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The MIBA Story

Mums in Business Association is the place where Mums from all over the World come together to learn, support each other and network. Whether you are a fully fledged business owner or just starting out with an idea, MIBA is the place for you to develop and grow!

In under 2 years MIBA built a social media following of over 160,000 inspiring women from all corners of the Earth.

Last month alone MIBA’s child friendly networking events saw over 1,200 women in attendance at 160 locations world wide.

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This group is amazing. The biggest effect I have seen so far is in myself. I have stopped apologising for who I am and have finally started to gain the confidence to be proud of me and what I do. And to those that don't like me or get what I am about that's fine, I don't have to please everyone. And I know now I have this affirmation that my business who continue to grow. So ladies you are amazeballs and thankyou for starting me in this journeyHayley O Brien
This group has given me more in 6 months than I have had in 4yrs with my business. I have learned new platforms to build my business I have collaborated with amazing women. Been given amazing opportunities such as co author in mof3. Plus so much more. I am excited for my future I am motivated and determined to hit EVERY GOAL on my vision board and excited to add new ventures and dreams along the way.Serena Novelli
I have learned so much since joining MIBA. My pages have more than doubled in likes (in just 3 months), I am finally networking with people in my industry and have a zillion to do lists that I actually feel like I can now complete. I have also learned to put myself out there and stop hiding in fear, and am now being interviewed for my first author interview EVER! I have learned a lot, so thank you Leona and Estelle xDebbie Van De Merwe


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