Instagram Positivity

How to make your experience on Instagram more positive – Some simple tricks to boost your mood! with Estelle

It was such a pleasure to be invited by Psychologies magazine to be interviewed LIVE on their Instagram account.

For anyone that doesn’t know Psychologies Magazine is the UKs best selling mindful living magazine with over 1.3 million Facebook followers. Psychologies is the magazine that helps you know more, grow more. Grown up, intelligent and intimate, Psychologies is the only magazine that seeks to enrich your emotional life.

I connected with editor Suzy and commercial director Nikki at last years Women in Biz Expo where I delivered my first ever keynote speech alongside Caprice and Michelle Mone! It was a welcome to change to be asked about how Instagram can be used in our personal lives for a better mindset and so I jumped at the chance of chatting about this live with Suzy.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to watch the live I thought that I would share a few of the tips with you here too.

Tip 1 – Get rid of any accounts that don’t make you feel good! Go through yourfollowers and unfollow any accounts that you no longer feel aligned with. Maybe your taste have changed, maybe the account has changed paths. Whatever your reason…if they don’t make you feel good they gotta go.

Tip 2 – Go and connect with the accounts you love. The more you engage with account the more of their content you will see in your news feed…so if you actually like a post, let the account know, tell them why in the comments, let them know you agree…or disagree…but do take the time to comment.

Tip 3 – Share! There is no easier way to pass around the positivity than to share that shit out!! Main feed…share it! Stories…share it! DM…share it! If you find an account that really makes you laugh or that shares great memes…let someone else know too. We created a template for you guys to use to share you favourite 3 positive accounts…so far they have gone down a storm and Ive found some amazing new accounts to follow!

So there are just 3 of my top tips for making Instagram a more positive place for you to be and remember that if you are not feeling the love on Instagram there are lots of ways to report unwanted attention. Restrict, block and report.

Until next time…

Stay positive

Estelle x