Taking your Offline Business Online

Taking your Offline Business Online by Estelle

With so many small businesses being hit by the Covid19 outbreak we are doing all we can here at MIBA HQ to offer you support.

As the Covid 19 outbreak spread we knew there were going to be lots of changes ahead that were going to effect a lot of business owners. Lots of businesses right now are in exactly the same situation, with less sales, less income and for lots of us mums, less time with the children now being home educated and so this is why we decided to create our MIBA Survival Kit.  This FREE resource offers advice in many areas including financial planning, budget meal tips aswell as ways to stay calm in this uncertain situation we are all finding ourselves in.

We were amazed that over 1300 people signed up for the survival kit within just 36 hours of it launching. But we didn’t want to stop there.

We have now taken our 250 worldwide networking events online enabling hundreds of women to continue connecting and growing their businesses. Feedback has been amazing and all we have done at MIBA is evolve and this is what will keep your business alive.

With almost all shops worldwide shutting down, online is the new offline. In a world where we are being told to self isolate and social distance, social media and the internet are the one way we can stay connected. Therefore NOW is the time to take your business online if you haven’t already.

Now don’t over think it….

You have skills…yes?

You have the internet? Yes

You have a product or service…Yes?

Then lets go online!

Think about the skills you have and how they can be of service to your customer.

Now think about how you can offer this online. Ebook? Printable? How to video?

What about offering an online class? One to one coaching online in your area of expertise?

Maybe your business is service based? Can you create a package for your clients to DIY at home with your support or how about creating a subscription box.

All things that can be done remotely without having to leave your house yet still providing your customers with a solution to their problem!

You can check out our FREE download for ideas on how to take your business online here

Or why not check out the full training in our VIP area?

Until next time,

Stay safe

Estelle x