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Why You Should Come To A MIBA Networking Event by Claire Mandle

Why You Should Come To A MIBA Networking Event by Claire Mandle

This is a review that was left on the MIBA Facebook Group by one of our attendees of our global MIBA networking events

“Yesterday was my first MIBA event and it has done even more for me than I thought it would!

We were lucky enough to have the fantastic Adam Hulme speaking about goal setting. I made 3 pages of notes, and they are pure gold!

But the thing is, I really struggle when there is a room full of strangers. I’m fine speaking with one or two people, but when there’s a group of new people I tend to have difficulty speaking up, even when I really want to.

Going to a networking event was VERY out of my comfort zone, and although I made effort to talk to a couple of people one on one – by the end of the event I really felt as though I had wasted the opportunity to get to know these wonderful ladies…

Walking back to my car I was kicking myself!

But as I was driving home, I realised something- this is exactly what Adam was talking about!

So when I got home I sat and made my goal list for 2020, number one on my list is to be ‘comfortable with groups and public speaking by the end of 2020’. And to do this I will be taking advantage of the sponsor spotlight opportunity at my local MIBA group.

I also wrote a post in the local group explaining why I was quiet, and the responses where so comforting. MIBA ladies are so nice!

Now I know I’m not the only one who was scared to go to an event, or who is worried about talking with a group they don’t know. But if this is you – please go to an event and get out of your comfort zone – I promise you won’t regret it! — with Adam Hulme and Paige Bird."

MIBA Networking Events take place globally. We are so proud of all our coordinators and guest speakers and love that we are bringing women entrepreneurs together worldwide.

Click here to view upcoming events.

Love as Always
Estelle and Leona

Domestic Abuse – Mama Life Magazine

As many of you will know, I’m for sure more comfortable being the other side of the camera but couldn’t turn down the opportunity of being on the cover of Mamalife Magazine and sharing my story with their readership.

Now for any of you that think model life Is glam, your very mistaken. After many years of being a photographer I know what goes on behind the scenes and it’s never as incredible as it may look in the image. I remember once asking a girl to lay in a rubbish dump… stunk…. but the image was amazing!

The shoot took place in a factory building and it was bloody freezing and covered in the most bizarre props from chains, to rocking horses, trampolines and beds… but that didn’t stop us! We were on a mission. The room soon warmed up and off we went. Hair and make up was created by the talented Jamie and Claire who made us look and feel gorgeous with Emily in charge of capturing those cover worthy shots!

It was such a fun day and before we knew it we had worked through lunch and it was time to go home.

This shoot was so much more than just another photoshoot. It captured 3 women, survivors, fighters. We didn’t waste our day talking about our past experiences and I’m sure I will relate to both stories when I read them. What we did was enjoy the fact that we have risen…we have survived, and we are here to help others do the same!

You can get your copy of Mamalife and read the full article now…!

Until then
Much Love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

2020 A Decade of Instagram – 40 Facts You NEED to Know

2020 A decade of Instagram – 40 facts you NEED to know

Instagram debuted on 6th October 2010

Instagram was almost called Codename but it was decided against before the launch.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

The first picture shared was on July 17th 2010 before the app even launched. It was by Mike Keiger ( @mikeyk )

Instagram’s first ever official uploaded picture was of a dog by the co founder Kevin

Instagram currently have over 1 billion monthly active users.

There are 4.2 billion likes per day

There are on average 100+ million pictures uploaded everyday

60% of users log in daily

Users spend on average 53 minutes per day on the platform

To date there are more than 500 billion images been uploaded.

The largest age demographic is 25-34 year olds

Pizza is the most instagrammed food

Posts that use hashtags get on average 12.6% more engagement

The top 5 countries that use Instagram are United States, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and the UK.

The heart emoji is the most frequently used.

More than half the brands on Instagram stick to 1 filter

The top 3 followed brands are National Geographic, Nike and Victoria’s Secrets.

55 of the most popular and active brands on Instagram post 1.5 times per day on average

80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram

There are over 500,000 active influencers using Instagram

78% of influencers prefer Instagram for brand collaboration

72% of Instagram users say they have purchased via the app

80% of Instagrammers decide whether to buy a product or service based on Instagram images. Instagram users report making a purchase decision based on something that they saw while browsing the app.

Selfies are one of the most uploaded pictures

Photos with faces get 38% more likes

Posts with a location get 79% more engagement

Instagram is the second most engaged network just behind Facebook

32% of all internet user have an Instagram account

In 2017 Instagram was the most used network for cyber bullying. Since then Instagram have launched a host of features to stop cyber bullying on the platform.

Instagram allow you to ‘restrict’ peoples comments, meaning you can hide inappropriate comments without the user knowing. A step forward in the anti bullying strategy.

There are 400 million stories shared every day

Video gets over 2 times more engagement than images

The heart face filter is the most used in Instagram stories

More than 100 million people watch or share LIVE everyday

60% of people say they find new products on Instagram

130 million accounts tap on a shopping post each month to find out more

Instagram users engage more on Tuesday and Thursday

Influencers can charge up to $100,000 for a sponsored post

World record egg is the most liked picture EVER behind Kylie Jenner

So there you have it…to be honest I could have gone on forever!

I would love to know…what was your favourite fact? Do you have one you think we should add?

Until next time…

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

2020 Predictions

Things to look out for in 2020, Incredible Instagram news:

Well what an incredible year it has been for Insta fans everywhere! From the introduction of polls in stories to sharing main feed images… Instagram has really kept us on our toes for the last 12 months and I’m super excited to see what’s in store this year!

As always I’ve had my ear to the ground and have some very exciting predictions!

I think that this year we are going to see titles for IG LIVE, I’ve seen sneaky peeks at the layout and have heard its being beta tested so watch this space!

Of course, I’m sure there are going to be even more ways to interact and engage on stories in 2020. Incredible Instagram news, With questions, donation stickers and even lyrics in stories I think Instagram will certainly have even more planned for us when it comes to stories!

For those of you that tuned into the podcast episode with Marie Cravens, you will have heard that Insta are about to try out a VERY similar feature to Tik Tok! We’ve seen this happen before… remember when Snapchat had filters and time sensitive stories and IG jumped on the bandwagon… well its happening again.

IG have realised the power of Tik Tok and have seen how fast the platform is growing and wanted to incorporate some of THAT magic into their own platform…. and who can blame them. Currently named Scenes / Reels. So watch this space for new features in stories that allow you to mix up video, music and other peoples content! You heard it here first!

Another biggie this year, I predict, will be more ways to buy on the platform especially with the launch of AR shopping. Right now this shop option is only available in the states but I cannot wait for it to drop here in the UK!

Another exciting predicition is that Instagram will be giving accounts even more options when it comes to privacy. Not only can we now mute and restrict peoples comments but in 2020 we are also going to be able to restrict who gets to see our Instagram stories!

A few fun ones to keep an eye out for… auto vibrate when you like a post and coloured gradient inside your DMs…. you heard it here first!

So there you have it…a few of my predictions for whats going to be happening on Instagram this year!

Don’t forget you can join me LIVE every single Tuesday night at 8pm GMT where I share all my favourite Instagram tips and tricks aswell as the latest updates!

Until then… Have a great start to 2020

Much love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

MIBA Round Up of 2019

Well what insane 12 months it has been here at MIBA HQ!

It actually weird because it didn’t really hit me until now how much we have actually done this year! Life moves at a million miles per hour and sometimes its nice to stop and enjoy the successes and so I guess Im doing that in this blog post.

Its also a huge reminder to myself (and to you guys) that you should be journaling! Right down your journey, look back and celebrate the wins…the big and the same… infact celebrate the failures too because its these you will learn the most from!

So lets get into it!

January 2019 saw MIBA launch the first ever Instagram training guide. The MIBA guide to growing your Instagram hit#1 and has had incredible reviews since! Teamed with the Instagram trainings your guaranteed to grow your Instagram account.

February was absolutely crazy for us! Not only did MIBA Leicestershire turn 1 we also held our first ever coordinator training where we brought together over 40 of our team to help them improve their skills and knowledge to provide YOU guys with even better events!

We celebrated our 1st birthday with a fabulous party in Leicester with Peter Sage as our guest speaker!

I also got to interview international boxing star Ashley Theophane!!

March was another crazy month with the first ever MIBA awards taking place. The vibe was incredible, and the body positivity catwalk was the icing on the cake! So many amazing women being celebrated in so many different ways! We were honoured to have the awards attended by Baroness Verma, Boxing champ Lyon Woodstock, Commonwealth silver medallist Paige Murney and community hero Hudge from Unity Boxing.

Not only did we have the awards but I also gave my first ever presentation to over 100 people at the Photography Show UK which is the UKs largest photography exhibition. My presentation went down so well they invited me back next year!

Ben Jackson who has become a long term supporter invited me into the BBC to chat about the next book we have coming out, Mumprenuer on Fire 4 and everything that has been happening here at MIBA HQ. Massive shout out to everyone at BBC Radio Leicester for all the amazing support they have shown us since MIBA began way back in June 2017!

April was crazy month for Instagram presentations! Not only did I speak at the Leicester event but I also spoke at the UKs largest Franchise Show at Excel in London and then was flown to Valencia to deliver an Instagram Masterclass there too! It’s a hard life!

We also hit 10k on Instagram!

May was also a huge month personally as well as here at MIBA HQ….I got engaged!

We travelled down to Somerset for an Instagram workshop and had the opportunity to meet lots more of our MIBAs at our networking event!
In June I was lucky enough to be invited back to the BBC to talk all about body diversity and how as an influencer we have responsibilities with what we post to social media.

I got to spend the weekend in London when I was there delivering another Instagram presentation and also had the chance to travel to Manchester for another Instagram Workshop. This month I’ve been able to train over 12 thousand women (over 4 days) which makes me super happy! My Instagram love is spreading!!

We also hit 44k members in the FB group!
July was another busy one with a new Instagram challenge starting, being invited on to the BBC Curry Show, featuring on Matt Richards Podcast and launching Mumpreneur on Fire 4 on audiobook!

Not only that but this month I set up my personal Instagram account ( yay!! ) we hit 555 followers before I had even posted a single picture! Crazy!!

Shout out to my little man Jed who had his poem feature in a book called Happiness…which went to #1 meaning we both had books at #1 on Amazon at the same time!!

August was one of my favourite months….because we got to go to Amsterdam! My favourite place ever!! Leona and I had an early birthday treat and headed over to Amsterdam for the Abraham Hicks conference…what can I say…Its was an experience!

We also had a HUGE meeting with Facebook and I raised over £1000 by doing an extreme climb for Womens Aid Leicestershire alongside my partner in crime and fiancé Chris!

Not sure how we made it through September but we did!

We launched our first ever Social Media Summit which was a HUGE success with attendees from around the world! We also launched our autobiography, Laid Bare, featured in the Sun #bossingit and got invited back onto the BBC! Oh and another Instagram Presentation in Derby just for good measure! We also launched our YouTube channel where you can now watch all of our weekly videos in one place! Great when you fancy a binge watch of Instagram Lives!

We were finalists in 2 awards, East Midlands Womens awards and Great British Entrepreneur of the year awards and were booked to speak at Social Media week in Durban 2020!! Yes Durban South Africa!! Get in!

Things didn’t slow down in October either! We started the last Instagram Challenge of the year, we were featured in Forbes and the Daily Mail, I got to deliver my first ever keynote speech alongside Caprice, Michelle Mone and Karren Brady at the WIB Expo, I was back in London for another Instagram presentation and then we flew to arbella for our first ever book writing retreat (and my hen party!!)

So as we go into the last part of the year you would think that thing would start to slow down but no…

We spoke in front of our biggest audience yet at Frazer Brookes Success summit 3 (over 1500 people) we delivered our second coordinator training here in Leicester, I spoke at the Wedding Expo, we were featured in We are the City and on the Sun Savers FB channel which had over 40k views!I also got to interview the wonderful Priya Oshea from this years Great British Bake Off and to finish the month I was asked to write an article and feature on the cover of Mamalife Magaine!

Which brings us up to speed…December 2019.
So far this month we have launched our 14th book which flew into #1 on Amazon in record time! Rise of the Mumpreneur is our 12th #1 and we are so incredibly proud of all of the authors who have entrusted us with their stories! We’ve also been asked to speak at a HUGE event in the USA next year (at which point I will be getting married) but Leona is going to smash it for the both of us.

Our next independent publishing client releases their book this month too… so keep an eye on our social media!

Phew…we made it…what an incredible year!
But before you think WOW…just remember that this is all the good bits. There have been tears, tantrums, late nights and betrayals along the way! Nothing is ever as easy as it may initially look…remember that when your comparing yourself next!

We hope that you have enjoyed sharing the journey with us through 2019 and cant wait to see what happens in the next 12 months!
Have a great Christmas and an incredible new year!

Much love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

Round Up of 2019

Everything you need to know about the last 12 months on Instagram

Click the images for larger versions.

What an incredible year it’s been for Instagram fans. With too many updates to mention I thought I would compile a shortlist of what’s been happening in the last 12 months to keep you all up to speed!

2019 has been one of the worst for Instagram outtages with millions of people being unable to use the app multiple times this year. Along with the outtages 2019 has been huge for updates and new features too.

I would love to know…what been your favourite update so far this year??


*Algorithm announcement – Instagram confirmed that the algorithm is still based on factors that include relevance, timeliness, frequency in posting, and the number of people following you.
This is the same algorithm that’s been in place for a while now, and as far as social platforms go, they’ve been transparent about what affects your ranking within it.

Posts with a lot of engagement will help you in the algorithm, as they always have, so keep creating high-quality, engagement-oriented content in the feed.

*Sharing to multiple accounts

*Countdown sticker in IG stories – great for product launches

*Showing user active / privacy

*EGG pic is posted and knocks Kylie Jenner off the tops spot


*IGTV previews in main feed – a great way to drive traffic to longer form content

*Instagram remove self harm images

*Instagram purge fake accounts – cue big drop in followers

March – IG DOWN

*Checkout in post – Shopping made easy!

April – IG DOWN

*Polls stickers in stories – another feature Instagram introduced to encourage engagement


*Creators able to tag products for partnerships
*Quiz stickers in stories
*Donation stickers in stories

*Account muting


*Horizontal video to IGTV – great for repurposing old content
*Branded content
*Share main feed posts to stories

July 2019 – IG down

*Chat sticker in stories
*Ads in Explore page
*Instagram Warn users before closing down accounts for violation
*Song lyrics in stories

August – IG Down

*Close friends list

*Create your own Facefilter

*Creator accounts launch

*Instagram restrict who can see cosmetic procedure / weightloss posts


*Dark mode
*Took away following tab (so we cant check on other accounts!)
*IGTV series
*Create mode for more ease in story navigation


*Purge on fake iG story views
*Removing likes in UK

*IG allow you to share stories to Facebook dating

*Tightening up on age restrictions – No one under 13 can have an account.

So there you have it…a few of the updates that have happened this year…and from what ive heard through the grapevine…2020 is for sure going to be epic!

Until then…
Much love Estelle #mibainstaqueen

When People Say The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

When people say the fortune is in the follow up they’re NOT bullshitting! by Leona


TALKING TO SO MANY OF YOU recently and lots of you tell me that FOLLOWING UP WITH PROSPECTS OR CLIENTS is NOT a strength…..

You are potentially missing out on a HUGE amount of sales….!

Do YOU have a follow up PLAN or are you hot and miss? Be honest!

Top tip:

Create a really simple process ie. three days after somebody registers interest in a product you ask them which product they prefer best!
Then three days after product arrives you check in to see how much they LOVE the product (see how I’m using assumptive language)

Make it SIMPLE so that it’s DOABLE otherwise you won’t do it! (Go figure)

I CHALLENGE each of you to follow up with TWO people TODAY that you know you should have contacted by now…..

Much love

As always

Leona xoxox

Week One in America


Week one in America has been an adventure!

Worldschooling at its finest. Thanksgiving dinner in Savannah was an incredible experience for all of us as a family but especially for the children to see how other people come together.

Arrived here in Myrtle Beach a few days ago and we’ve experienced shark teeth hunting and sampled the local delicacies! Including LOTS of BBQ sauce on everything….

Personally I’ve used being here as a reason to get healthy! I’ve been to yoga twice and spin a couple of times now and I’m feeling better already. I’ve been so busy back and forth to the UK that my health hadn’t been at the forefront of my mind however now it’s MY time! After all I’m 34 this week… HOLY SHIT!

The week ahead is proving to be as busy as the last and I can’t wait for this adventure to unfold.

Ladies my CTA for this week: go and do ONE thing for YOU! One thing that’ll help YOU personally….

Much love

As always

Leona Burton


Rise of the Mumpreneur – Guest Blog

Rise of the Mumpreneur – Guest Blog by Sara Noel

Becoming a number #1 co-author of a mumpreneur book. Creating the opportunity to publish your story amongst other inspirational business ladies. MIBA book ‘Rise of the Mumpreneur’

On October 8th I boarded a plane to Marbella knowing that I was about to embark on a life-changing experience.

At the beginning of the year, I said yes to an opportunity to become a co-author of the upcoming MIBA book ‘Rise of the Mumpreneur’. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t even sure of all the finer details. But my heart was sure and it led the way. My heart knew I had plenty I needed to say and that writing one chapter of a book was the beginning of unleashing my voice. Finally.

Fast forward a few months and I found myself connected to the other co-authors in a Facebook group. Excitement built up throughout the year as we shared our fears of the unknown and words of encouragement for one another. The opportunity I had said yes to became more real as the months went on. The reality that I had stepped well and truly out of my comfort zone excited me, but I will be completely honest and admit it also scared the living daylights out of me too.

Who would want to hear my story?

Will I be judged?

Who am I to be a co-author of a book?

Will I lose family? Friends?

I woke up dazed and confused as the plane hit the ground in Malaga. I had completely passed out for the full duration of the flight. This didn’t surprise me. I am an independent parent juggling work, building a business and raising an amazing human being. It is not often I get the chance to just be still. Well, outside of my ‘very’ early morning rituals that I have to slide down the stairs like a ninja to make happen due to the fact my Son has elephant ears! I had also spent most of the year dealing with the rapid decline of a family member who was suffering terribly of physical and mental ill-health.

It had been only 1 week since the funeral of my Grandma when I boarded that plane. Within seconds I was out for the count. Depleted of every ounce of energy left in my body and soul.
One by one the co-authors gathered in the airport. Apart from the online engagement each and every one of us was a stranger to one another. You could feel the anxiety in the air and in a strange way it felt comforting. Comforting to know that I was not alone in how I was feeling – petrified!

After being greeted by our warm and welcoming hosts MIBA co-founders – Leona Burton and Estelle Keeber, we all settled into the beautiful villa. Within 1 hour we were bonding like long lost sisters. We shared snippets of our backstories, ate, laughed, and cried. It was like a beautiful emotional rollercoaster, but comforting in the fact there were others around you to hold your hand.

The next couple of days was a mix of hypnotherapy led by the amazing Tania Taylor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and fellow ROM co-author, and free writing.

The guided meditations were beautiful and key in helping us unleash our words as we drifted off periodically to different parts of the villa to put pen (and in some cases tears) to paper.

My favourite spot was tucked in the corner in the blazing sun by the pool. I am a little bit of a sun worshipper so to have sun rays shining down on my peacock feather pen (I also love peacocks!) made what was quite an emotional process somewhat easier.

To top it all off the super talented Natalie Boland was at hand to make us look and feel amazing for the book’s headshots. Estelle swapped her MIBA CEO hat for her photographer hat and worked her camera magic. It was a perfect end to a unique experience. Thanks ladies!

Sharing this experience with such a wonderful, warm and loving group of ladies is a moment in time I will never forget.

Am I scared? YES! Of course, I am. I am just about to share a very personal story publicly.

But it isn’t about ME. If I can stop someone/anyone in their tracks and support them in their time of need then it was worth it.

And that is all that matters.

Thanks, Leona Burton and Estelle Keeber for this opportunity. Your hospitality throughout was above and beyond and I will be forever grateful 🙏🏾

To all the other contributors…

You are all such wonderful, strong, determined women and I feel honoured to have shared this experience in Marbella with you.

Let’s do this! 👊🏾💛💫

#MIBAROM #riseofthemumpreneur #booklaunch #getreadytorise

‘Rise of the Mumpreneur’ will be released December 2019. Visit www.mumsinbusinessassociation.com for more information on MIBA. Do you have a story to tell? Find out how you too can become one of MIBA’s Amazon best selling authors here. I hope to read your story soon 💛

Co-authors of ‘Rise of the Mumpreneur’ and now life time friends 💛

Thank you to Sara Noel who originally published this on her own website on 21 November 2019. Click here to view. Sara runs Strategize Your Biz.

If you are looking to do any of the following Sara is your MIB. Click here.

☑️Looking to plan and execute to kickstart & grow your business

☑️You have signed up to soooo many courses you have lost count, and cannot even remember the name of most of them!

☑️You are tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and in fear of the unknown.

☑️You are currently spinning plates every day managing every aspect of your business, and you are totally ready to outsource some of the day to day tasks.

Contact [email protected]

Travelling Around The East Coast of America for 80 days

Travelling around the east coast of America for 80 days whilst we worldschool our children was not a easy choice however it’s turning out to be an amazing decision.

Uh oh it’s 2:52am however we had THE best dinner with Cathlenes incredible family on in the intercostal as the sun set (my fave)

The children have had a blast and they’ve requested that on the way back we come and meet again ❤️

For them to spend time with other homeschooled children has been awesome, lots of laughing and exploring, just perfect!

So far we are totally in love with the east coast and quite possibly could be on our three year plan to make a move!

I am feeling more inspired than EVER!

The last three days really have changed my life, sounds crazy huh but it’s shown me that even after doubting myself (yes I’m human) that I was right to follow my gut.

I cannot tell you how important it is to use your natural gut instinct in your life and business.

If something feels icky for a period of time to time to check it and figure if you can change it or get rid.

If an idea is pecking at you to make it happen, why aren’t you taking the steps to do it? Remember how to create goals? And then create a PLAN to make it happen…

It’s not easy BUT it’s TOTALLY doable!

CTA: do ONE thing today to move you towards the ONE thing that’ll make you HAPPY.

As always

Much love