Episode 9: Rach Love

Estelle is joined with Rach Love of Little Ideas with Love.

Rach makes scented soy wax products and reed diffusers, filling your home with gorgeous aromas.

Estelle and Rach discuss how Estelle’s insta training has helped Rach push and promote her business through Instagram.

Little Ideas with Love can be found at http://www.littleideaswithlove.co.uk

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The Power of Collaboration Part 2

The Power of Collaboration Part 2 by Estelle Keeber

How to find your perfect business collaboration.

After explaining the power of collaboration in a previous post I thought that it was only right that I know explained how to find your perfect collaboration. So here goes….

First of all not all collaborations are going to work…and the reason I know this is because I have found out first hand. Its using your experiences to make choices in the future that will help you grow and your collaborations become more successful.

The mistake I made ( and I know is a common mistake ) is jumping at the first person who offers.

When thinking about a collaboration you need to check a few things first…
1) Is the brand / company someone who I believe in and would be happy to be associated with?
If you answer yes…move to 2.

2) Do them have an audience that YOU would benefit from being in front of.
If your still answering yes its looking good.

3) What can you bring to them as a collaboration to serve your clients and their clients at the same time. If you have nothing this is not the collaboration for you…if your still answering Yes then you have a possible collaboration ready to go.

Once you have answered yes to all of the above, you then need to communicate your aims and targets for the collab to your partner to ensure your both on the same page. Its really important to make sure that both companies are aligned. Another huge mistake I see a lot is miscommunication, where one company / brand have not verbalised exactly how they see the collaboration going.

During these discussions you need to put things into place so that you both know what is expected of who. Will you be sharing to your email list and all social media or will it be limited to an Instagram story. Making sure that everyone is clear on expectations is crucial for a smooth and successful collaboration.

So there you have it…a few of my top tips on how to find your perfect collaboration!

Keep and eye out for part 3 where we are going to be discussing the right way to approach your potential collab partners and how to maximise your collaboration potential!

I would love to know in the comments who YOU would love to collaborate with!

Don’t forget to take a look through…this could be your perfect collaboration just waiting to happen!

Until next time
Much love
#mibainstaqueen x

An Incredible Year… Here’s To Being 37!

An Incredible Year… Here’s To Being 37! by Estelle Keeber

OMG can you actually believe im 37 tomorrow?? I know I seriously don’t feel that old (yes some days I look it lmao)

Feeing super blessed that I have made it this far! So since my birthday is approaching I thought that I would have a quick flash back at what’s been happening in the last year… and boy has stuff happened.

This time last year I was in Amsterdam with Leona about to head off to what turned out to be the weirdest bar I have ever been to in all my life! Whilst we were there, we had a plan to come back the following year after smashing the big goals we had set.

So lets look at whats been happening since.

On arrival back from Amsterdam I found out the article I was a part of for the Sun would be published in the next few days. I had been waiting since February and actually thought they would end up dropping the article but no, me and my boobs were about to be seen by millions of people across the world! you can check out the full article by clicking on the image below.

Copyright STEWART WILLIAMS 07956 568150 THE SUN.

In October MOF 3 hit the #1 spot on Amazons best sellers list meaning that every single book we have released so far in the series has hit #1 on both kindle and paperback!! Love being able to help other women share their stories with the world! I had always wanted to be an author, even as a little kid I had loved writing and no here I was, not only creating best selling books but also being able to help other women realise their dreams of becoming an author too!

In November I had THE LEON LOGOTHESIS star of the Kindness Diaries and general amazing human message me and agree to a meeting with us (after much stalking… I mean persistence lol) I got asked to speak at the Photography Show at The NEC (one of my favourite expos) AND MOF 3 RANKED HIGHER THAN Oprah Winfreys Rags to Ritches… OMG!

And I finally found a new house in a gorgeous area! Let the next chapter begin!

December Peter Sage Invited me round for tea! What a way to finish the year.
January saw the MIBA Guide to growing your Instagram hit #1, we decided to start our autobiography and MOF 4 launched and hit #1 … which makes us 8 times best sellers! Take a look here

MIBA Leicestershire turned 1 in February! (Although I held our 1st ever MIBA networking event way back in August 2017!) And I guess I should mention I met Mr MIBA!!

We signed a contract with a media company who will be pitching us to Netflix and C4 and I got invited to speak about all things Instagram (all expenses paid) in Valencia! March was a good month!

The next few months involved being asked to speak at events like the UKs biggest franchise show, Women in biz expo (alongside Caprice, Michelle mone and Karren Brady) and being booked for 5 events with the same company! I became ambassador for Womens Aid Leicestershire (and raised over £1 with my extreme climb!) and we were finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur awards (watch this space for updates, Awards happening 25th September!)

But the highlights of the last year must finish with getting engaged and Jed becoming a best selling co author himself! Mind blown!!

So as you can see… the last year has been pretty incredible!

And our autobiography is out!! Go check it out now!! https://mumsin.biz/lbpb

Being 36 was all that I imagined and more…bring on the next year!

Peace out..
Love #mibainstaqueen

Creating a Connection

Creating a Connection by Estelle Keeber

Hey hey MIBA blog fans!

Today’s blog was inspired by the realisation that the MIBA Autobiography is about to launch!!

Click here to sign up to attend our book launch.

The last few weeks I’ve been going through waves of different emotions. Sometimes Im super excited, sometimes I’m nervous, sometimes I literally feel sick that people are about to read all about my life. The good the bad and the ugly bits too! After helping 91 other women to become best selling authors and share their stories you would think that I would be a dab hand at dealing with the nerves BUT I can tell you, now its my story that’s being shared the nerves have 10x’d

The response from reviewers has been amazing and what has really had the biggest impact on me is the realisation that we already have a tribe of incredible and supportive women who love us regardless of whatever is written in the book. Infact the response has been that they love us even more now they know what we have been through to get to where we currently are. They love how we have shared things about our lives, that although hard to talk about, will hopefully make others feel less alone.

Our tribe feel like they already know us because for the last 27 months we have shared, shared and shared some more…all of the bits of our lives. Business and personal. To the point where YOU all now feel like you know us.

And THIS is the point I want to get across to you all in this blog. Allowing people to see the real you helps them to relate, to feel like they get you. This is a tip across the board regardless of which social media platform you chose to you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in…what ever SM platform you use…you NEED to be personable…you have a tribe of people out there just waiting for you to move into your true weirdness ( because we all feel like no one will get us, I promise ) and start to bring together likeminded people.

Keep an eye on an upcoming blog which will talk all about the different ways YOU can share YOUR story using features on Instagram.

Until next time… keep an eye out for the autobiography! You can sign up here and find out all about how YOU can get yourself on the guest list at the invite only launch event here in Leicester on the 27th September!

You can check out everything that’s going on behind the scenes by checking out the hashtag #mibalaidbare on Instagram!

Much love Estelle
Aka Insta Queen

The Power of Collaboration Part 1

The Power of Collaboration Part 1 by Estelle Keeber

Since creating Mums in business Association, collaboration has always been something that we have realised the power of. Early on in our MIBA journey we collaborated with an amazing some amazing business that helped us to do a number of things.

So first of all let’s talk about how collaborating can help your business. When you collaborate with a brand or business you are showing others that you recommend this brand, that you believe in what they stand for and that your happy to be associated with them. This is great for the brands reputation and will reinforce this to other people who may not have known who they were prior to the partnership. And this works in the reverse too. So firstly, it can help with building your brands reputation.

Secondly it will open you up to a whole new audience of people (who will hopefully be your ideal clients if you have chose your collaboration partner wisely). When you collaborate with a brand it’s not uncommon for you to cross promote posts. For example you will post about their products and promote them and they will do the same for you. This means that your brand is being put in front of a whole new audience that you may not have had an opportunity to approach before. Collaboration is amazing for raising your visibility!

Thirdly, it allows you to build relationships that can take your business forward in ways that you wont even think abut right now. The power of networking is crazy. I have been able to connect hundreds of women who have gone on to have hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales and all through the power of networking. Once you have worked with a brand and showed them how dedicated you are and what an amazing brand you have, this company will then go on to recommend you to others. So not only have you opened up your audience and increased your credibility you have also built a relationship that could end up being priceless.

That’s it for part 1… watch this space for part 2 where we’re going to be talking about HOW to connect and collaborate with the right people!

Until then…

Much love
Estelle aka #mibainstaqueen x

Going Live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram by Estelle Keeber

I was absolutely rocked by how many people that joined me on last week’s Instagram live who said they were scared of doing an Instagram LIVE!

But then when I got to thinking and spent some time chatting with you ladies afterward I realised that for a lot of people being present on Instagram is a huge deal. Some of you haven’t even shown your faces on your account! First of all being YOU is what will help your business to succeed. I say it time and time again, people buy from people. Allowing your personality to shine through on your Instagram is what is going to allow you to find your tribe!

So, lets talk about going live on Instagram. I know, it’s a scary thought if you haven’t done it before. What will you talk about, what if no one watches, what if I make a mistake, what if the kids come in or the door knocks… well guess what..

ALL of the above have happened to me and im still alive… yep… I didn’t die… So whats the worst that can happen?

So lets talk tips…

Tip 1 – Find out what your followers want to see. Ask them using your posts and Instagram stories… find out HOW you can give them value so you know what you are talking about is useful to them.

Tip 2 – Plan your live. Write down some notes to keep you on track, even if its bullet points. I always write notes and always go off track BUT it gives me somewhere to refer back to and bring it back around…and I think that it shows that Im real. That the lives aren’t too planned and that Im happy to answer YOUR questions as they arise.

Tip 3 – Breathe! If people watch great, if they don’t… it’s ok. Just because people don’t watch live doesn’t mean they wont see it at all. I get lots of people watch my lives on replay.

Just remember to keep going… we all start somewhere. I’ve had 2 years of practice and still balls it up, get things wrong and forget what Im talking about…and Im sure that why you love me… because Im real and just like you. So before you give yourself a hernia through the stress of thinking about a live…just do it…if you hate it that much you can always delete!!

Until next time…

#mibainstaqueen xxx

Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith by Estelle

I’m a huge advocate for keeping it real. You will often see my open and honest posts about how my boys drive me to distraction, that we have people trying to sabotage MIBA, stalkers, crazy family…you name it we go through it. Just the same as you guys.

And so that’s whats drove me to talk about keeping the faith for todays blog post. By the time you ready this we will have less than a week to go until we are in Amsterdam for the Abraham Hicks conference.

It was around this time last year that we went to Amsterdam to celebrate my 36th Birthday. It was meant to be a weekend away for Leona and I, no work…just time to kick back. But you know that’s never gonna happen with us two right?

So, alongside living my best life, dancing on beds and drinking champagne out the bottle ( always keeping it classy ) we also took time out to work on a project ( that is still going on ) and plan what we wanted for MIBA over the next 12 months.

We sat in a restaurant the day before we left and talked about how utterly blessed we felt to have been able to help and support hundreds of thousands of women already and what we wanted to  achieve in the next 12 months and we vowed we would go back and sit in the same restaurant ( Im not sure I remember which one it was after the brownie dessert lmao ) and look back over the last year.

A lot of the things we discussed I then went on to put onto my vision board which has been sat by my desk since the beginning of the year. Some of the goals and visions were work related and some were focussed around MIBA.

In the last 8 months ive been able to tick off over half the things I had on there…that I wanted to achieve over the next year! One being finding love ( I know, a bit cheesy but Im actually getting married in May 2020  ) one being a new car and one being the release of our autobiography. Now don’t get me wrong, Im not for one minute telling you that because I put the images on a vision board that miraculously that have entered my life. But what the process has done is allow me to verbalise my goals out loud and make it know to myself and others what I wanted to achieve so that not only I could hold myself accountable but other would be able to support my journey too, it allowed me to think about action steps that I needed to put into place to take my ideas for goals from my mind to fruition and it kept me going on the days when I had to deal with assholes and drama as it was always there to remind me WHY I was doing what I was doing.

And here we are, almost 1 year later about to head off to Amsterdam to watch the Abraham Hicks conference to learn more about the law of attraction and how changing your mindset can change your life…and WE are living proof!

So there’s the moral of the story my friends…keep the faith, remind yourself constantly why you do what you do and trust the process, oh and try to avoid assholes!

Peace out,

#mibainstaqueen xxx

Ps Keep an eye on my personal Instagram stories for all the BTS in Amsterdam!

Want More Sales on Instagram?? Let’s Go Back 2 Basics!

Want More Sales on Instagram?? Let’s Go Back 2 Basics! by Estelle Keeber

3 new sales in less than 2 hours??

Yes , that’s right. That was the feedback we had less than 4 hours after posting the first video into the Instagram Back 2 Basics training group!

In the first video I talk all about the basics of setting up an account and how to make sure you are creating the right foundations for a great Instagram account. When I was creating this training I was actually worried that people might think that it was too basic but boy was I wrong. The feedback has been incredible and its been less than 24 hours (I’m writing this on Monday!) I wanted to create a training that not only taught you the basics of Instagram, like setting up an account and creating posts but one that also showed you how to really make use of all the features Instagram has to offer but in the most basic way.

So far, one day in even the people who already had established accounts are making changes and seeing improvement in engagement after implementing our tips! People who didn’t have accounts are feeling more confident and are excited for the rest of the week.

You see this is the thing with Instagram, infact with most things we don’t know or understand. They scare us…and it’s not the thing itself that scares us, just the idea of not knowing what to do and worrying we wont be able to do it.

So if this is you, your reading this and thinking…YES I want to make sales on Instagram… then the back 2 basics course is the perfect place to start. The Back 2 Basics training takes place in a private FB community with over 200 members so far, there will be daily videos, tips and hacks to teach you all about how to use Instagram for business…even if you don’t even have an account yet! Once you are in the group you can watch the videos at your own pace and ask questions at any point!

I’m super excited and already proud of all the amazing women already taking action and learning how to use Instagram to grow their business!!

You can check on  whats happening throughout the week on the hashtag #mibaIGb2b  and its not too late to join…don’t forget you can watch the videos at a time that suits YOU….so theres no excuse!!

See you there…until next time

#mibainstaqueen x

User Generated Content on Instagram and WHY you need it!

User Generated Content on Instagram and WHY you need it! by Estelle Keeber
So first off, I know there is going to be loads of you out there thinking what the hell is user generated content (UGC) secondly, WHY do I need it and finally HOW do I get it?!
So let’s start at the beginning and breakdown this tech jargon. User generate content is exactly that, content that is generated by users (your followers / clients) In other words, its posts that are shared by your followers promoting your product, service or the fact that they are a part of your team or community. So for example someone shares a picture of our Grow you Insta book, THIS is UGC.

If someone shares a picture of your amazing candles burning away in a beautifully lit room, THIS IS UGC.
If someone shares feedback that they have lost 2 stone since following your fitness plan THIS IS UGC.
Do you see what I’m saying? Anything that is shared by your fans / followers / community about you, your product or service is UGC.
So WHY should you be using UGC?
1)      Pre made content…it’s there ready for you to repost which saves you time
2)      Word of mouth marketing is priceless. Sharing out the experiences of people who have already tried your product or service will encourage others to do the same.
3)      It raises the visibility of the person who shared originally. We all love a bit of recognition right? So when your fan / follower / teamie sees that you have shared their content, they will get that warm feeling inside and be more inclined to share even more UGC with you.
Everyone’s a winner when it comes to UGC!
And finally, now I have your attention I know your going to by shouting…”so how do I get my hands on this magic UGC”…well there are lots of ways for you to find this content.
The easiest way is to encourage your fans / followers / teamies to tag you in the posts. You can also promote the fact that you have a branded hashtag. For example our last Instagram challenge used the hashtag #mibasigc…which meant that every time someone tagged a post using that hashtag we could find it really easily simply by searching #mibasigc and then share out our favourites.
An idea for you…how about you run a competition asking all your followers to share a pic of them with your product, use the branded hashtag you have chosen and select 1 winner per month from all of the posts…this will for sure encourage people to share.
Don’t have a product…ask them to share a testimonial about your service using the hashtag…it will work the same!
I’ve recently started using the hashtag #mibainstaqueen …. Why not join the community and share your thoughts on my blogs and insta tips using the hashtag? Best posts get reshared!!
Don’t forget we have our Instagram Back 2 Basics starting on the 5th August…check it out for even more amazing tips on using Instagram to grow your business! Click here for Back 2 Basics
Until next time…
Estelle x

IGTV and why you should be using it!

IGTV and why you should be using it! by Estelle Keeber

So we are half way through the year and Instagram has already gave us some pretty impressive new features. In the last few weeks we have seen the new chat sticker in stories and up to 5 different feed layouts not to mention the new stories layout that a lot of you now have. Thanks to the amazing Preview app for the images! https://thepreviewapp.com/

Since the beginning of the year we have seen the new shop option, horizontal videos on IGTV, branded content ads, creator profiles, fundraising options and more ( don’t worry we will be talking about all of the new features in the coming weeks)

Instagram is really upping its game when it comes to creating a more personalised and interactive platform. Right now I have to say I think my favourite feature is the new easier to access layout. Instagram is rolling out the new look profiles and we were are happy to say we actually have the better looking of the versions

By adding the shop and IGTV icons to the top of the feed Instagram are making it even easier to for your followers and fans to take in more of your amazing content and purchase products with the tap of a finger. So now is for sure the time that you need to be focussing on being present!

IGTV is a great way for you to share more detailed content with your followers. In the main feed you can add upto 1 minute of video, in stories you can add 15 second segments but in IGTV you can share up to 10 minutes of video ( more if you have more than 10k followers )

So what is Instagram TV? IGTV is accessible via the IG app itself and it also has a stand alone application. Before you can create an IGTV episode you need to create a channel. This will be your username and super simple to do ( just follow the prompts ) Once you have your channel you can then start sharing out your episodes. In the last few months Instagram is now allowing horizontal and vertical videos for IGTV which means that ANY video you have already created can be shared! Great for repurposing old content! Massive time saver for all the busy mums out there!

So for those of you out there thinking why should I be using IGTV…let me break it down for you….

People love watching videos! Many people happily spend hours checking out videos on topics they’re interested in. IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube I can guarantee that we will see similar popularity in the the next year or so!
Videos give your brand personality! Videos let customers and potential clients see the people behind the name, giving your business a friendly face. Remember people buy from people!

Video content is engaging! Written posts do attract attention, but the increasingly short attention span of followers means that great video content will keep them engaged longer.

IGTV episodes create trust! When your videos provide helpful tips in solving problems your followers face, they know you care and start to develop a personal relationship with you, your company and your brand.
Seeing is believing! For lots of people, images mean more than words. Product videos have a huge effect on customer perception of quality. They are also great for showing the advantages of your product or service…I love to watch how to videos!

Make that emotional connection! IGTV lets you take your followers along for the ride. Exciting experiences or touching moments move hearts, it’s the sharing of this sort of content that will help you to become relatable!

So know you know how and why you should be using IGTV…the next step is content creation…stay tuned for the upcoming blog!

Until next time…peace out from the Insta Queen x