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The Launch of Rise of The Mumpreneur

The Launch of Rise of The Mumpreneur by Estelle Keeber

It was so amazing to see all the incredible authors at the Rise of the Mumpreneur book launch last week here in Leicester.

Rise of the Mumpreneur is the 16th book to be taken to #1 on Amazon by MIBA publishing and I have to say…the launches just get better and better!

The night was filled with tears of joy, sadness and pride as more than 40 people came together the celebrate the true grit and tenacity of these 8 brave women.

We are proud to have Serena, Rachael and Sara share their stories with the crowd on the evening too. Becoming a best selling author is so much more than a title. Becoming an author takes strength, bravery and balls…of which these ladies have in abundance!

Massive thanks to all of our sponsors Black Nova designs, Swish for it, Crystal Soapery and Bottle Top your support means everything. Huge shout out to Jess Illife who is our MIBA Squad official photographer and did a cracking job capturing the night as always!

If you are interested in finding out how MIBA can help your dream of becoming an author into reality please drop an email to [email protected]

As always much love

Estelle xxx

Episode 23: Tania Taylor

MIBA co founder Estelle Keeber is joined on todays podcast episode by Tania Taylor who is sharing her favourite tips with us in this months VIP collection. Find out more about Tania in todays episode

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MIBA in Forbes

MIBA were featured in Forbes in 2019 which we see as one of our amazing achievements. Here is a throwback to some of the article…

Where did the idea for Mums in Business Association come from? What were your career backgrounds and were you both active networkers?

After struggling with mental health issues and becoming a single mum after 9 years of partnership, I knew that returning to work was going to be difficult. As part of my mental health recovery my counsellor had suggested that I find a creative outlet that enabled me relax and have fun but that also enabled me to express how I was feeling in a non verbal way. I studied photography for 3 years as an adult student at night classes and finally went on to gain a teaching qualification. It was becoming a single parent that actually made reevaluate the skill set that I had an become creative about how I could start to financially support my family whilst still being a present parent. I set up Love Photography 13 in 2016 and this was the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

As step sisters we had always supported each other in our chosen career paths and the idea for MIBA came from the lack of support and feeling of isolation that we were both verbalizing in our lengthy daily phone calls from Wales to Leicester.

Setting up Love Photography 13 was an eye opener and brought along a whole host of challenges I hadn’t expected to meet. Not only was I required to capture gorgeous weddings but to create a successful business I also needed to know about marketing, web development and social media. I spent hours and hours watching webinars and trainings, listening to podcasts and trying to connect with people who could help me grow my business. I remember wishing that I could find all of the information I needed in one place, so that I could develop my business without having to search the whole of the internet for things that were relevant and would actually help me. I felt like the only person that really understood my struggle was Leona because as a mum in business herself we were going through the same thing! Trying to be a great mum and start up a business all at the same time was a challenge to say the least!

It was then that we realized that if we felt like this, there must be thousands of other mums who felt the same! It was then that we decided to set up the MIBA Facebook group in the hope of bringing other women together, so that they didn’t have to struggle the way that we did.

How did you go about starting the network, what were the first steps and what were your initial costs?

We set up the Mums in Business Association Facebook group in June 2017…that group now has 45k community members. The most incredible thing about what we have achieved so far is the fact that we started with nothing. No investment, no capital, no start up fund. We used social media to connect with people who we understood. We recognized their pain point and we work to ease it. The formula for creating this incredible network hasn’t changed in the 27 months we have been established. We simply started by sharing value and content with our community. Not just tips on how we were growing our own businesses but real life, no BS posts about how difficult it is to try and juggle a million things on your to do lists whilst keeping the kids entertained, walking to dog and maybe finding time to meditate. We shared our own journey, the highs and the lows with our tribe. Allowing our own identities to shine through is the reason that so many others then go on to tell other women about our community. We are relatable and real, our tribe trust us because they can relate to us. Building relationships is a crucial part of creating a network.

How did you manage the startup being based in two different locations?

Lots of long phone calls! The joy of being based online means that we can work from anywhere. Leona and I spent hours and hours discussing what was working and what wasn’t and what we wanted to do next to grow MIBA. Its no different now Leona has moved to Spain. Not a day goes by that we don’t speak.

How did you attract your first members? How important was social media to your business growth? How often do you hold live events and what do these involve?

Without sounding to cliché, your vibe attracts your tribe. We set up the group and began going live and sharing our own favourite tips and resources on everything from getting the kids to behave to starting a blog and building a website.

We have built a 6-figure business using social media alone and so my answer here is most definitely YES! Social media is your biggest FREE marketing tool and resource. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, social media is free. You literally have access to millions of people at the touch of a button. It’s really understanding HOW to use social media that is key to success!

Social media also allowed us to take our networking offline too. Having a community online is amazing but there is nothing better than sitting in a room full of motivated and excited women who have all gathered together with the same end plan… to grow their business. We used our social media to communicate about our events using the community we had already created online. I hosted our first ever child friendly networking event in August 2017 in my hometown of Leicester. We had around 10 people attend the first meeting but the response from our community was incredible. Women all around the world wanted to get involved which is when we hit a problem. We were only 2 people. We travelled the UK for a few months before realizing that it was time to expand the team. We currently have 130 networking events worldwide and are expanding at a rate of 10% per month. September saw our biggest month yet for attendees with over 1300 women coming through the doors.

At what stage were you able to monetize the network and how did you do this?

We started off by providing free content into the group. Once we had become established and people began to see us as the experts in our area, we then knew that we could then start to charge for our products. Again, its about creating that trust and relationship. People were ready to invest in us because we had consistently shown up, offered amazing value and content and maintained our visibility. Our first course was a business bootcamp which we sold for £10. Every evening I would manually go through all of the people who had paid and send over a link for the training. No funnels, email lists or automation. Good oldfashioned pen, paper and a lot of hard work! 

We offered different levels of affordability to ensure that as many people as possible could benefit from the trainings regardless of where they were at in their business journey. Still to this day we offer FREE Instagram challenges and £10 trainings but alongside that we can now use all of our skills and experience to coach corporate clients and large organisations in maximizing their impact using social media. 

Tickets for our offline networking events are still £15 or the equivalent as they were when we first set up. We wanted our events to be affordable yet full of value and opportunities. Its incredible for us to hear that other women are closing deals in excess of £10k after connecting at our events.  

Has the business had any external funding? Is this something you are looking to pursue?

Not so far but this is not something that we would disregard. We know that as businesses grow their need for investment may rise too. We are always very aware of what is happening within our business and act accordingly. We would love to connect with people who have a vested interest in the message we are spreading and if this were to include investment then this is something we would consider. We run the business very flexibly and go with what works. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

What’s next for the network? Is it now profitable?

MIBA is growing at an incredible rate. Not only do we have our online communities and offline networking events we also help other women tell their stories of success. So far in the last 2 years we have helped to create 73 Amazon best selling authors, 9 best selling books and have lots of amazing authors working away behind the scenes!

We are very excited to be expanding our speaking portfolio. In the space of the next 6 months we will be speaking at events such as Social Media Week Durban alongside incredible people such as Bravissimo founder Michelle Mone, Supermodel and business woman Caprice and politician Karren Brady CBE.

Our business started in June 2017 with no investment and in the last year has turned over approx. ¼ million pounds with our expected turn over next year to double.

To find out more about our amazing journey check out our autobiography Laid Bare

Until next time much love
Estelle & Leona

Episode 22: Buckso Dhillon-Woolley

MIBA co founder Estelle Keeber is joined on todays podcast episode by Aladdin actress Buckso Dhillon Wooley who is sharing her favourite tips with us in this months VIP collection. Find out more about Buckso and her rockstar rituals in todays episode

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Why You Should Come To A MIBA Networking Event by Claire Mandle

Why You Should Come To A MIBA Networking Event by Claire Mandle

This is a review that was left on the MIBA Facebook Group by one of our attendees of our global MIBA networking events

“Yesterday was my first MIBA event and it has done even more for me than I thought it would!

We were lucky enough to have the fantastic Adam Hulme speaking about goal setting. I made 3 pages of notes, and they are pure gold!

But the thing is, I really struggle when there is a room full of strangers. I’m fine speaking with one or two people, but when there’s a group of new people I tend to have difficulty speaking up, even when I really want to.

Going to a networking event was VERY out of my comfort zone, and although I made effort to talk to a couple of people one on one – by the end of the event I really felt as though I had wasted the opportunity to get to know these wonderful ladies…

Walking back to my car I was kicking myself!

But as I was driving home, I realised something- this is exactly what Adam was talking about!

So when I got home I sat and made my goal list for 2020, number one on my list is to be ‘comfortable with groups and public speaking by the end of 2020’. And to do this I will be taking advantage of the sponsor spotlight opportunity at my local MIBA group.

I also wrote a post in the local group explaining why I was quiet, and the responses where so comforting. MIBA ladies are so nice!

Now I know I’m not the only one who was scared to go to an event, or who is worried about talking with a group they don’t know. But if this is you – please go to an event and get out of your comfort zone – I promise you won’t regret it! — with Adam Hulme and Paige Bird.”

MIBA Networking Events take place globally. We are so proud of all our coordinators and guest speakers and love that we are bringing women entrepreneurs together worldwide.

Click here to view upcoming events.

Love as Always
Estelle and Leona

Domestic Abuse – Mama Life Magazine

As many of you will know, I’m for sure more comfortable being the other side of the camera but couldn’t turn down the opportunity of being on the cover of Mamalife Magazine and sharing my story with their readership.

Now for any of you that think model life Is glam, your very mistaken. After many years of being a photographer I know what goes on behind the scenes and it’s never as incredible as it may look in the image. I remember once asking a girl to lay in a rubbish dump… stunk…. but the image was amazing!

The shoot took place in a factory building and it was bloody freezing and covered in the most bizarre props from chains, to rocking horses, trampolines and beds… but that didn’t stop us! We were on a mission. The room soon warmed up and off we went. Hair and make up was created by the talented Jamie and Claire who made us look and feel gorgeous with Emily in charge of capturing those cover worthy shots!

It was such a fun day and before we knew it we had worked through lunch and it was time to go home.

This shoot was so much more than just another photoshoot. It captured 3 women, survivors, fighters. We didn’t waste our day talking about our past experiences and I’m sure I will relate to both stories when I read them. What we did was enjoy the fact that we have risen…we have survived, and we are here to help others do the same!

You can get your copy of Mamalife and read the full article now…!

Until then
Much Love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

Episode 21: Cherish from Popsy Clothing

Joining Estelle today is the gorgeous Cherish Reardon, founder of Popsy clothing

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2020 A Decade of Instagram – 40 Facts You NEED to Know

2020 A decade of Instagram – 40 facts you NEED to know

Instagram debuted on 6th October 2010

Instagram was almost called Codename but it was decided against before the launch.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

The first picture shared was on July 17th 2010 before the app even launched. It was by Mike Keiger ( @mikeyk )

Instagram’s first ever official uploaded picture was of a dog by the co founder Kevin

Instagram currently have over 1 billion monthly active users.

There are 4.2 billion likes per day

There are on average 100+ million pictures uploaded everyday

60% of users log in daily

Users spend on average 53 minutes per day on the platform

To date there are more than 500 billion images been uploaded.

The largest age demographic is 25-34 year olds

Pizza is the most instagrammed food

Posts that use hashtags get on average 12.6% more engagement

The top 5 countries that use Instagram are United States, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and the UK.

The heart emoji is the most frequently used.

More than half the brands on Instagram stick to 1 filter

The top 3 followed brands are National Geographic, Nike and Victoria’s Secrets.

55 of the most popular and active brands on Instagram post 1.5 times per day on average

80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram

There are over 500,000 active influencers using Instagram

78% of influencers prefer Instagram for brand collaboration

72% of Instagram users say they have purchased via the app

80% of Instagrammers decide whether to buy a product or service based on Instagram images. Instagram users report making a purchase decision based on something that they saw while browsing the app.

Selfies are one of the most uploaded pictures

Photos with faces get 38% more likes

Posts with a location get 79% more engagement

Instagram is the second most engaged network just behind Facebook

32% of all internet user have an Instagram account

In 2017 Instagram was the most used network for cyber bullying. Since then Instagram have launched a host of features to stop cyber bullying on the platform.

Instagram allow you to ‘restrict’ peoples comments, meaning you can hide inappropriate comments without the user knowing. A step forward in the anti bullying strategy.

There are 400 million stories shared every day

Video gets over 2 times more engagement than images

The heart face filter is the most used in Instagram stories

More than 100 million people watch or share LIVE everyday

60% of people say they find new products on Instagram

130 million accounts tap on a shopping post each month to find out more

Instagram users engage more on Tuesday and Thursday

Influencers can charge up to $100,000 for a sponsored post

World record egg is the most liked picture EVER behind Kylie Jenner

So there you have it…to be honest I could have gone on forever!

I would love to know…what was your favourite fact? Do you have one you think we should add?

Until next time…

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

Episode 20: MIBA 2019 Year in Review

Join both Estelle and Leona as they review 2019 in the MIBA world

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2020 Predictions

Things to look out for in 2020, Incredible Instagram news:

Well what an incredible year it has been for Insta fans everywhere! From the introduction of polls in stories to sharing main feed images… Instagram has really kept us on our toes for the last 12 months and I’m super excited to see what’s in store this year!

As always I’ve had my ear to the ground and have some very exciting predictions!

I think that this year we are going to see titles for IG LIVE, I’ve seen sneaky peeks at the layout and have heard its being beta tested so watch this space!

Of course, I’m sure there are going to be even more ways to interact and engage on stories in 2020. Incredible Instagram news, With questions, donation stickers and even lyrics in stories I think Instagram will certainly have even more planned for us when it comes to stories!

For those of you that tuned into the podcast episode with Marie Cravens, you will have heard that Insta are about to try out a VERY similar feature to Tik Tok! We’ve seen this happen before… remember when Snapchat had filters and time sensitive stories and IG jumped on the bandwagon… well its happening again.

IG have realised the power of Tik Tok and have seen how fast the platform is growing and wanted to incorporate some of THAT magic into their own platform…. and who can blame them. Currently named Scenes / Reels. So watch this space for new features in stories that allow you to mix up video, music and other peoples content! You heard it here first!

Another biggie this year, I predict, will be more ways to buy on the platform especially with the launch of AR shopping. Right now this shop option is only available in the states but I cannot wait for it to drop here in the UK!

Another exciting predicition is that Instagram will be giving accounts even more options when it comes to privacy. Not only can we now mute and restrict peoples comments but in 2020 we are also going to be able to restrict who gets to see our Instagram stories!

A few fun ones to keep an eye out for… auto vibrate when you like a post and coloured gradient inside your DMs…. you heard it here first!

So there you have it…a few of my predictions for whats going to be happening on Instagram this year!

Don’t forget you can join me LIVE every single Tuesday night at 8pm GMT where I share all my favourite Instagram tips and tricks aswell as the latest updates!

Until then… Have a great start to 2020

Much love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen