Episode 45 - Jessie Lee

We are so excited to welcome to the podcast MLM expert Jessie Lee.

Jessie is a podcaster, business coach and mentor who has made over 150 MILLION sales! With a social media following of over 35 thousand people Jessie also knows a thing or two about building a brand on social media.

Jessie Lee Ward became a multiple 6-figure-a-month, 7-figure-a-year earner after joining community based marketing in October of 2015 with no prior experience.

She has been on the cover of Networking Times, the professions premier magazine, has been a keynote speaker at Go Pro - Most Powerful Women, and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, has been featured on Brad Lea’s “Dropping Bombs” podcast, and also has her own highly-rated podcast “The People’s Mentor”.

Jessie Lee has built her business nearly entirely online via social media with no phone calls, no meetings, no events, and no leaving her family with the exception of going to her largest markets to build leaders.

Listen as as they chat all about using social media for business, why being a spammy pammy is a no no aswell as lots of other amazing tips and tricks to help you grow your business.

Find her @imbosslee on Instagram