Episode 3: Ana Bonasera

OMG want to feel better about yourself? Want to feel happier in your body and business? 😮 look who’s here?!!!! Ana Louise Bonasera

This was recorded as a Facebook live on 5th August, filmed live in Ronda whilst Ana visited Leona.

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Going Live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram by Estelle Keeber

I was absolutely rocked by how many people that joined me on last week’s Instagram live who said they were scared of doing an Instagram LIVE!

But then when I got to thinking and spent some time chatting with you ladies afterward I realised that for a lot of people being present on Instagram is a huge deal. Some of you haven’t even shown your faces on your account! First of all being YOU is what will help your business to succeed. I say it time and time again, people buy from people. Allowing your personality to shine through on your Instagram is what is going to allow you to find your tribe!

So, lets talk about going live on Instagram. I know, it’s a scary thought if you haven’t done it before. What will you talk about, what if no one watches, what if I make a mistake, what if the kids come in or the door knocks… well guess what..

ALL of the above have happened to me and im still alive… yep… I didn’t die… So whats the worst that can happen?

So lets talk tips…

Tip 1 – Find out what your followers want to see. Ask them using your posts and Instagram stories… find out HOW you can give them value so you know what you are talking about is useful to them.

Tip 2 – Plan your live. Write down some notes to keep you on track, even if its bullet points. I always write notes and always go off track BUT it gives me somewhere to refer back to and bring it back around…and I think that it shows that Im real. That the lives aren’t too planned and that Im happy to answer YOUR questions as they arise.

Tip 3 – Breathe! If people watch great, if they don’t… it’s ok. Just because people don’t watch live doesn’t mean they wont see it at all. I get lots of people watch my lives on replay.

Just remember to keep going… we all start somewhere. I’ve had 2 years of practice and still balls it up, get things wrong and forget what Im talking about…and Im sure that why you love me… because Im real and just like you. So before you give yourself a hernia through the stress of thinking about a live…just do it…if you hate it that much you can always delete!!

Until next time…

#mibainstaqueen xxx

Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith by Estelle

I’m a huge advocate for keeping it real. You will often see my open and honest posts about how my boys drive me to distraction, that we have people trying to sabotage MIBA, stalkers, crazy family…you name it we go through it. Just the same as you guys.

And so that’s whats drove me to talk about keeping the faith for todays blog post. By the time you ready this we will have less than a week to go until we are in Amsterdam for the Abraham Hicks conference.

It was around this time last year that we went to Amsterdam to celebrate my 36th Birthday. It was meant to be a weekend away for Leona and I, no work…just time to kick back. But you know that’s never gonna happen with us two right?

So, alongside living my best life, dancing on beds and drinking champagne out the bottle ( always keeping it classy ) we also took time out to work on a project ( that is still going on ) and plan what we wanted for MIBA over the next 12 months.

We sat in a restaurant the day before we left and talked about how utterly blessed we felt to have been able to help and support hundreds of thousands of women already and what we wanted to  achieve in the next 12 months and we vowed we would go back and sit in the same restaurant ( Im not sure I remember which one it was after the brownie dessert lmao ) and look back over the last year.

A lot of the things we discussed I then went on to put onto my vision board which has been sat by my desk since the beginning of the year. Some of the goals and visions were work related and some were focussed around MIBA.

In the last 8 months ive been able to tick off over half the things I had on there…that I wanted to achieve over the next year! One being finding love ( I know, a bit cheesy but Im actually getting married in May 2020  ) one being a new car and one being the release of our autobiography. Now don’t get me wrong, Im not for one minute telling you that because I put the images on a vision board that miraculously that have entered my life. But what the process has done is allow me to verbalise my goals out loud and make it know to myself and others what I wanted to achieve so that not only I could hold myself accountable but other would be able to support my journey too, it allowed me to think about action steps that I needed to put into place to take my ideas for goals from my mind to fruition and it kept me going on the days when I had to deal with assholes and drama as it was always there to remind me WHY I was doing what I was doing.

And here we are, almost 1 year later about to head off to Amsterdam to watch the Abraham Hicks conference to learn more about the law of attraction and how changing your mindset can change your life…and WE are living proof!

So there’s the moral of the story my friends…keep the faith, remind yourself constantly why you do what you do and trust the process, oh and try to avoid assholes!

Peace out,

#mibainstaqueen xxx

Ps Keep an eye on my personal Instagram stories for all the BTS in Amsterdam!

Life Isn’t All A Bed of Roses

Life isn’t all a bed of roses! by Leona Burton

We have seen HUGE success over the last two years and I’m massively grateful. Whether it be landing a contract with Principal media in Beverly Hills or smashing a quarter of a million pound turnover in a year life has been GREAT
Stuff still happens, life still continues to throw some serious shit in this direction. There are ups and downs, arguments, frustrations, hiring and firing and everything else that comes with being a human..in particular one that runs a company!
I want to you to understand that life is whatever you make it, some stuff you have control over and some stuff you don’t. The stuff that you have control over.. make it the best that you can. You have one short life, fill it to the brim with happiness and fulfilment.
When life gets tough here’s three things that I tell people to do:
  1. take a breather, allow yourself the space to gain some clarity in the situation that you’re in
  2. Do the things that make you happy, whether that be eating chocolate or going for a run, it’s important
  3. Surround yourself with great people, people who will elevate you.
Life’s short, eat the cake, enjoy the sex and go grab that contract!
Much love

Instagram and Me! by Alex aka Mamma Hinch

Instagram and me! by Alex aka Mamma Hinch

When I first followed MIBA on Facebook, I was clueless about Instagram. If I’m honest I didn’t even know it was an app! I watched every live for months, silent, no comment, no reaction, purely soaking in the information. I knew there was a market out there, I just wasn’t sure where to start.
I made the plunge into the world of Instagram and set up my business account. I had a plan to post, interact and hopefully gain a following. I remember hitting 100 followers and looking back hitting the first milestone it felt as good then as it does now.

I hovered at 200 followers for what felt like an eternity. How was I going to make this work? This is where MIBA came in. After watching the lives and reading endless comments of others that had been successful, it was time for me.

On the 31st December 2018, I said to my husband 2019 is going to be my year and I’m going to make this business work!
As a stay at home mum of 3, all age 4 years and below, the workplace was the last place I wanted to be, when I can be a business owner and mum at home!

I signed up for the first IG challenge with my business page @janehooperuk at 203 followers with an aim to gain 500. On day 6 of the challenge, I hit 2000 followers, orders coming in and pinching myself that this was a dream. I had my first glimpse that sales on Instagram were not a myth and this really is going to be sustainable.

I started using Instagram live and stories, hashtags and interacting, the followers kept on coming. I then wondered, does this really work, or is it the hype of the challenge on IG? What would happen if I set up an account from scratch? Would I be able to gain the same following and sustain the page? You might be thinking why? My thoughts were, if my account is been followed by members of MIBA and I am following the #’s, I already have a presence on a large platform to work from to gain the followers. So, take away MIBA, the challenge and the security of a few followers to begin with, start with zero.

I set rules for myself –
Do not follow anyone you know; family and friends were out!
Do not follow anyone from MIBA
Do not interact with any MIBA posts!
Do not tell anyone

I started the account on the 22nd January 2019, by March I had hit 5000 followers from following the hints and tips from the live.
One of my first posts was the girl’s nursery and I tagged @obabyuk which is where the furniture was from. A notification came through “@obabyuk liked your post” then another “@obabyuk commented on your post” followed by “@obabyuk started following you”. It may sound strange, but I genuinely felt star struck. The mentions continued including @mrshinchhome and I couldn’t believe the engagement and growth the account was getting.

It was time to let MIBA in on my secret, after all the tips really did work. I put a post on the Facebook group with what I had started. It’s often the same with any business that doubters will be amongst the group whether silent or fully vocal with no filter! My review just so happened to come at a perfect time, as I was unaware of the negativity MIBA was receiving. Little did I know this review was going to help in so many ways for so many people. So, the cat was half out of the bag, I purposely didn’t mention the name of the Instagram page. I still had more to achieve.

With my company Jane Hooper UK, twice a year I take a trip to trade shows. The show in the spring was where I met @scrubdaddyuk and where the Mamma Hinch Subscription Box began! It was my first business venture as Mamma Hinch and today is 60% of my business income!

My page was going from strength to strength. I continued following the posting schedule, hashtags and stories. Interacting with my favourite accounts and even running a giveaway for a new account to gain interaction. This account is also not only one I class as an Instagram friend but @mamajuleshinches also agreed after trying my Jane Hooper products to be a brand rep.

The merge of the two accounts was happening, I had a viable business through Mamma Hinch, a community and audience who were staying around and interaction on my videos and posts I could only dream of! My next goal was to hit 10,000 followers.

Having a strong interaction rate on the page meant when I announced I was so close to 10K, pages shared my page to their stories with “Get mamma hinch to 10K”. All the initial interaction was now playing a major part in hitting my next target. When the account started, it was never about the numbers, it was always about interaction and making a page sustainable using the MIBA hints and tips. The numbers of course are part of this but, having 5000 followers and only 10 likes on a post is not the aim if 4990 people are not seeing you.

As I entered the 7th month of the account, I hit 10,000 followers. I had an amazing view rate on videos with over 67,000 views. IGTV was hitting 30,000 views and stories and grid posts been viewed hundreds of times.

Then along came @astonishcleaners . You may have seen Astonish cleaning products in Asda, The Range and Home Bargains. I use these products throughout my entire home and still have my original 10-year-old window cleaner bottle. I had always interacted with the page, replying to stories, commenting and even using their products tagging them in my stories. I entered to win a golden ticket for a VIP tour of the factory, and I won!
A Charlie Bucket moment in all its glory. So, on the 1st August 2019 I went to Astonish Bradford, along with 2 other instagramers @hall_at_home and @mrstc.reviews . A VIP tour of the factory, meeting the team, getting to see behind the scenes, an amazing lunch and a supermarket sweep of products to take home. This really was the best day, not only did I see how a huge company works, but also made friends and I was made to feel so welcome.
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I was asked by an amazing candle and wax melt company @mr_pinks_candles, whom I had purchased from and loved their products, to be a brand rep for them! I couldn’t believe my luck and naturally accepted without hesitation.

From zero to 10K in 7 months, it was time to share my story with MIBA and finally release the page name. This brings me to today, where I can share with you my little journey, to hopefully inspire you and invite you to follow the rest of my story.

With love Alex aka Mamma Hinch x

Want More Sales on Instagram?? Let’s Go Back 2 Basics!

Want More Sales on Instagram?? Let’s Go Back 2 Basics! by Estelle Keeber

3 new sales in less than 2 hours??

Yes , that’s right. That was the feedback we had less than 4 hours after posting the first video into the Instagram Back 2 Basics training group!

In the first video I talk all about the basics of setting up an account and how to make sure you are creating the right foundations for a great Instagram account. When I was creating this training I was actually worried that people might think that it was too basic but boy was I wrong. The feedback has been incredible and its been less than 24 hours (I’m writing this on Monday!) I wanted to create a training that not only taught you the basics of Instagram, like setting up an account and creating posts but one that also showed you how to really make use of all the features Instagram has to offer but in the most basic way.

So far, one day in even the people who already had established accounts are making changes and seeing improvement in engagement after implementing our tips! People who didn’t have accounts are feeling more confident and are excited for the rest of the week.

You see this is the thing with Instagram, infact with most things we don’t know or understand. They scare us…and it’s not the thing itself that scares us, just the idea of not knowing what to do and worrying we wont be able to do it.

So if this is you, your reading this and thinking…YES I want to make sales on Instagram… then the back 2 basics course is the perfect place to start. The Back 2 Basics training takes place in a private FB community with over 200 members so far, there will be daily videos, tips and hacks to teach you all about how to use Instagram for business…even if you don’t even have an account yet! Once you are in the group you can watch the videos at your own pace and ask questions at any point!

I’m super excited and already proud of all the amazing women already taking action and learning how to use Instagram to grow their business!!

You can check on  whats happening throughout the week on the hashtag #mibaIGb2b  and its not too late to join…don’t forget you can watch the videos at a time that suits YOU….so theres no excuse!!

See you there…until next time

#mibainstaqueen x

User Generated Content on Instagram and WHY you need it!

User Generated Content on Instagram and WHY you need it! by Estelle Keeber
So first off, I know there is going to be loads of you out there thinking what the hell is user generated content (UGC) secondly, WHY do I need it and finally HOW do I get it?!
So let’s start at the beginning and breakdown this tech jargon. User generate content is exactly that, content that is generated by users (your followers / clients) In other words, its posts that are shared by your followers promoting your product, service or the fact that they are a part of your team or community. So for example someone shares a picture of our Grow you Insta book, THIS is UGC.

If someone shares a picture of your amazing candles burning away in a beautifully lit room, THIS IS UGC.
If someone shares feedback that they have lost 2 stone since following your fitness plan THIS IS UGC.
Do you see what I’m saying? Anything that is shared by your fans / followers / community about you, your product or service is UGC.
So WHY should you be using UGC?
1)      Pre made content…it’s there ready for you to repost which saves you time
2)      Word of mouth marketing is priceless. Sharing out the experiences of people who have already tried your product or service will encourage others to do the same.
3)      It raises the visibility of the person who shared originally. We all love a bit of recognition right? So when your fan / follower / teamie sees that you have shared their content, they will get that warm feeling inside and be more inclined to share even more UGC with you.
Everyone’s a winner when it comes to UGC!
And finally, now I have your attention I know your going to by shouting…”so how do I get my hands on this magic UGC”…well there are lots of ways for you to find this content.
The easiest way is to encourage your fans / followers / teamies to tag you in the posts. You can also promote the fact that you have a branded hashtag. For example our last Instagram challenge used the hashtag #mibasigc…which meant that every time someone tagged a post using that hashtag we could find it really easily simply by searching #mibasigc and then share out our favourites.
An idea for you…how about you run a competition asking all your followers to share a pic of them with your product, use the branded hashtag you have chosen and select 1 winner per month from all of the posts…this will for sure encourage people to share.
Don’t have a product…ask them to share a testimonial about your service using the hashtag…it will work the same!
I’ve recently started using the hashtag #mibainstaqueen …. Why not join the community and share your thoughts on my blogs and insta tips using the hashtag? Best posts get reshared!!
Don’t forget we have our Instagram Back 2 Basics starting on the 5th August…check it out for even more amazing tips on using Instagram to grow your business! Click here for Back 2 Basics
Until next time…
Estelle x

Let’s Escape The Rat Race!

Let’s Escape The Rat Race! by Leona Burton

Why do I just get up and go?

Like driving to Portugal for the night..

Or upping and going to the states for three months..

Or getting rid of my house and going to Spain within a six week period…

I’m not entirely sure! And I’m not entirely convinced that I need to work it out either!

But what I can tell you is this…

I live for today.

Not tomorrow

And DEFINITELY not yesterday ❤️ Yesterday is something that has been, gone. Mistakes have been made and in turn lessons have been learnt!

I have anxiety’s that have grown due to a few traumas and I’m battling daily to keep them at bay… (Never ever suffered with anxiety until I had an encounter that I’ll never forget. All will be revealed in our book coming out in September)

It’s not easy!

But I won’t let them define me, after all I am ME.

And I certainly won’t let them rule me! You all know how much I hate rules Hehehehe…

And I KNOW that we have one life, the one where we are human (one main one that I know of anyway)

And I intend on living it to its fullest potential. What does that look like to me?

Time freedom: being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Financial freedom: being able to pay my bills and indulge whenever I want to..

It also means being able to give back! A huge one for me. Charity is everything. We are super bloody fortunate that if you’re reading this you have access to the internet. The place where YOU can grow your knowledge and your business for FREE. Over 40% of the worlds population don’t have access.. scary huh?!

Live life on YOUR terms ladies

Work hard and play just as hard

Love always


Xoxo xoxo

IGTV and why you should be using it!

IGTV and why you should be using it! by Estelle Keeber

So we are half way through the year and Instagram has already gave us some pretty impressive new features. In the last few weeks we have seen the new chat sticker in stories and up to 5 different feed layouts not to mention the new stories layout that a lot of you now have. Thanks to the amazing Preview app for the images! https://thepreviewapp.com/

Since the beginning of the year we have seen the new shop option, horizontal videos on IGTV, branded content ads, creator profiles, fundraising options and more ( don’t worry we will be talking about all of the new features in the coming weeks)

Instagram is really upping its game when it comes to creating a more personalised and interactive platform. Right now I have to say I think my favourite feature is the new easier to access layout. Instagram is rolling out the new look profiles and we were are happy to say we actually have the better looking of the versions

By adding the shop and IGTV icons to the top of the feed Instagram are making it even easier to for your followers and fans to take in more of your amazing content and purchase products with the tap of a finger. So now is for sure the time that you need to be focussing on being present!

IGTV is a great way for you to share more detailed content with your followers. In the main feed you can add upto 1 minute of video, in stories you can add 15 second segments but in IGTV you can share up to 10 minutes of video ( more if you have more than 10k followers )

So what is Instagram TV? IGTV is accessible via the IG app itself and it also has a stand alone application. Before you can create an IGTV episode you need to create a channel. This will be your username and super simple to do ( just follow the prompts ) Once you have your channel you can then start sharing out your episodes. In the last few months Instagram is now allowing horizontal and vertical videos for IGTV which means that ANY video you have already created can be shared! Great for repurposing old content! Massive time saver for all the busy mums out there!

So for those of you out there thinking why should I be using IGTV…let me break it down for you….

People love watching videos! Many people happily spend hours checking out videos on topics they’re interested in. IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube I can guarantee that we will see similar popularity in the the next year or so!
Videos give your brand personality! Videos let customers and potential clients see the people behind the name, giving your business a friendly face. Remember people buy from people!

Video content is engaging! Written posts do attract attention, but the increasingly short attention span of followers means that great video content will keep them engaged longer.

IGTV episodes create trust! When your videos provide helpful tips in solving problems your followers face, they know you care and start to develop a personal relationship with you, your company and your brand.
Seeing is believing! For lots of people, images mean more than words. Product videos have a huge effect on customer perception of quality. They are also great for showing the advantages of your product or service…I love to watch how to videos!

Make that emotional connection! IGTV lets you take your followers along for the ride. Exciting experiences or touching moments move hearts, it’s the sharing of this sort of content that will help you to become relatable!

So know you know how and why you should be using IGTV…the next step is content creation…stay tuned for the upcoming blog!

Until next time…peace out from the Insta Queen x

Saving Time

Saving Time by Estelle Keeber

By the time you read this the Summer Holidays is going to be upon us all ( Im already a week in ) those 8 weeks as parents we love at the beginning and hate by the end!

I thought that I would follow up after my Instagram LIVE with a blog post showing you all how easy it can be to save time on social media during the holidays. It’s quite funny how alone we all think we are in managing the struggle that is the work life balance, especially when it comes to school holidays. We feel guilty for working too much, we feel guilty for not working enough, it doesn’t matter what we do we always seem to be chasing a ever ending rainbow in the hope that at the end will be the answer when really, we already know what we need to do. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Im the worst for setting boundaries when it comes to stepping away from work…BUT what I can tell you is that it feels so much easier to step away once I know my shit is done! 

Now the expert tips Im about to share with you wont mean you can jet off on a 2 week world cruise without a second thought for your business BUT what it will do is free up some time for you to do something else! 

Tip 1
Set times for social media. Don’t dip in and out. We all know that that 5 minute “ oh im just looking for something “ can lead us to be in the same place 2 hours later having watched 15 make up tutorials or in my case cake dripping videos!Give yourself 15 minutes, morning, lunch and evening and try and stick to them. Go onto social media for the purpose you set ie to answer messages, reply to comments and then get off! 

Tip 2
Planning. Having a plan for content will make life so much easier. How many of you get to the end of the day and think oh shit I haven’t posted I will throw something out now, in between settling the kids, cooking dinner and checking emails! Even just writing down your content ideas will help. For those of you that are planning addicts like me you can go the whole hog and plan everything from the image to the caption in our MIBA Guide to Growing your Instagram.

Tip 3
Document rather than CREATE. Now Im helping you to free up more time that means your going to be out having fun! Rather than constantly worrying about what content to post, capture your life as you normally would ( if you don’t take lots of pics, start getting into the habit ) That way when it comes to talking about what you have been doing BTS you have plenty of images and content to refer to! 

If this has given you food for thought, why not check out the Youtube video where I talk more about saving time whilst being present! 

So, now the only question that remains is…what are you going to do with the extra hour I have just saved you? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time 

Much Love MIBA Insta Queen x