Episode 45 - Jessie Lee

We are so excited to welcome to the podcast MLM expert Jessie Lee.

Jessie is a podcaster, business coach and mentor who has made over 150 MILLION sales! With a social media following of over 35 thousand people Jessie also knows a thing or two about building a brand on social media.

Jessie Lee Ward became a multiple 6-figure-a-month, 7-figure-a-year earner after joining community based marketing in October of 2015 with no prior experience.

She has been on the cover of Networking Times, the professions premier magazine, has been a keynote speaker at Go Pro - Most Powerful Women, and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, has been featured on Brad Lea’s “Dropping Bombs” podcast, and also has her own highly-rated podcast “The People’s Mentor”.

Jessie Lee has built her business nearly entirely online via social media with no phone calls, no meetings, no events, and no leaving her family with the exception of going to her largest markets to build leaders.

Listen as as they chat all about using social media for business, why being a spammy pammy is a no no aswell as lots of other amazing tips and tricks to help you grow your business.

Find her @imbosslee on Instagram

Instagram Positivity

How to make your experience on Instagram more positive – Some simple tricks to boost your mood! with Estelle

It was such a pleasure to be invited by Psychologies magazine to be interviewed LIVE on their Instagram account.

For anyone that doesn’t know Psychologies Magazine is the UKs best selling mindful living magazine with over 1.3 million Facebook followers. Psychologies is the magazine that helps you know more, grow more. Grown up, intelligent and intimate, Psychologies is the only magazine that seeks to enrich your emotional life.

I connected with editor Suzy and commercial director Nikki at last years Women in Biz Expo where I delivered my first ever keynote speech alongside Caprice and Michelle Mone! It was a welcome to change to be asked about how Instagram can be used in our personal lives for a better mindset and so I jumped at the chance of chatting about this live with Suzy.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to watch the live I thought that I would share a few of the tips with you here too.

Tip 1 – Get rid of any accounts that don’t make you feel good! Go through yourfollowers and unfollow any accounts that you no longer feel aligned with. Maybe your taste have changed, maybe the account has changed paths. Whatever your reason…if they don’t make you feel good they gotta go.

Tip 2 – Go and connect with the accounts you love. The more you engage with account the more of their content you will see in your news feed…so if you actually like a post, let the account know, tell them why in the comments, let them know you agree…or disagree…but do take the time to comment.

Tip 3 – Share! There is no easier way to pass around the positivity than to share that shit out!! Main feed…share it! Stories…share it! DM…share it! If you find an account that really makes you laugh or that shares great memes…let someone else know too. We created a template for you guys to use to share you favourite 3 positive accounts…so far they have gone down a storm and Ive found some amazing new accounts to follow!

So there are just 3 of my top tips for making Instagram a more positive place for you to be and remember that if you are not feeling the love on Instagram there are lots of ways to report unwanted attention. Restrict, block and report.

Until next time…

Stay positive

Estelle x

Taking your Offline Business Online

Taking your Offline Business Online by Estelle

With so many small businesses being hit by the Covid19 outbreak we are doing all we can here at MIBA HQ to offer you support.

As the Covid 19 outbreak spread we knew there were going to be lots of changes ahead that were going to effect a lot of business owners. Lots of businesses right now are in exactly the same situation, with less sales, less income and for lots of us mums, less time with the children now being home educated and so this is why we decided to create our MIBA Survival Kit.  This FREE resource offers advice in many areas including financial planning, budget meal tips aswell as ways to stay calm in this uncertain situation we are all finding ourselves in.

We were amazed that over 1300 people signed up for the survival kit within just 36 hours of it launching. But we didn’t want to stop there.

We have now taken our 250 worldwide networking events online enabling hundreds of women to continue connecting and growing their businesses. Feedback has been amazing and all we have done at MIBA is evolve and this is what will keep your business alive.

With almost all shops worldwide shutting down, online is the new offline. In a world where we are being told to self isolate and social distance, social media and the internet are the one way we can stay connected. Therefore NOW is the time to take your business online if you haven’t already.

Now don’t over think it….

You have skills…yes?

You have the internet? Yes

You have a product or service…Yes?

Then lets go online!

Think about the skills you have and how they can be of service to your customer.

Now think about how you can offer this online. Ebook? Printable? How to video?

What about offering an online class? One to one coaching online in your area of expertise?

Maybe your business is service based? Can you create a package for your clients to DIY at home with your support or how about creating a subscription box.

All things that can be done remotely without having to leave your house yet still providing your customers with a solution to their problem!

You can check out our FREE download for ideas on how to take your business online here

Or why not check out the full training in our VIP area?

Until next time,

Stay safe

Estelle x

Episode 40 - Amy Merrywest

In today’s episode Estelle is joined by our latest VIP expert contributor Amy Merrywest. Amy has worked with huge brands in planning their PR and secruinf amazing coverage. In this months VIP collection Amy talks you through the process from plan to pitch.

Listen in as we give a sneek peek of what to expect.

The MIBA Card by Maddy Alexander-Grout

The MIBA Card by Maddy Alexander-Grout

I have been a member of MIBA for just over a year now, since joining I have absolutely loved everything they stand for, it’s such a supportive community and Estelle, Leona and the coordinators make it such a wonderful place to be.

I knew from day one they would be an amazing business to collaborate with.

So let me tell you how it all started and what we are all about so you all know why this partnership was a match made in heaven.

I started My VIP Card in 2017 , after suffering with a serious mental health condition called post natal psychosis.  I was very poorly and I needed a lot of counselling and support after I gave birth.  I had previously had bouts of anxiety and had a very traumatic pregnancy, but something inside me wasn’t right.

After a tough 3 months of being housebound and getting the help I needed I connected with some other mummies which was hard for me as I was terrified they wouldn’t understand me and my issues, but luckily meeting that group of mums saved my life.

We used to get together twice a week and talk about all the things that were wonderful and terrible about parenting at the same time. We went for coffees, to soft play, role play centres and each other’s houses, but everything we did always ended up costing us money, I had set up a Facebook support group for parents locally to me and we were all using that regularly too.

The more we were out and about the more I started to love local businesses and the feeling they gave me. I started to make friends with the small business owners , and they really liked having us see them regularly. I started to organise discounts for the group as we visited more often and the group grew. I was working in employee benefits in the corporate world and genuinely loved helping companies to reward their employees.

Ben who was nearly 1 at the time still slept terribly, I was up breastfeeding one night and it just came to me, I wanted to thank the mums and the local businesses that had helped me, so I came up with the idea for a parent discount card.

I started contacting businesses I knew where we shopped regularly and everyone agreed it was a great idea. And My VIP Card was born.

We launched with 80 discounts on 31st of November 2017.

In March 2018 we won our first award, we have since won 12 awards, been nominated to 18, featured in the national press and grown out offering to over 4500 discounts.

I got made redundant in April 2018 from my corporate job and just knew there would be companies and membership organisations that we could help! So My VIP Rewards was then born.

We made the decision that we wanted to focus on helping membership groups to give their members something really great!

Being a mum in business is hard! Such a rollercoaster! And finding your tribe is what it’s all about, and we are all here because MIBA are our tribe right? I am super passionate about Mums in Business! I know how hard it is to juggle a business and be a parent.

I now have two children, Ben is 4 and Harriet is 15 months, they are a handful. Especially at the moment.

So working with MIBA was something close to my heart. Mums who all have small businesses! It’s a perfect fot for what we do.

So you lucky MIBA ladies get something that will save you tons of money and get more eyes on your business for just £15! And MIBA VIP’s get it for just £10!! Bargain!

So….. I bet you are all super excited to see what you get!

The Miba card gives you

💜 Discounted gift cards for well known high street retailers , including but not limited to the following

⭐️ Argos, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, John Lewis, Just Eat, Amazon, Morrison’s, M&S and more

⭐️ up to 40% off cinema trips ( or online streaming during lockdown

⭐️ thousands of online and local offers

⭐️ discounted gym memberships

⭐️ discounted theme park trips

⭐️ cashback shopping at over 2500 high street retailers

⭐️ plus free advertising for your business if you can offer a 10% discount or something of added value - you get a profile on the My VIP Card website , can promote your business in our groups and we do you a launch post so all of our members can see what you offer!

⭐️ save money when you shop with other miba members who are taking part in the scheme

I franchised My VIP Card at the end of last year and our aim is to help small and local businesses UK wide, the more people who get involved the better!

We are growing across the UK and the way we will grow areas is by people adding their businesses, we had to start somewhere and the more people know about us the more discounts will be available for the MIba card!

I run my business with a very small team, it’s just me and Jo my assistant , and Emma who is my franchisee for Guildford.

So for me creating the Miba card has been so special. And working with Estelle and Leona who would clearly do anything for their members, is wonderful!

I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and helping you to get more eyes on your business!

Buy your Miba card, download the Mina card app and start saving! 💜

Click the link  - https://www.mumsinbusinessassociation.com/vip-card/

Instagram Updates Galore

Instagram updates May 2020 by Estelle Keeber

What an incredible month it has been over on Instagram! Updates galore.

Mark Zuckerberg has openly stated that the huge increase in new updates has been accelerated by the covid 19 pandemic. More and more people are online, businesses are struggling, and Instagram want to help!

So let’s get to the good stuff…

What exactly has been happening when it comes to Instagram updates for May?

Small Business Sticker

Want to get your business seen by big brands like @rekordaligusa (who have the most amazing cider, just saying #NotAnAd)⁠

The small business sticker is perfect. Not only will it give the account your mentioning a shout out to your followers but it also allows the account you have tagged to see what you have shared via a direct notification.

Not only that but by using the small business sticker instead of the mentions sticker your followers also get to see a sneak peek of what the account is all about in the 3 images below the name.⁠⁠

When people tap the sticker to find out more this also registers with Instagram notifying them that there is engagement on the post… everyone is a winner!⁠

⁠Why not encourage your clients to shout out to you… maybe reviewing a product or service… give them a small incentive to really get their interest!⁠

⁠Mention me in a story today and let me know what you love most about my account to be in with a chance of winning a cheeky little Insta prize! Go go go!⁠

Have you started using the small business shout out sticker yet? ⁠


Shops for Instagram!⁠

⁠Now as many of you will know you have been able to sell using Instagram for a while with the option to add product tags…. BUT with the latest update the whole sales process will be done whilst your still in the instagram app.⁠

⁠Mark Zukerberg described the new feature as “a way to help businesses suffering in the wake of Covid19,” when he spoke via a Facebook live session last week.⁠

⁠Almost 1 million businesses have already signed up!⁠  You can check out the step by step guide by swiping across.⁠

The feature had been in the pipeline for at least half a year. Product manager George Lee said, “obviously given the current situation, we have accelerated  a lot of our efforts.⁠”

⁠Although the steps are simple a lot of people are having issues with the set up. One source telling me that Instagram declined their shop facility due to the fact there were personal posts on the business account.⁠

⁠Are you using the shop feature?⁠

Have you faced any problems? ⁠

Sharing Instagram live to IGTV

Want to repurpose content and still provide amazing value to your followers? Your going to love this next update!⁠

Last week Instagram rolled out the option to share your Instagram live to your IGTV… something you hadn’t been able to do directly before.⁠

⁠So what does this mean for you?⁠

⁠Well, it means that you can create at least 2 bits of content from 1 lot of work.⁠

⁠Go live and share your tips, tricks, knowledge and know how… once the live is finished you then select the option to share to IGTV where you will then be able to add in your title and description.⁠

⁠Previously you would need to save your live and then reupload from your camera roll.⁠

The beauty of this is that you can then save your lives on the platform… wheras Instagram lives would only stay visible for 24 hours.⁠

So not only will it save you time in sharing content (you can also then share the video to other platforms) it will also start to create a library of content for your followers to enjoy!⁠

Do you go live on instagram?⁠  If not what is holding you back?⁠

Reply to DM direct from Desktop

Did you know you can now respond to your Instagram DM directly from your desktop?⁠

⁠For me its a game changer. I can type much faster on my keyboard than I can on my phone so great for saving time!⁠

The only downfall is the fact that you cant reshare the stories you are mentioned in, you have to do this from your mobile device.⁠

⁠But either way another great update from Instagram⁠!⁠

Do you think you will try the desktop replies or stick to using your device?⁠

Trim Tool in Stories

Do you remember a few months ago when i told you all that Instagram would be launching more TikTok style editing tools inside Instagram stories…Well look whats happened!⁠

⁠The trim option is now available inside your Instagram stories. Simply tap the 3 lines with dots (there must be a better word for them?! ) the icon just before the pen option. ⁠

This then gives you the choice to trim your video directly in the app… just like TikTok. ⁠

⁠There are so many other amazing things to come from Instagram and I cannot wait to share them with you all.⁠

⁠Lots of the skills we use to create instagram stories can be transfered over on Tiktok… have you created an account yet or will you be stick with the Gram?⁠


Partnerships and collaborations

Are you transparent when it comes to what you are sharing on instagram?⁠

⁠Over the last few weeks instagram have really upped their game when it comes to partnerships, collaborations and transparency.⁠

As much as Instagram encourage you to collaborate and work in partnership with other brands they also want to make sure you are making your followers aware.⁠

After the huge breach earlier on in the year, the guidelines for content are now much clearer. ⁠

Instagram have stated… Using a new “Paid partnership with” tag in organic content posts and Instagram Stories, creators and businesses will now be able to quickly disclose their partnerships easier than ever before, maintaining authenticity across the board.⁠

⁠When the partners use this tag, they will both have access to Insights to track exactly how their branded content posts and stories are performing. Creators will continue to see metrics in their Instagram Insights, and business partners will see shared reach and engagement (likes and comments) metrics in their Facebook Page Insights.⁠

⁠⁠Are you an influencer or creator that already uses this feature?⁠

⁠Are you a brand that would like to get involved with influencer marketing?⁠

So there you have it… some of the latest Instagram updates for this month. Don’t forget you can join our FREE private FB community The Instagram Gang for daily insta tips and inspo…or why not go follow me @estellekeeberofficial

Until next time,

Stay safe….

Estelle aka Insta Queen x







MHW - Episode 7 - Suzy Walker

In today’s episode I’m joined by the amazing Editor in Chief of Psychologies Magazine Suzy Walker. Suzy has been editor at Psychologies for almost 7 years and has an incredible passion for wellness. With a following of over 1.3 million people on Facebook Psychologies is the leading female wellness magazine in the world.

Listen in as Suzy and I discuss how losing both parents in her teens lead her on a path of self discovery and why its so important to know ourselves in order to manage our mental health journey. Suzy also shares her favourite tips and tricks to help keep those moods high.

Liz is an experienced Commercial and Business Director, having set up Chesil Infinity, named after the beach in Dorset to support more small businesses and charities in the UK and Internationally. Liz has worked with some of the largest children’s charities in the UK and offers unique approaches to strategy through to high energy business development - going for whole journeys of performance improvement. Liz is also our co-ordinator for MIBA Dorset.

If anyone is thinking of starting a not for profit can get immediate support and a framework to get cracking

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/chesilinfinity
Instagram - @liz_chesil_infinity
Linked In -https://www.linkedin.com/in/liz-rowe/
Twitter - @Chesil_Infinity

MHW - Episode 6 - Holly Matthews

On today’s episode I’m joined by TedX speaker, actress, coach, vlogger and all round positive badass Holly Matthews.

Holly has starred in many productions such as Casualty, Waterloo Road and my old favourite… Biker Grove!

Holly openly talks about how her journey with mental health from struggling with body dysmorphia in her teens aswell as losing her husband to a brain tumour. Listen in as Holly shares how she coped through the worst points in her life, what tools she uses to manage her mental health and how she now uses her own experiences and knowledge to help others. Hollys inspirational story will inspire, uplift and have you in tears… all in the same episode!


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We have three unique ranges are the Chakra range, Spa range and Fragrance range. These have all been created with healing, mental clarity and wellbeing in mind and are perfect for use during meditation, yoga, massage, chill time or just because they make your home smell divine!

These products have been hand-poured with love in the UK and are sustainable, 100% natural, vegan, contain no alcohol or paraffin nasties and are cruelty free All our candles use cotton or linen wicks giving you a clean non toxic, soot free burn containing a generous dose of 100% natural essential oils or fragrance oils.

Head on over to www.vintageindiauk.com and have a look at the Home fragrances where we will be offering 20% off to all MIBA podcast listeners

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MHW - Episode 5 - Monty Panesar

Today i am joined by England Cricket legend Monty Panesar. After playing for England, Monty’s mental health deteriorated leaving him with a diagnosis of paranoia and Schizophrenia. Listen in as we discuss Montys journey, how being a professional sports star has its pros and cons and how he manages his mental health and wellness now.

Liz is an experienced Commercial and Business Director, having set up Chesil Infinity, named after the beach in Dorset to support more small businesses and charities in the UK and Internationally. Liz has worked with some of the largest children’s charities in the UK and offers unique approaches to strategy through to high energy business development - going for whole journeys of performance improvement. Liz is also our co-ordinator for MIBA Dorset.

If anyone is thinking of starting a not for profit can get immediate support and a framework to get cracking

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/chesilinfinity
Instagram - @liz_chesil_infinity
Linked In -https://www.linkedin.com/in/liz-rowe/
Twitter - @Chesil_Infinity

MHW - Episode 4 - Emma Kenny

On today’s special podcast episode, I chat with the incredible Emma Kenny. Emma is a psychologist, TV presenter, writer and expert media commentator, and is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading TV psychological experts. She is perhaps best known for her role as resident psychologist on ITV’s This Morning where, during the viewer phone-in segment of the show, she provides expert advice on a whole range of sensitive issues. Emma has also emerged as a fan favourite for her apresenting roles on true crime programmes – most notably Britain’s Darkest Taboos on the Crime & Investigation Channel.

Contributing regularly to editorial for publications including Grazia and Cosmopolitan, Emma’s weekly column and On the Couch therapy sessions are a popular feature in Closer magazine.

Listen as we chat all about Emmas mental health journey and how we can all be a little kinder to ourselves.

My role, my love and now my life is in early years and by early years I mean teeny babies to 5 years of age.
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Because they‚ Äôre sponges, parents need looking after and it increases confidence, they gain new skills and the little ones simply flourish.
If anyone is thinking of starting a not for profit can get immediate support and a framework to get cracking

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