. Each of these fabulous women shared their stories aswell as some brilliant tips on how they maximise their impact on social media. The crowd was hooked and the question and answer session was absolutely amazing. It was so heart warming to hear our panel of women supporting and inspiring the crowd with their advice and real life stories of struggle and success! From network marketers to celebrities and independent business owners… these ladies really showed that anything is possible when you invest in learning about social media! You can check out their social media by clicking on their name below!

Massive thank you to everyone who sat on our panel and shared their advice… Holly Matthews, Lianne Anderson, Nic Knott, Heather Rose and Hannah Fay Pearce and Lauren Outram.

After an incredible lunch we were back to it and raring to go!!

Starting the afternoon we had the fabulous Esther the Investor explaining all about Linked In. Now this is one social media platform that I could not wait to find out more about and Esther did not disappoint! She gave so much value and the crowd were connecting by the end of the workshop. Infact my connections have gone up massively since! You can head on over and check us out on Linked in by clicking HERE

Next up was the amazing Lianne Harris who taught us all about Pinterest and how its so much more than just pictures of kids craft and wedding inspiration!

I had no idea that Pinterest could really drive traffic to your business and put you in front of a whole new audience. I think I need to spend less time pinning wedding pics and more time upload Instagram tips! Check Lianne out HERE

And last but certainly by no means least we had the incredible Cherish Reardon take to the stage to wow us all with how she created her sensational brand Popsy Clothing. She shared her favourite tips on building a loyal following, explained how her community help her to design her next collection and shared with us how it feels to work alongside Gok Wan and other awesome celebs who love her designs.

I have to be honest… by the time it got to the end of the day it was like we were only just getting started… the day had flew by and it was utterly amazing to see how fired up every single person was who had attended.

As a special treat we also launched next years event MIBA SMS 2020 to this years attendees… tickets again will be limited and so it was only fair we gave them first dibs!

BUT you will be glad to know that tickets are now on sale for general public and for the first 7 days of launch will be available at early bird price too! Within minutes of launching we are already having bookings so if you missed out this year… now is your chance to make sure you don’t miss out next year too!

For anyone that didn’t make it to this year event and would love to watch what all the fuss was about you can now join the private FB community where you can watch all the workshops from the day. The group will be open for a whole month after the event so you have plenty of time to watch the replays again and again. Live stream access is just £20… YES>>>> I know £20 for all 5 workshops on Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram and Facebook aswell as access to the panel discussion too! Join the private SMS community HERE

So, that’s the low down on this years MIBA Social Media Summit… 1 thing I know for sure… next years will be even better (if that is even possible!) Get your tickets now by clicking the link

Massive shout out to all of the incredible MIBA team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this the huge success that it was. James, Barry, Jenny and Nicola on the tech team, Vicky, Heather and our amazing group of helpers and our amazing sponsors Black Nova Designs.

Check out all the behind the scenes from the first ever MIBA SMS in my story highlights on over on Instagram

Until next time…

Much love Insta Queen AKA Estelle Keeber

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Instagram Stories Basics

Instagram Stories Basics by Estelle Keeber

People can view your stories by tapping on your logo…and you can watch the stories of the people you follow by tapping their logo or the small circle icons at the top of your feed.

So why are Instagram stories so powerful… WELL… let me hit you with some statistics!

  • 1 in 3 IG stories gets a DM response
  • 1 in 3 instagrammers have become more interested ina brand after seeing them on iG stories
  • 56% of people interviewed said they went to a brands website after seeing IG story content
  • 38% of people spoke to someone else about something they saw in IG stories

So the statistics speak for themselves… IG stories is the place to be right now if you want more eyes on your business.

They beauty of Instagram stories is the fact that they disappear after 24 hours unless you decide to save them. If you create an awesome story that you want to share, adding it to a highlight will allow it to be seen after the 24 hours is up. Using Highlights is also a great way of drawing attention to the most important bits of your business (but that’s a whole other blog post!)

Because they only last for 24 hours it also means yu can have more fun and not get so hung up on having the perfect picture unlike your main feed.

Stories are the perfect place for you to really engage with your audience and let them see what goes on behind the scenes in your business. Share sneak peeks of new products, reminder for giveaways, share quotes, your day…the list is endless!

Instagram are always introducing even more features to make your stories even more fun! The stickers option currently has the music option, lyrics, polls, emoji sliders, chat and more. Im super excited to see what comes next.

Make the most of all the features. Use the polls sticker to ask your followers their opinion, share a thought for the day and ask your followers if they like it using the emoji slider. Whether your posting something personal or something business related…the polls sticker is a huge MUST for improving engagement and they are super fun too!

So now Ive give you the basics of stories I cannot wait to see what you share, don’t forget to tag me @estellekeeberofficial ( add hyperlink )

This blog is literally the tip of the stories iceberg and I cannot wait to share more with you…so watch this space!

If you’re one of those people who don’t like to wait… you can check out the Instagram Back 2 Basic training where we cover bio, hashtags, content and more!
Check out the course here….

Until next time

#mibainstaqueen x

Episode 7: Rach Love

Estelle is joined with Rach Love of Little Ideas with Love.

Rach makes scented soy wax products and reed diffusers, filling your home with gorgeous aromas.

Estelle and Rach discuss how Estelle’s insta training has helped Rach push and promote her business through Instagram.

Little Ideas with Love can be found at http://www.littleideaswithlove.co.uk

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This is episode is sponsored by County Flower Walls

Luxury flower wall and backdrop hire based in Colchester, Essex. Creating the wow factor at weddings, parties, baby showers and corporate events. Our services also include Prosecco walls and bespoke installations.

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Instagram County Flower Walls

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Music from https://filmmusic.io
“Wholesome” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

An Incredible Year… Here’s To Being 37!

An Incredible Year… Here’s To Being 37! by Estelle Keeber

OMG can you actually believe im 37 tomorrow?? I know I seriously don’t feel that old (yes some days I look it lmao)

Feeing super blessed that I have made it this far! So since my birthday is approaching I thought that I would have a quick flash back at what’s been happening in the last year… and boy has stuff happened.

This time last year I was in Amsterdam with Leona about to head off to what turned out to be the weirdest bar I have ever been to in all my life! Whilst we were there, we had a plan to come back the following year after smashing the big goals we had set.

So lets look at whats been happening since.

On arrival back from Amsterdam I found out the article I was a part of for the Sun would be published in the next few days. I had been waiting since February and actually thought they would end up dropping the article but no, me and my boobs were about to be seen by millions of people across the world! you can check out the full article by clicking on the image below.

Copyright STEWART WILLIAMS 07956 568150 THE SUN.

In October MOF 3 hit the #1 spot on Amazons best sellers list meaning that every single book we have released so far in the series has hit #1 on both kindle and paperback!! Love being able to help other women share their stories with the world! I had always wanted to be an author, even as a little kid I had loved writing and no here I was, not only creating best selling books but also being able to help other women realise their dreams of becoming an author too!

In November I had THE LEON LOGOTHESIS star of the Kindness Diaries and general amazing human message me and agree to a meeting with us (after much stalking… I mean persistence lol) I got asked to speak at the Photography Show at The NEC (one of my favourite expos) AND MOF 3 RANKED HIGHER THAN Oprah Winfreys Rags to Ritches… OMG!

And I finally found a new house in a gorgeous area! Let the next chapter begin!

December Peter Sage Invited me round for tea! What a way to finish the year.
January saw the MIBA Guide to growing your Instagram hit #1, we decided to start our autobiography and MOF 4 launched and hit #1 … which makes us 8 times best sellers! Take a look here

MIBA Leicestershire turned 1 in February! (Although I held our 1st ever MIBA networking event way back in August 2017!) And I guess I should mention I met Mr MIBA!!

We signed a contract with a media company who will be pitching us to Netflix and C4 and I got invited to speak about all things Instagram (all expenses paid) in Valencia! March was a good month!

The next few months involved being asked to speak at events like the UKs biggest franchise show, Women in biz expo (alongside Caprice, Michelle mone and Karren Brady) and being booked for 5 events with the same company! I became ambassador for Womens Aid Leicestershire (and raised over £1 with my extreme climb!) and we were finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur awards (watch this space for updates, Awards happening 25th September!)

But the highlights of the last year must finish with getting engaged and Jed becoming a best selling co author himself! Mind blown!!

So as you can see… the last year has been pretty incredible!

And our autobiography is out!! Go check it out now!! https://mumsin.biz/lbpb

Being 36 was all that I imagined and more…bring on the next year!

Peace out..
Love #mibainstaqueen

Creating a Connection

Creating a Connection by Estelle Keeber

Hey hey MIBA blog fans!

Today’s blog was inspired by the realisation that the MIBA Autobiography is about to launch!!

Click here to sign up to attend our book launch.

The last few weeks I’ve been going through waves of different emotions. Sometimes Im super excited, sometimes I’m nervous, sometimes I literally feel sick that people are about to read all about my life. The good the bad and the ugly bits too! After helping 91 other women to become best selling authors and share their stories you would think that I would be a dab hand at dealing with the nerves BUT I can tell you, now its my story that’s being shared the nerves have 10x’d

The response from reviewers has been amazing and what has really had the biggest impact on me is the realisation that we already have a tribe of incredible and supportive women who love us regardless of whatever is written in the book. Infact the response has been that they love us even more now they know what we have been through to get to where we currently are. They love how we have shared things about our lives, that although hard to talk about, will hopefully make others feel less alone.

Our tribe feel like they already know us because for the last 27 months we have shared, shared and shared some more…all of the bits of our lives. Business and personal. To the point where YOU all now feel like you know us.

And THIS is the point I want to get across to you all in this blog. Allowing people to see the real you helps them to relate, to feel like they get you. This is a tip across the board regardless of which social media platform you chose to you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in…what ever SM platform you use…you NEED to be personable…you have a tribe of people out there just waiting for you to move into your true weirdness ( because we all feel like no one will get us, I promise ) and start to bring together likeminded people.

Keep an eye on an upcoming blog which will talk all about the different ways YOU can share YOUR story using features on Instagram.

Until next time… keep an eye out for the autobiography! You can sign up here and find out all about how YOU can get yourself on the guest list at the invite only launch event here in Leicester on the 27th September!

You can check out everything that’s going on behind the scenes by checking out the hashtag #mibalaidbare on Instagram!

Much love Estelle
Aka Insta Queen

The Power of Collaboration Part 1

The Power of Collaboration Part 1 by Estelle Keeber

Since creating Mums in business Association, collaboration has always been something that we have realised the power of. Early on in our MIBA journey we collaborated with an amazing some amazing business that helped us to do a number of things.

So first of all let’s talk about how collaborating can help your business. When you collaborate with a brand or business you are showing others that you recommend this brand, that you believe in what they stand for and that your happy to be associated with them. This is great for the brands reputation and will reinforce this to other people who may not have known who they were prior to the partnership. And this works in the reverse too. So firstly, it can help with building your brands reputation.

Secondly it will open you up to a whole new audience of people (who will hopefully be your ideal clients if you have chose your collaboration partner wisely). When you collaborate with a brand it’s not uncommon for you to cross promote posts. For example you will post about their products and promote them and they will do the same for you. This means that your brand is being put in front of a whole new audience that you may not have had an opportunity to approach before. Collaboration is amazing for raising your visibility!

Thirdly, it allows you to build relationships that can take your business forward in ways that you wont even think abut right now. The power of networking is crazy. I have been able to connect hundreds of women who have gone on to have hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales and all through the power of networking. Once you have worked with a brand and showed them how dedicated you are and what an amazing brand you have, this company will then go on to recommend you to others. So not only have you opened up your audience and increased your credibility you have also built a relationship that could end up being priceless.

That’s it for part 1… watch this space for part 2 where we’re going to be talking about HOW to connect and collaborate with the right people!

Until then…

Much love
Estelle aka #mibainstaqueen x

Going Live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram by Estelle Keeber

I was absolutely rocked by how many people that joined me on last week’s Instagram live who said they were scared of doing an Instagram LIVE!

But then when I got to thinking and spent some time chatting with you ladies afterward I realised that for a lot of people being present on Instagram is a huge deal. Some of you haven’t even shown your faces on your account! First of all being YOU is what will help your business to succeed. I say it time and time again, people buy from people. Allowing your personality to shine through on your Instagram is what is going to allow you to find your tribe!

So, lets talk about going live on Instagram. I know, it’s a scary thought if you haven’t done it before. What will you talk about, what if no one watches, what if I make a mistake, what if the kids come in or the door knocks… well guess what..

ALL of the above have happened to me and im still alive… yep… I didn’t die… So whats the worst that can happen?

So lets talk tips…

Tip 1 – Find out what your followers want to see. Ask them using your posts and Instagram stories… find out HOW you can give them value so you know what you are talking about is useful to them.

Tip 2 – Plan your live. Write down some notes to keep you on track, even if its bullet points. I always write notes and always go off track BUT it gives me somewhere to refer back to and bring it back around…and I think that it shows that Im real. That the lives aren’t too planned and that Im happy to answer YOUR questions as they arise.

Tip 3 – Breathe! If people watch great, if they don’t… it’s ok. Just because people don’t watch live doesn’t mean they wont see it at all. I get lots of people watch my lives on replay.

Just remember to keep going… we all start somewhere. I’ve had 2 years of practice and still balls it up, get things wrong and forget what Im talking about…and Im sure that why you love me… because Im real and just like you. So before you give yourself a hernia through the stress of thinking about a live…just do it…if you hate it that much you can always delete!!

Until next time…

#mibainstaqueen xxx

Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith by Estelle

I’m a huge advocate for keeping it real. You will often see my open and honest posts about how my boys drive me to distraction, that we have people trying to sabotage MIBA, stalkers, crazy family…you name it we go through it. Just the same as you guys.

And so that’s whats drove me to talk about keeping the faith for todays blog post. By the time you ready this we will have less than a week to go until we are in Amsterdam for the Abraham Hicks conference.

It was around this time last year that we went to Amsterdam to celebrate my 36th Birthday. It was meant to be a weekend away for Leona and I, no work…just time to kick back. But you know that’s never gonna happen with us two right?

So, alongside living my best life, dancing on beds and drinking champagne out the bottle ( always keeping it classy ) we also took time out to work on a project ( that is still going on ) and plan what we wanted for MIBA over the next 12 months.

We sat in a restaurant the day before we left and talked about how utterly blessed we felt to have been able to help and support hundreds of thousands of women already and what we wanted to  achieve in the next 12 months and we vowed we would go back and sit in the same restaurant ( Im not sure I remember which one it was after the brownie dessert lmao ) and look back over the last year.

A lot of the things we discussed I then went on to put onto my vision board which has been sat by my desk since the beginning of the year. Some of the goals and visions were work related and some were focussed around MIBA.

In the last 8 months ive been able to tick off over half the things I had on there…that I wanted to achieve over the next year! One being finding love ( I know, a bit cheesy but Im actually getting married in May 2020  ) one being a new car and one being the release of our autobiography. Now don’t get me wrong, Im not for one minute telling you that because I put the images on a vision board that miraculously that have entered my life. But what the process has done is allow me to verbalise my goals out loud and make it know to myself and others what I wanted to achieve so that not only I could hold myself accountable but other would be able to support my journey too, it allowed me to think about action steps that I needed to put into place to take my ideas for goals from my mind to fruition and it kept me going on the days when I had to deal with assholes and drama as it was always there to remind me WHY I was doing what I was doing.

And here we are, almost 1 year later about to head off to Amsterdam to watch the Abraham Hicks conference to learn more about the law of attraction and how changing your mindset can change your life…and WE are living proof!

So there’s the moral of the story my friends…keep the faith, remind yourself constantly why you do what you do and trust the process, oh and try to avoid assholes!

Peace out,

#mibainstaqueen xxx

Ps Keep an eye on my personal Instagram stories for all the BTS in Amsterdam!