Stop being Judgey McJudgeyson!

Stop being Judgey McJudgeyson! by Leona

I know right, easy said done.

The Justice Project, the Kim Kardashian West documentary is mind blowing. If you haven’t watched you totally need to! (You’ll find it on HayU)

It really has made me think about the way we make an instant judgement on people, without understanding their backstory.

As somebody who has had my name dragged through the mud, as somebody who fought tooth and nail to clear my name, as somebody who spent months being vilified. I can only imagine what an incredible stress these people must feel who are trying to create new lives for themselves, being vilified at every turn.

I believe that we live our busy lives for the majority of time not allowing ourselves to understand, to learn, to be educated, therefore not having a true understanding and making judgement without the full picture ❤️

What if we all spent a little more time being compassionate humans? Believing that there is a bigger picture…. I mean the change in the world would be UNBELIEVABLE. And it’s free!

There is nothing wrong with focusing on what we want as individuals but I do believe that we are stronger as a collective. As a community.

What can you do today to be a little less judgemental? Don’t over think it. Don’t over complicate it.

Be kind.

Much love as always.

Leona Burton

Have you seen that Instagram have launched a new sticker??

Have you seen that Instagram have launched a new sticker??

The CHALLENGE sticker will enable you to create and take part in challenges similar to TIKTOK!

So far this is what I can figure out… To take part in a challenge you tap the sticker when you see it in stories (unless you are nominated in which case you will get a notification) you will be able to take a pic, record or upload a video to take part. Right now Instagram have only added a small selection of challenges such as the yoga challenge, the drawing challenge, the dance challenge, the 10 year challenge, squat challenge, the art challenge as well as a few others.

What I predict will happen is that Instagram will soon allow for people to create their own challenges. You would simply create a story and then use the sticker to create a community hashtag… you can then tag someone in the story who you nominate to do it next. When someone takes part in your challenge you are notified and can re-share… again a great opportunity for raising visibility of your brand.

The use of hashtags is another way that instagram are hoping to create even more of a sense of community on the platform which i think is a great idea… the idea of nominating someone will also help build community and engagement… and the more people engage the more they will see your content.

So from a business perspective… how can you make an impact?

Well it’s very much like when I talk about having your own branded hashtags. Encouraging people to get involved and creating a community around the hashtag. Popsy Clothing do this really well with their hashtag #popsypretty which encourages fans to share pictures of them wearing their Popsy dresses and using the hashtag so potential clients can see an array of women all wearing the amazing designs.

The way to implement this into your business is to create a branded challenge, something you can encourage followers to take part in. Share your challenge and then nominate your followers to do the same… great for brand visibility and engagement but for right now… get involved with the challenges Instagram have given. Not only will it open you up to a whole new audience it’s also kinda fun!

When you do launch your own challenge make sure you are using other social media platforms to promote and encourage traffic to your insta account and stories. Maybe even offer a prize for the most engaged or fun video / pic to take part in the challenge

I literally cannot wait to see what happens next…

Until then head on over to my Instagram account @estellekeeberofficial for more tips tricks and insta hacks!

What do you think to the latest update?

Will you be using it? For fun or for business?

Let me know in the comments!

What Are You Doing Whilst Corona Has Taken Over What We Knew as Normality?

What Are You Doing Whilst Corona Has Taken Over What We Knew as Normality? by Leona

Its not been easy for most of us right?

I mean social media is telling we should have learnt ten new languages and created 30 different income streams and some of us are just trying to keep ourselves from drowning.

I’m taking this time whilst in lockdown to reflect on life. To sharpen my skillset, to do some inner work, to spend time with my family and to nurture my business. God knows it’s needed. I’ve been so busy working in the business that I’d almost forgotten about working on ME.

This time is what it is. It’s challenging time for us all, some more than others, however, use this time, if you’re fortunate enough to not have to be a frontline worker fighting for the safety of your people) to grow as humans and as business owners, whilst also remaining SANE. NOT EASY HUH?!

I know that it feels suffocating and restrictive, I get it, I feel it too. I’m one of THE most peopley people that I know. I NEED human interaction. Not just online, which is great and all that but I wanna feel your vibes.

However this is for the short term. We can use these times to become better versions of ourselves. To be a kinder version of humanity. To understand the importance of simple things like freedom. Things we have previously taken for granted now we class as a privilege. Let’s create executable plans for the future, let’s make it a good one, after all how long do we really have? We’ve been living as though we have forever, or at least most of us have. We don’t.

Take control of your future, your health, your wealth and your happiness. And you know, stay sane… after all that’s most important.

Much love

As always



How has Covid19 Impacted On Your Screen Time?

How has Covid19 impacted on your screen time? by Estelle

My top tips on being productive on social media.

After my comments were used as part of a Business Insider article a few weeks ago I thought that I would throw the question out to our community of over 55k working women. Has Covid19 effected your screentime?

The article quoted that since lockdown more of us than ever our using our devices more. Whether this is through necessity in using them to work from home… or if it is procrastinating due to being at home with less time restrictions leading us to more time scrolling.

The response I got was pretty mixed with some people saying that they were spending more time on devices but their businesses were booming as a result and also a lot of people saying that they were finding it hard to resist another 5 minutes on Instagram or maybe a Facetime with a mate. In this time of isolation is social media the only way to stay social?

For a lot of people they cannot avoid using their phones and so I wanted to share a few of my favourite tips that will help you to save time, have more impact in less time…and have time to check out your favourite accounts!

Tip 1 – Plan and schedule your posts wherever possible. Setting time to sit and plan what you are going to post will take time in the beginning but you will thank yourself later, trust me! The MIBA Guide to Growing Your Instagram is the perfect way to plan and track your Instagram posts and growth with dedicated pages to planning content and evaluating whats working best for you.

Tip 2 – Have a device time schedule. Plan when during the day you are going to check emails and stay focussed. Plan when you are going to interact in groups or communities online and stay focussed. Plan in time to catch up and scroll. Get into a routine of doing these things at a certain time and resist going back to them until the next time allocated. Most importantly be realistic. Checking emails once every 30 minutes is a little crazy!

Tip 3 – If you are struggling with managing your screen time or don’t even realise how much time your spending on your phone you can check using a screen time app. I know on iPhone we have one built in. It keeps a track on the amount of time you are on certain apps, how many minutes each day or week and shows if this amount was an increase or decrease on the previous week. Great for people who are visual like me!

So theres just a few of my favourite time saving tips that are really easy to implement and will save you tonnes of time!

I would love to know if you have a favourite tip you would like to share…or maybe let us know which of the 3 I mentioned your going to try! Drop me amessage over on my insta @estellekeeberofficial and keep an eye out for more social media tips!

Until next time stay safe…

Estelle x

MIBA COVID-19 - My Top 10 Tips For Survival 

My Top 10 Tips For Survival by Estelle Keeber

Seeing as my survival tips went down so well on my live I thought that I would share them here in a blog with you to for you to save and refer back to!  

Right now EVERYONE’S life has changed, routine has gone out of the window and we are all just doing the best we can so first and foremost some tips for staying sane…. 

  1. Make the most of your time. Plan ahead. Write a to do list the night before and get up a little earlier if possible to get a head start… you will be surprised the difference an extra 15 minutes can make!
  2. Meal prep is a huge time saver. Try and plan your meals for the week and create dishes that can be bulk made and frozen. Keep things in the freezer like veg that can be used in so many ways. 
  3. Ask for help… this is a biggy and something I find really hard but you guys have been an incredible support. Let people know how they can help you… you would do the same for them right?
  4. Gratitude. With all the changes that are happening it can be really easy to fall into a dark hole of sadness and fear. Taking the time to write down just 3 things you are grateful for will allow your mind to reset and focus on those things. A nice reminder to look back on when days are tough too!
  5. Self care. Right now I’m hearing from a lot of women that they are worried about their kids, their business, their families, their neighbours… yet hardly anyone mentions how this is impacting on them. It’s really key to take time to do something for you. Recharge your batteries. If the captain of the ship gets sick…who steers the boat? You know what im saying? So whether it’s a glass of something fizzy, a face mask or 30 minutes to read a book, take sometime just for you. 

 My Favourite Tips for Business 

  1. Don’t panic. The situation we are in right now is temporary and wont last forever. 
  2. Start to think outside the box. It’s in times of great adversity that the greatest changes are made creating some of the most incredible results. How can you change up what you have to offer? You already have a great business… it’s just about evolving. How can you stand out right now… how have the needs of your customers changed? 
  3. Use your time productively. Some of you will now have more time, some of you will have less. Either way use the time you do have wisely. If you make products and sales have slowed down use the time to listen to a podcast or write a blog posts. Were you commuting to work but are now working from home? Rather than staying in bed an extra hour use that time to schedule some posts or reply to emails. 
  4. Stay up to date with changes. The WHO and .GOV sites are the best to check official information. Changes are happening on a daily basis. Grants, loans, support and regulations will all become more available as the weeks pass so make sure you know what help you are entitled to. 
  5. Don’t give up. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. You do not have control over a lot of things… so focus on the things you do have control over. Plan your day, create new products, spend time with loved ones, get on top of your accounts. When all this is over your going to thank yourself for staying strong.  

And don’t forget… we are always here to support you… in life or business! 

You can download our FREE MIBA survival kit hereMassive thanks to all the amazing contributors who helped to create this incredible kit in record time. 

From finances and creating residual income to meal planning and activities to keep the kids entertained… we got you covered! 

What 1 tip would you have with our community to help them grow their business right now? 

Until the next time, 

Stay sane… stay safe… stay home….  

Much love  

Estelle x 


MIBA Guest VIP - Kerry Hearsey - Dial Up Your Day

Kerry Hearsey - Dial Up Your Day

We all have £1440 given to us each and every morning – how are you choosing to spend them?

“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” - Elbert Hubbard

Time is money, or so you hear people say. We each gain 1440 minutes a day, or £1440 depending on your perception. But how are you spending those minutes?

We often get caught up in the “not doing enough” mentality, or worse, “I am not enough” mentality – both paralyzing at times and often internal chaos presides. But how do we stop this way of thinking? How do we shift our focus to our own lives and business in order to be more efficient, more successful and with less energy spent looking over our shoulder?

Now we all know that competition, whether in business or sport, can be healthy – it often drives us outside of our comfort zones, encourages us to explore new ways, and ultimately ensures that we are connected with our passion and purpose in terms of our definition of success.

Thing is, we can often get side-tracked by our competition or even social media images of someone’s so-called life (remember, it is one view portrayed) which knocks us off our game. The “enough” gremlins come out in full force “not doing enough” and “I am not enough”.

Over the last 20 years, I have been exceptionally fortunate to work with some incredible individuals from across the world of sport, many of which have become Olympic or Paralympic champions. We often hear and see their physical capabilities on the big screen or in the newspapers as we cheer their success with pride. But for me, it has always been their brains that have fascinated me most.

How did these individuals push past pain barriers? How did they mentally get back up when they trained for 4-years straight to be disqualified for a false start at a major championship? How did they line up face to face with their competition, no technology or social media protection in place, just them against another?

“The hardest skill to acquire in this sport is the one where you compete all out, give it all you have, and you are still getting beat no matter what you do. When you have the killer instinct to fight through that, it is very special”. – Eddie Reese

We often see these people as heroes. And they are – as we all are, I should add. But they are no different in terms of the emotion, hurt, and feelings that they experience in their “business” of sport. They too have moments of self-doubt, of wanting to quit, of questioning “enough”.

But what is magical and amazing about athletes and sports teams is something we can all transpose to business – it is their ability to structure, practice and reflect – each and every day – the foundations to success. To a point that I have seen many athletes moan “do I really need to practice that skill AGAIN for the 10’000 time!?”. Yep! You sure do!

Athletes and teams become SO FOCUSSED on their lane that it leaves limited time to concern themselves with their competition or the gremlins in their mind. They respect these areas of course, but knock them off their lane? Nope! They have TRUST in their daily process of structure, practice, and reflection.

We may all be leaders in our business field, but for the Dial-Up-Your-Day Series on the MIBA VIP, I really want to take you back to a “beginners’ mindset”. In the beginner’s mindset - we seek adventure with curiosity and apprehension. We set our intentions and priorities. We set our importance. We set our minds to be free and open. This is where the magic happens. It allows us to be truly honest with our self on HOW we are spending those 1440 minutes.

The Dial-Up-Your Day series on the MIBA VIP does just that – it starts to open your mind to reflect on what you are currently doing and to provide some strategies and changes so that you can be action focussed in order to get the very best out of your day. With structure, practice and reflection you can slowly start to move those gremlins and realise the importance is in your own running lane, simply put, the importance is YOU!

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe”. – Muhammad Ali

The MIBA Retreat 2020

MIBA Retreat 2020 by Estelle Keeber

Can you believe we hosted not one but two incredible retreats this year?

For anyone that hasn’t even heard of the MIBA retreat…read on!

Our retreats are an opportunity for women from all over the world to come together to mastermind with incredible experts in all areas of business for 2 nights and 3 days.

Our retreats are not just focused on growing your business though. As busy women in business ourselves we know running a successful business is more than just having a business plan. Its about knowing your skills, learning what works for you and how to take those dreams and make them a reality…we also know that if we don’t practice a bit of self care and development the business side will fail regardless!

And so our retreats cover everything you need to take your life and your business to the next level surrounded by incredible women with the same vision. Not only that but you get to do it all in the most incredible surroundings.

The Grange in Donisthorpe is set in acres of land and hosts its own cinema room, games room and huge hot tub as well as room to sleep 26 people!


With the COVID19 outbreak we were on edge until the last minute as to whether or not we went ahead. We thought long and hard and followed the government guidelines at the time and were so happy we did continue and we got to meet some incredible women. Unfortunately, some of our speakers and my sister and co-founder Leona couldn’t make it due to the knock-on effects but that still did not stop us. Jen Parker owner of Fuzzy Flamingo came to us via video link to deliver her training on the power of sharing your story. Jen has published several books and is well known for her publishing knowledge and expertise. Leona also came live from Spain to inspire our attendees, talking about how to take those ideas and make them a reality, everyone came away super motivated and ready to smash their business goals.

Along with our live online trainings we also had inhouse experts Denise Martinez Rossini who delivered two powerful talks on money mindset and the power of crystals, Michelle Chambers who showed us how to plan our goals for the next year in her vision board workshop and the incredible Tania Taylor (Award winning hypnotherapist) teaching us about relaxation and meditation… two things I know we could all benefit from right about now!

And of course, there was me… teaching our attendees all about the power of Instagram and how each one of them can use the platform to grow their business. From stories and scheduling to hashtags and content…we covered it all. For me it’s always great to work with people in the flesh on a personal 1:1 basis to work through any problems they have in real time. Shout out to all the ladies who have been sharing stories daily since we left… I’m proud of you!!

So as you can see the 3 days we have at the retreat are rammed with opportunities to grow yourself and your business. But all work and no play is no fun right?


Aswell as the trainings and presentations we also love to have some down time. Our attendees have full use of the amazing outdoor hot tub which fits 12 people and use of the cinema room with fully reclining cinema style seats. This year we went for The Break Up on the big screen… can’t beat a bit of Vince Vaughan right?


We also had the amazing MIBA glam squad, Natalie Boland MUA and Zoo Hairdressing make over each attendee ready for a mini branding shoot. The images captured the ladies as they relaxed and enjoyed the gorgeous surroundings. Another bonus take away for our amazing women in business.

All food and drink is included and we were happy to welcome back the fantatsic So Catering to keep us all fed! This year we went for a menu of Homemade Tomato soup, Beef Brisket and Pasta for the vegetarians and a vegan Chocolate Brownie to finish. The guys in the team never cease to amaze me with the amazing quality of the food and this year was certainly no different.

The highlight for me must be getting everyone doing a tiktok at the end of the retreat! What a giggle!

So… there you have it… a full run down of this years retreat. We are so excited to have announced dates for next year which are selling fast… less than 2 remain so if your interested now is the time to book - book here

Massive thanks to everyone who made the retreat possible. To all of the amazing attendees, thank you for pushing yourselves, for stepping out of your comfort zones and for getting up close and personal in our team building exercise!

Until next time…

MIBA Insta Queen…aka Estelle x

The MIBA Awards 2020

The MIBA AWARDS 2020 by Estelle Keeber

Well what can I say…the MIBA awards 2020 was off the hook!

The evening started with a VIP drinks reception in the sky view room of Leicesters Athena. Inside the VIP area guests were wowed with an incredible creation from Royal Cake supplier The Cake Illusionist who sculpted the incredible cake specifically for the MIBA awards and did not disappoint! Her orangutan and baby creation had attendees mind blown! No one could actually believe it was cake… but I can assure you it was!

The evening started with our compare for the evening, the incredible Taz Thorton who kept us entertained throughout! After delivering a speedy welcome Leona and I were off the stage and preparing for the start of the MIBA Body Positivity Catwalk.

Serena Novelli shared her amazing journey with us and showed us why it’s so important to love ourselves and what a great way to lead into our catwalk show.

Mindset and Me donated amazing t-shirts that remind us all about positive mental health… starting the catwalk were our mini models Enna Burton and Isaac Sharples.

Popsy Clothing were our next catwalk sponsor who for sure made us all feel very #popsypretty.

Our 3rd and final walk of the night was thanks to Serena Novelli at Ann Summers… and boy did our ladies rock it!!

After a quick break it was time for the main event… our awards!

Massive congratulations to all of our incredible finalists… with thousands of nominations the decision was hard and our winners are truly deserving of their awards.

Proud to have the amazing Paige Murney attend to present her award… the CEOs choice went to the incredible Tania Taylor who is working tirelessly to end abuse in care homes after losing her grandad Graham 

To finish up the night we had the incredible Caprice Bourett share her inspirational journey with us as well as presenting the Entreprenuer of the year award to the beautiful Cherish Reardon.

After delivering our long list of thanks there was only 1 thing left to do…. partay!!!

Thank you to everyone who has worked alongside us to make this event happen and congratulations to all of our winners!!

Until the next time…

Much love Estelle aka (now officially, after receiving my award, The Queen of Insta!)

MIBA Guest VIP - Liz Rowe - Ten Steps to Starting a Charity

Liz Rowe - Ten Steps to Starting a Charity

Why do people feel compelled to change the world?

I suspect you know the answer because as a female entrepreneur and Mum in Business you are already doing that! But I mean from a social movement perspective, not for profit, for no reward other than the greater good!
I have worked with some of the largest and some of the smallest charities in the United Kingdom, and no matter what the income level, employee size or focus - they all have one thing in common - a compelling drive to make change for the better.

I set up in business last January, after developing commercial business approaches for my corporate role and being frustrated that other charities weren’t benefitting - I knew to meet a cause I would have to balance employment which suited me, so I set up on my own so I could work with more not for profit and small businesses.

One of the biggest issues I find are the most fantastic, driven, motivated people with the biggest hearts begin this charity journey and drive themselves into the ground because of the work needed to start these unique organisations.

• What model should I choose?
• How do I start?
• What level of income?
• What do I need to know about governance?

In this special MIBA VIP collection, you can find out how to develop a model for a charity or not for profit - helping you through ten stages and prompts to get you thinking and doing and some foundations in place. The content is super relevant for business too - so take a look! One thing charities and businesses DO have in common is they have to generate income to survive - so you need a compelling story!

As with all great companies - you need a plan. You need to have thought about your purpose, vision and strategy - not just from a service, campaigning and education perspective - but from a where do you want to be in ten years? What is the core issue you are trying to tackle? Why is it a problem and what is the solution, who do you need to help you? More than that, why will people just donate their money to help you to run it?

I’m on hand through the videos to give you some clues, ideas and insight to my thinking about pitfalls and challenges you might face - but the fact is that it’s always worth setting up your legacy that spans more than your business and I can’t WAIT to hear from you as you tackle your not for profit projects!

Liz Rowe is an experienced Commercial and Business Director, having set up Chesil Infinity, a Business Consultancy and Coaching Company in January 2019 to support more small businesses and charities. Liz has worked with some of the largest children’s charities in the UK and offers unique approaches to strategy through to team development - taking businesses on whole journeys of performance improvement.
Living in Dorset, UK with her three children, husband, and two dogs - she is a self confessed theory geek and collector of qualifications, loving all things strategy to digital and in-between. ‘When I am interested in something, I want to understand every tiny detail and learn everything I can about it!’

Liz is also the Co-Ordinator for MIBA Dorset, a Trustee for Dorset MIND Charity, runs a free online Leadership development group and is currently developing a social enterprise of her own working with women and young people starting in business.

Find Liz here:
Website - www.chesil-infinity.co.uk
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/libbyrowe
Business Page - https://www.facebook.com/chesilinfinity
Instagram - @liz_chesil_infinity
Linked In -https://www.linkedin.com/in/liz-rowe/
Twitter - @Chesil_Infinity

MIBA Guest - Amanda Clarke Celebrity MUA

Amanda Clarke Celebrity MUA

After meeting the incredible celebrity make up artist Amanda Clarke during her photoshoot for the Daily Mail, MIBA co-founder Estelle Keeber couldn’t wait to find out more about her amazing journey and of course… share it all with you guys.

Amanda really understands the juggles of being a mum in business… read how she goes from doing the food shop to jetting off to work with HUGE celebs all around the world in today’s blog.

Where did your passion for make up start?

I always adored pretty old fashioned sweet shops with jars of candy, bold colours and clashing pattern stripes, and shapes of sweets. The arrays of colours throughout the year like a spring had arrived in November! The brightly coloured candy was like walking into a artist studio full of creativity.

I loved all the technicolour films as a child especially in far to reach places off the beaten track with real adventures, my love of exploring had begun. It must have been just a given that my favourite school subject would have been art, to really show my creativity and individuality.

All my school reports from primary school always said, “Amanda was very talkative and loves art!” - (always an A)

My thoughts by the time I was choosing my career path at secondary school was “How will I get paid to happily talk all day, paint and travel the world?”,  I wasn’t quite sure how, but I knew I was going to do it.

So what happened next?

My thoughts were cruise ships, so I studied to become a beauty therapist and worked in a hair salon learning my trade. My advice to anyone who wants to start within the industry is to train finding the right courses and find teachers who can help you get started.

Each course I enrolled upon lead to another gaining more experience in hair, wigs, special effects make up in TV, Film & Fashion. Over a period of 4 years I felt ready to give up my part time day job as an office temp in Regents Street, London. I had also learnt about business during those years.

Training and gaining new skills is so important. The knowledge of skincare and beauty products which have evolved and become so much better over time, however, the basic No.1 beauty tip is don’t bake yourself in the sun especially without protection on your skin. Always cleanse & remove makeup with a gentle touch not to drag the skin.

Talking of skincare what one product can you not live without?

If I had to choose one product I cannot live without would be my absolute favourite Rosalique Skin Primer, it’s so perfect like a little miracle as it beautifully evens out skin tone whilst it corrects colour balance to match your own shade giving your skin a radiant glow and hiding imperfections. Plus it has SPF 50.  It’s my everyday go to product and I love using it on photoshoots too.

Edit from Estelle – Amanda gave me this product after our shoot and its bloody amazing!

Any top tips for busy mums who want to look great for the school run?

I’m a working mum of three and I know that time in the morning is tight when wanting to look at least refreshed at the school gates, allowing yourself 3-5 mins for a speedy beauty look, use your fingers for application start with;

  • Moisturiser (this can be tinted BB cream, etc)
  • Dab concealer in corners of eyes (C shape)
  • Light dust of powder in T Zone if needed
  • Pop of blusher or sweep of bronzer
  • Hint of mascara
  • Tinted lip balm

What trends should we be checking out in 2020?

New trends in 2020 are more effortless chic, with beautiful cream eyeshadow that doesn’t crease and glow sticks like Chanel have created, although a dewy healthy look using fingers and sponges for blending many of these products are also semi matt so no need to worry about looking too shiny, although I personally love loose powder and will also use a little as I want longevity throughout my day. Eyebrows have become softer too and harsh eyeliners blended creating a subtle blur effect.

With all of the incredible stars you have worked with which one stands out for you?

One of my favourite all time shoots was on a James Bond set with the glamorous Shirley Bassey, in a fabulous ball gown with security close, keeping watch over all the diamonds she was wearing! I was standing in front of her doing final makeup checks when she burst into song singing Diamonds Are Forever. Wow!

Best client for me would have to involve travel, therefore reflecting back on my music days touring with world with M People and Janet Jackson it was incredibly exciting, exhausting and exhilarating all of what I had dreamed about rolled into one.

Having said that I never did the cruise ships to travel with work until years later, I spent 2 weeks in the Mediterranean on a super yacht with the best client ever! That really was the cherry on the cake for me. As a young girl this was a dream and one of my career aspirations.

Lets talk Instagram… how do you use it for your business?

Instagram is an essential tool for business as it offers an insight into your personality and style of work. It’s become your very own visual business card, it’s an amazing way to stay connected. Although I don’t think you need to get caught up in numbers & followers.  Some of the most respected & talented artists who are exceptional may not have largest followers, so this shouldn’t be a guide line to how good someone is.

Talk to us about work life balance and why you think your career has been so successful.

Being a successful businesswoman is knowing and understanding your business and what your client wants from you. Each client has different needs and requests, literally going the extra mile and being 100% committed and consistent will gain you an excellent reputation and trust.

I decided to move from the London where I am most days and live by the sea. Creating a healthy lifestyle for my family, I have managed to balance home & work.

Being flexible is key, changing plans last minute, cancelling dates with friends & family. So having great organisation skills and keeping it stress free.

One moment you’re doing your grocery shopping and the next you’re packing a bag for a flight on the same day. Having a good network of people & family around you is vital, It’s not for everyone but I absolutely love it still after 30 years!

So there you have it…. the secret life of a celebrity make up artist revealed… well kind of.

Massive thank you to Amanda for 1) making me look incredible for our shoot and 2) for taking the time to chat with us about her journey!

Until next time… much love

Estelle AKA Insta Queen x