Episode 35 - Donna Crous

Today Insta Queen Estelle Keeber is joined by award winning food photographer and blogger Donna Crous. Donna has worked across a spectrum of niches including health and food magazines to brand development and recipe books.

In today’s episode Estelle and Donna chat about how you can take better award winning photographs for your instagram feed!

Stop being Judgey McJudgeyson!

Stop being Judgey McJudgeyson! by Leona

I know right, easy said done.

The Justice Project, the Kim Kardashian West documentary is mind blowing. If you haven’t watched you totally need to! (You’ll find it on HayU)

It really has made me think about the way we make an instant judgement on people, without understanding their backstory.

As somebody who has had my name dragged through the mud, as somebody who fought tooth and nail to clear my name, as somebody who spent months being vilified. I can only imagine what an incredible stress these people must feel who are trying to create new lives for themselves, being vilified at every turn.

I believe that we live our busy lives for the majority of time not allowing ourselves to understand, to learn, to be educated, therefore not having a true understanding and making judgement without the full picture ❤️

What if we all spent a little more time being compassionate humans? Believing that there is a bigger picture…. I mean the change in the world would be UNBELIEVABLE. And it’s free!

There is nothing wrong with focusing on what we want as individuals but I do believe that we are stronger as a collective. As a community.

What can you do today to be a little less judgemental? Don’t over think it. Don’t over complicate it.

Be kind.

Much love as always.

Leona Burton

Have you seen that Instagram have launched a new sticker??

Have you seen that Instagram have launched a new sticker??

The CHALLENGE sticker will enable you to create and take part in challenges similar to TIKTOK!

So far this is what I can figure out… To take part in a challenge you tap the sticker when you see it in stories (unless you are nominated in which case you will get a notification) you will be able to take a pic, record or upload a video to take part. Right now Instagram have only added a small selection of challenges such as the yoga challenge, the drawing challenge, the dance challenge, the 10 year challenge, squat challenge, the art challenge as well as a few others.

What I predict will happen is that Instagram will soon allow for people to create their own challenges. You would simply create a story and then use the sticker to create a community hashtag… you can then tag someone in the story who you nominate to do it next. When someone takes part in your challenge you are notified and can re-share… again a great opportunity for raising visibility of your brand.

The use of hashtags is another way that instagram are hoping to create even more of a sense of community on the platform which i think is a great idea… the idea of nominating someone will also help build community and engagement… and the more people engage the more they will see your content.

So from a business perspective… how can you make an impact?

Well it’s very much like when I talk about having your own branded hashtags. Encouraging people to get involved and creating a community around the hashtag. Popsy Clothing do this really well with their hashtag #popsypretty which encourages fans to share pictures of them wearing their Popsy dresses and using the hashtag so potential clients can see an array of women all wearing the amazing designs.

The way to implement this into your business is to create a branded challenge, something you can encourage followers to take part in. Share your challenge and then nominate your followers to do the same… great for brand visibility and engagement but for right now… get involved with the challenges Instagram have given. Not only will it open you up to a whole new audience it’s also kinda fun!

When you do launch your own challenge make sure you are using other social media platforms to promote and encourage traffic to your insta account and stories. Maybe even offer a prize for the most engaged or fun video / pic to take part in the challenge

I literally cannot wait to see what happens next…

Until then head on over to my Instagram account @estellekeeberofficial for more tips tricks and insta hacks!

What do you think to the latest update?

Will you be using it? For fun or for business?

Let me know in the comments!

What Are You Doing Whilst Corona Has Taken Over What We Knew as Normality?

What Are You Doing Whilst Corona Has Taken Over What We Knew as Normality? by Leona

Its not been easy for most of us right?

I mean social media is telling we should have learnt ten new languages and created 30 different income streams and some of us are just trying to keep ourselves from drowning.

I’m taking this time whilst in lockdown to reflect on life. To sharpen my skillset, to do some inner work, to spend time with my family and to nurture my business. God knows it’s needed. I’ve been so busy working in the business that I’d almost forgotten about working on ME.

This time is what it is. It’s challenging time for us all, some more than others, however, use this time, if you’re fortunate enough to not have to be a frontline worker fighting for the safety of your people) to grow as humans and as business owners, whilst also remaining SANE. NOT EASY HUH?!

I know that it feels suffocating and restrictive, I get it, I feel it too. I’m one of THE most peopley people that I know. I NEED human interaction. Not just online, which is great and all that but I wanna feel your vibes.

However this is for the short term. We can use these times to become better versions of ourselves. To be a kinder version of humanity. To understand the importance of simple things like freedom. Things we have previously taken for granted now we class as a privilege. Let’s create executable plans for the future, let’s make it a good one, after all how long do we really have? We’ve been living as though we have forever, or at least most of us have. We don’t.

Take control of your future, your health, your wealth and your happiness. And you know, stay sane… after all that’s most important.

Much love

As always



Episode 35 - Darren Baker

Today’s special episode Estelle is joined by Royal Artist and mental health advocate Darren Baker.
Listen in as Estelle and Darren chat all about WHY its so important we talk about mental health. Darren shares his incredible story from losing his sister Leanne to suicide

How has Covid19 Impacted On Your Screen Time?

How has Covid19 impacted on your screen time? by Estelle

My top tips on being productive on social media.

After my comments were used as part of a Business Insider article a few weeks ago I thought that I would throw the question out to our community of over 55k working women. Has Covid19 effected your screentime?

The article quoted that since lockdown more of us than ever our using our devices more. Whether this is through necessity in using them to work from home… or if it is procrastinating due to being at home with less time restrictions leading us to more time scrolling.

The response I got was pretty mixed with some people saying that they were spending more time on devices but their businesses were booming as a result and also a lot of people saying that they were finding it hard to resist another 5 minutes on Instagram or maybe a Facetime with a mate. In this time of isolation is social media the only way to stay social?

For a lot of people they cannot avoid using their phones and so I wanted to share a few of my favourite tips that will help you to save time, have more impact in less time…and have time to check out your favourite accounts!

Tip 1 – Plan and schedule your posts wherever possible. Setting time to sit and plan what you are going to post will take time in the beginning but you will thank yourself later, trust me! The MIBA Guide to Growing Your Instagram is the perfect way to plan and track your Instagram posts and growth with dedicated pages to planning content and evaluating whats working best for you.

Tip 2 – Have a device time schedule. Plan when during the day you are going to check emails and stay focussed. Plan when you are going to interact in groups or communities online and stay focussed. Plan in time to catch up and scroll. Get into a routine of doing these things at a certain time and resist going back to them until the next time allocated. Most importantly be realistic. Checking emails once every 30 minutes is a little crazy!

Tip 3 – If you are struggling with managing your screen time or don’t even realise how much time your spending on your phone you can check using a screen time app. I know on iPhone we have one built in. It keeps a track on the amount of time you are on certain apps, how many minutes each day or week and shows if this amount was an increase or decrease on the previous week. Great for people who are visual like me!

So theres just a few of my favourite time saving tips that are really easy to implement and will save you tonnes of time!

I would love to know if you have a favourite tip you would like to share…or maybe let us know which of the 3 I mentioned your going to try! Drop me amessage over on my insta @estellekeeberofficial and keep an eye out for more social media tips!

Until next time stay safe…

Estelle x

Episode 34 - Holly Matthews

Insta Queen and MIBA cofounder Estelle Keeber is joined on todays Instagram success stories podcast by actress, TedX speaker and incredible human Holly Matthews. Holly has worked on some of the UKs favourite TV shows such as Casulty, The Bill and Biker Grove, ha had a top 20 hit and is an award winning vlogger. Listen in as the girls discuss everything from online hate to Estelle levaing instagram for Tik Tok and everything in between. Holly shares her incredible journey and some amazing tips on social media in this amazing episode!

MIBA VIP Guest Blog - Imposter Syndrome by Kylie King

Imposter Syndrome by Kylie King

The first time I encountered Imposter Syndrome as a Mumpreneur was the day I took on the role as the Event Coordinator for Penrith-Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia for MIBA.

Although in my pre-Mumma days, I had a successful career as a senior retail project manager where I managed over 100 staff members, turned unprofitable failing stores into profitable flagships and chased millions of dollars in revenue.
Becoming a coordinator for the Mums in Business Association was another ball game.

I had dealt with anxiety for several years since leaving my corporate job in less than desirable terms and when I took on the role as MIBA Coordinator in November 2018, I felt like it had reached a new level.

I had this overwhelming feeling that at my launch event, the attendees would think I was a fraud. They would turn up to the meeting and realise I had a mask on and that I had no idea what I was doing.

At my launch event, I asked my partner to attend with my girls and asked them to play on the other side of the park because meeting so many new people was freaking me out.

My internal dialogue was yelling at me, “All these amazing businesswomen coming to network at an event I’m hosting, I’m not worthy, I’m not the right person for the job.”

I needed to know there was a familiar face somewhere that I could focus on, someone I knew that had my back and with him there I could make a quick escape if the ladies did unmask me.

Turns out that I didn’t have to worry, the ladies who attended had an amazing time. Since that initial launch event the group has continued to grow and flourish to almost 1000 members in the Facebook group with two events a month with an average of 35 attendees per meeting.

However, I still didn’t know what this overwhelming feeling was, and I passed it off as anxiety until someone mentioned the Imposter Syndrome to me and asked me to assist them on ways to overcome it.

Once I started to learn about Imposter Syndrome – it all clicked.

Once I could give this overwhelming feeling a name, I was able to identify when it crept up and tackle it head on.

It was comforting to see that 7 out of 10 people have encountered Imposter Syndrome at least once in their lifetime so I wasn’t alone.

Each meeting I have held since, my frenemy Imposter Syndrome pops up and starts tugging at my shirt and telling me my ladies will soon find out my secret and I am only the Coordinator because of pure luck and I was in the right place at the right time.

I thank him for dropping by and kindly show him the door as I know that I am an amazing coordinator and I have held amazing events and will continue to do so. Recognising your achievements and what you have succeeded in is a good wake up call to yourself and your frenemy, Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome will pop up now and then and that’s okay, I just know now when he pops up for an unexpected visit and I can send him away as soon as possible.

Have you experienced Imposter Syndrome?

If you’d like to learn how to overcome Imposter Syndrome then please check out my collection which is available in MIBA VIP.

Australia VIP
Rest of World VIP



Online Events

Online Events by Estelle Keeber

How we stayed ahead of the change and became first big networking company in the world to take our offline networking events online.

Every obstacle is an opportunity to grow. It’s a little mantra I have been using for years. That way I always know that whatever I am going through that I will come out stronger and wiser for the lesson I will have learnt.

At the beginning of March Leona and I started having conversations about the impact of Covid19 on the world. At this point the UK hadn’t really been touched… it was Italy and China that were really seeing the impact. We were watching the news avidly in between holding our second awards and 2 retreats. It was at this point that we decided we needed to create a plan of action for the next few months. With face to face contact becoming more and more limited across the world, Leona even had to fly home to Spain early from the UK missing a retreat in order to be home before the country locked down.

We knew now more than ever that women were going to need to connect and grow their businesses in a different way and so the online events started to take shape. With the support of our incredible team we have been able to take all of our 250 offline networking events and enable them to run online. This took a great team effort BTS from tech support right through to our coordinators having to learn new systems and ways of running the events.

We are very proud to say that we held our first online networking event on 18th March 2020 and held over 100 more in the following 3 weeks. We have enabled hundreds of women who would have otherwise been unable to connect the chance to meet other women in business who really are going through the same struggles.

What better way to support each other than from the safety of our own homes!

The bonus of taking the events online is that you can now attend events all over the world increasing your visibility and networking opportunities 10 fold! It’s been an absolute pleasure to be guest speaker around the world sharing my favourite Instagram tips with hundreds of our attendees and I cant wait to virtually meet even more of you!

You can find out more about our events here.

Stay connected…

Much love

Estelle aka Insta Queen x


Episode 33 - Emma Cooper

In today’s episode of Instagram Success Stories Insta Queen and MIBA cofounder Estelle Keeber talks to network marketing legend Emma Cooper. Listen in as the ladies chat about all things social media and how Emma has created a global business after giving up her career in the police force.