MIBA COVID-19 - My Top 10 Tips For Survival 

My Top 10 Tips For Survival by Estelle Keeber

Seeing as my survival tips went down so well on my live I thought that I would share them here in a blog with you to for you to save and refer back to!  

Right now EVERYONE’S life has changed, routine has gone out of the window and we are all just doing the best we can so first and foremost some tips for staying sane…. 

  1. Make the most of your time. Plan ahead. Write a to do list the night before and get up a little earlier if possible to get a head start… you will be surprised the difference an extra 15 minutes can make!
  2. Meal prep is a huge time saver. Try and plan your meals for the week and create dishes that can be bulk made and frozen. Keep things in the freezer like veg that can be used in so many ways. 
  3. Ask for help… this is a biggy and something I find really hard but you guys have been an incredible support. Let people know how they can help you… you would do the same for them right?
  4. Gratitude. With all the changes that are happening it can be really easy to fall into a dark hole of sadness and fear. Taking the time to write down just 3 things you are grateful for will allow your mind to reset and focus on those things. A nice reminder to look back on when days are tough too!
  5. Self care. Right now I’m hearing from a lot of women that they are worried about their kids, their business, their families, their neighbours… yet hardly anyone mentions how this is impacting on them. It’s really key to take time to do something for you. Recharge your batteries. If the captain of the ship gets sick…who steers the boat? You know what im saying? So whether it’s a glass of something fizzy, a face mask or 30 minutes to read a book, take sometime just for you. 

 My Favourite Tips for Business 

  1. Don’t panic. The situation we are in right now is temporary and wont last forever. 
  2. Start to think outside the box. It’s in times of great adversity that the greatest changes are made creating some of the most incredible results. How can you change up what you have to offer? You already have a great business… it’s just about evolving. How can you stand out right now… how have the needs of your customers changed? 
  3. Use your time productively. Some of you will now have more time, some of you will have less. Either way use the time you do have wisely. If you make products and sales have slowed down use the time to listen to a podcast or write a blog posts. Were you commuting to work but are now working from home? Rather than staying in bed an extra hour use that time to schedule some posts or reply to emails. 
  4. Stay up to date with changes. The WHO and .GOV sites are the best to check official information. Changes are happening on a daily basis. Grants, loans, support and regulations will all become more available as the weeks pass so make sure you know what help you are entitled to. 
  5. Don’t give up. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. You do not have control over a lot of things… so focus on the things you do have control over. Plan your day, create new products, spend time with loved ones, get on top of your accounts. When all this is over your going to thank yourself for staying strong.  

And don’t forget… we are always here to support you… in life or business! 

You can download our FREE MIBA survival kit hereMassive thanks to all the amazing contributors who helped to create this incredible kit in record time. 

From finances and creating residual income to meal planning and activities to keep the kids entertained… we got you covered! 

What 1 tip would you have with our community to help them grow their business right now? 

Until the next time, 

Stay sane… stay safe… stay home….  

Much love  

Estelle x