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Travelling Around The East Coast of America for 80 days

Travelling around the east coast of America for 80 days whilst we worldschool our children was not a easy choice however it’s turning out to be an amazing decision.

Uh oh it’s 2:52am however we had THE best dinner with Cathlenes incredible family on in the intercostal as the sun set (my fave)

The children have had a blast and they’ve requested that on the way back we come and meet again ❤️

For them to spend time with other homeschooled children has been awesome, lots of laughing and exploring, just perfect!

So far we are totally in love with the east coast and quite possibly could be on our three year plan to make a move!

I am feeling more inspired than EVER!

The last three days really have changed my life, sounds crazy huh but it’s shown me that even after doubting myself (yes I’m human) that I was right to follow my gut.

I cannot tell you how important it is to use your natural gut instinct in your life and business.

If something feels icky for a period of time to time to check it and figure if you can change it or get rid.

If an idea is pecking at you to make it happen, why aren’t you taking the steps to do it? Remember how to create goals? And then create a PLAN to make it happen…

It’s not easy BUT it’s TOTALLY doable!

CTA: do ONE thing today to move you towards the ONE thing that’ll make you HAPPY.

As always

Much love



How Overcoming Approval Addiction Can Leave You Free To Pursue Your Dream Life

How Overcoming Approval Addiction Can Leave You Free To Pursue Your Dream Life
By Rachael Barnes 

When Leona Burton, CEO of the amazingly successful Mums in Business Association, invited me to write and present a training video on Approval Addiction for their VIP collection I was quite literally gobsmacked! 


Weren’t there more experienced people who could do it? 

After my initial panic (and two month procrastination period) I thought why not me? 

I’d suffered from approval addiction for as long as I could remember and I’d recently overcome it.  Who better qualified than someone who has lived through every excruciating moment. 

I’d grown up in a small, welsh mining village where everyone knew your business. There wasn’t a move you could make without someone knowing about it and feeling it was their right to pass judgement. 

 My mum always told us that we could achieve anything we set our mind on but she didn’t believe this about herself.  Children take in more than you think and its true that actions can speak louder than words. 

When I was a teenager my dad’s business took off and we suddenly had more money to afford nice things. Yet my mum continued to buy her clothes in the sales and although we moved house we only went from a two bedroomed mid terrace to a larger 3 bedroom end of terrace.  It was like she was embarrassed that we were doing well and wanted to hide it.  It would drive me mad that she rarely treated herself and it’s a trait I’ve found hard to overcome too.  I think nothing of spending money on my boys but struggle to spend money on myself. 

I knew that if I didn’t break the cycle that my children would be in danger of following the same route. 

As a teenager I longed to be a lawyer.  I loved watching LA Law and would fantasize about helping some poor defenceless victim transform their life.  I wanted to change the world. 

So why didn’t I? 

I was scared to death that people would laugh or snigger or tell me that I wasn’t good enough.  When really it was me that felt they weren’t good enough. 

To be honest even the thought of the interview process brought me out in a cold sweat. 

And so I became a teacher. Little children are far less judgemental and it seemed like a safer option. 

Years later, when the boss from hell and the increasing demands of raising a child with additional needs took their toll, I found that I had no choice but to leave my teaching career and find work that I could fit around my other commitments.  I longed to pursue my dream of helping others but I knew that before I could do that I needed to sort out my own head. 

With the help of my therapist I discovered that this constant need for approval came from messages  picked up from my childhood.  Once these were rewritten I cared less about what others thought of me and focused more on what I thought of myself. 

I was so impressed with my transformation that I trained in Inner Child Healing myself.  I now work as a Confidence and Self Worth Coach and help ladies to overcome their approval addiction too. 

 My training course on the MIBA VIP explores in more depth the causes of approval addiction and tips on how to overcome it.  There’s also worksheets that you can work through in your own time once you’ve watched the videos. 

I hope that you find it useful.  If you’d like to learn more about working 1:1 with me (in person or via videolink) please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Don’t leave it too late to pursue the life you’ve always dreamt about.

Rachael xx 

Life Moves at a MILLION Miles an Hour

Life moves at a MILLION miles an hour and sometimes we forget the IMPACT that we are having by Leona Burton

So after a meeting with our incredible PR agent Haddy A Folivi we’ve been left feeling pretty proud.

Today we talked about our vision for MIBA and what we have done for others so far.
To be honest, MIBA HQ is so crazy we just do what we do and take most things with a pinch of salt, celebrate the win then move on to the next job.

But today has given us an opportunity to stop and think about all the things we’ve done for others so far….

In just over 2 years since we started our little facebook group we have not only empowered, educated and inspired hundreds of thousands of women we also been able to make change on a much wider scale.

Weve supported The Purple Community Fund which helps to take children off the streets of the Philippines by collecting thousands of ring pulls.

We collected over 20 thousands items to help end period poverty here in the UK
We collected hundreds of toys for the Rayaan Brown Foundation to give to children diagnosed with cancer.

We’ve helped raise over £11,000 for Womens Aid Leicestershire.

And I could go on….

But it doesnt stop there….

We are super excited to have many other projects lined up that will help impact thousands more women in mind blowing ways!

And it all started with 2 crazy sisters and 1 little idea!

Watch this space!!

Remember to make a difference you don’t NEED to raise £1000s for charity, one small act of kindness can start a chain reaction.

We challenge YOU to go and do something nice for somebody TODAY! Whether it’s a cup of coffee for the guy who lives outside the chippy or donating your time to a non profit… it all helps.

Together we are stronger.

Much love

As always
Leona and Estelle

Non Spammy Selling – Creative Advertising

Non Spammy Selling – Creative Advertising by Estelle Keeber

Do you swipe straight past the ads on Instagram. You know the ones that are obviously trying to sell you something you don’t need?

Do you scroll on past the boring buy my shit posts all over FB?

I know, I’m the same. No one wants to be sold to and so this is why you need to focus on creative advertising. Sell your product and service in a non spammy selling way and attract your ideal clients…and its not hard!

I’m always banging on about documenting rather than creating when it comes to content. If you’re showing your followers on a daily basis what you do and how your product / service benefits others you’re selling without selling.

So let’s look, take me for an example. I’m MIBA CEO and Instagram Expert. I show people through my stories what goes on behind the scenes in my day.

Tip 1 – Be relatable!

Part of my day includes creating content and working 1:1 with different companies and clients to help them understand Instagram. I share this to my stories… so that anyone who comes to my stories for the first time know… this is what I do. I might even ask… anyone else need some support with Instagram. This not only increases engagement but also then give me a list of warm leads… people who WANT my service.

Tip 2 – Let people know WHAT you do WITHOUT selling to them!

Once Ive finished my training I will use the feedback to share into stories. Recommendation and word of mouth marketing is the most powerful advertising you can have!

Tip 3 – Share positive feedback and testimonials.

I’m probably going to grab some lunch afterwards… and yes! I share that to stories too! Get people involved in something fun… ask them what do you prefer for lunch… burger or salad?

Tip 4 – Use engagement stickers to increase interaction

Once I have warmed people up with what I do, how I help and the results of my product I would then finish my stories with a way that people could find out more… Direct them to DM, link in bio or opt in page.

Just with those examples you can see that not once have I tried to sell. I’m allowing the product to sell itself by showing people the results. Before and after pictures are so last year. People want to see your product and service in action. They want to see the results, they want to be able to relate to you. They do not want to be sold to.

Skills + Trust = relationship = SALES

So there you have a very brief breakdown of how to sell without selling.

Until next time…

Estelle #mibainstaqueen


PASSION.. by Leona

We hear that word thrown around regularly but the heck is it?!

It really simply is something that you LOVE and that you’d do for FREE for a period of time.

So how do you find it I hear you ask?


People are REALLY BUSY searching for it that they often are totally missing the very thing that they’re looking for!

Top tips:

Take time out regularly to journal, meditate, exercise… whatever gives you some space to clear your mind.

Have a look at what lights you up…. I mean really lights you up. Is there a pattern in your happiness? Is there a specific activity that gets you all excited? (Not THAT type of activity unless you plan on monetising…?!)

Brainstorm ways in which you can incorporate MORE of those things into YOUR business…

And lastly, don’t overthink it. Allow it to be whatever it is….

And then create your vision from there.

Much love

As always



Hacking the 10k Swipe Up Option

Hacking the 10k Swipe Up Option by Estelle Keeber

So if you missed the live explaining this hack don’t worry you can watch all of my Tuesday night lives over on our Youtube channel,  In the video I explained to you all why you don’t need 10k followers to use the swipe up option on your Instagram stories.

The swipe up is a feature you will see all over the place. Accounts will use the story space to tell you about something that you can then SWIPE UP to find out more about. This then takes you to another page. Sign up, website or sales page.

So how can you hack this I hear you cry. Well its really simple and im going to break it down into 3 easy steps.

First of all you need to record an IGTV episode on the subject you want people to find out more about. For example I could record an episode on my Instagram training course. When your adding the title and description remember to ADD a link. An added bonus of IGTV is that you can not only add hashtag but you can also add a clickable link! Cool hey?

Once you have the IGTV episode uploaded you can jump to the next step.

Share to your story some engaging information that will entice your followers to swipe up. I like to show some feedback and ask if you want to see result like this…swipe up.

The important thing to remember is you really want to make it obvious that people can swipe up so use a GIF to be more creative.

Once you have created your story you then click the link button on the top menu – click the image

This will then give you the option to add IGTV link that goes with your story.

Et voila! Now when people watch your story they will be able to swipe up! This will take them to your IGTV where they can find out more AND don’t forget there is also that live link that your followers can click!!

So there you have it…a quick and simple way for you to hack the 10k swipe up option!

Don’t forget to share this posts with friends who will find it valuable!

Until next time!

Estelle #instaqueen

Instagram Hide Likes in the UK… So What Does This Actually Mean and How Will It Impact on YOUR Business?

Instagram Hide Likes in the UK… So What Does This Actually Mean and How Will It Impact on YOUR Business? by Estelle Keeber

(click images for larger image)

Instagram started to hide likes in certain countries months ago now. Canada were one of the first countries to be rolled in way back in April and since then Australia, Brazil and Italy have followed. Instagram did say that this would be rolled out everywhere but would be trialling a small percentage of users in each country.

And so it seems its hit the UK. Yesterday I became aware that certain UK accounts were unable to see other people likes… yes… Instagram have taken them away. 

So far Instagram have tweeted that the results of the experiment so far have been positive, but its continuing to test because its such a fundamental change to the app.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri added that getting rid of the likes counter, which allows people to see how many likes others peoples posts have acquired, could help make the platform ‘less of a competition’ and prevent from trying to out do one another. Therefore being able to focus on sharing content we want to share.

As a content creator I feel that taking away the likes wont have too much of an impact BUT rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feel differently! Minaj has recently tweeted that she was going to boycott the app if her likes were hidden and arch nemesis Cardi B has also hit back explaining she think comments are more toxic than the likes.

So how will this change affect you and your business? Well let me break it down for you.

YOU will still be able to see your own likes.
You will still be able to see which content is working best and track your engagement.

Lots of Influencers are concerned that if Instagram hide the likes counter they will loose brand endorsement and collaborations due to the fact that these brands are searching Instagram specifically for this reason. BUT as I explain to many businesses wanting to work with influencers…the partnership should be based on so much more than the likes on a post. Before working with any influencer I would want to know more about engagement, indepth stats on reach aswell as feeling the connection was aligned. I would never base a choice solely on the amount of likes a post gets.

The reason behind this is the fact that many people can still buy likes and followers and even have fake engagement in the comments. The account may have 2 million followers but if those people aren’t engaging with the account then is investing in that person really the best option?

So whether you’re a business, influencer or content creator… there’s nothing to panic about. Infact it’s actually a good move all round.

But the thing is… are we addicted to the likes? Psychologist Emma Kenny says when we get a like we get a tiny hit of feel good hormone, dopamine, plus we feel validated by our fellow social media users. As humans were poor at self regulating, so we crave those feelings.

Will Instagram hiding the like help mental health?
Will it cause chaos for influencers?
Will everyone leave and go to Tik Tok…who knows.

But one thing is for sure…likes or no likes…the insta queen is here to stay!

Don’t forget to follow me on Insta for all the latest updates, tips and tricks!

Until next time…

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

You FIGURE Out Your Niche…

You FIGURE out your niche… by Leona Burton

You’re on your way!

Look at McDonald’s…

Known for BURGERS and cheap fast food.

Ideal client: people who want fast and cheap food.

What about Apple?

Known for slick technology.

Ideal client: people who want the best technology and who want to stay up-to date  with innovation.

And what about Poundland?

Known for providing brands at a discount.

Ideal client: people who want to grab essentials at a low cost

If you look at the list above…

They’re NOT diversifying all over the place!

They’re staying in their own lane…

Go figure ❤️

– stop worrying about trying to be jack of all trades.

So HOW do I figure out who my ideal client is?

  • Figure out who YOU are as a brand FIRST
  • Then think about what SOLUTIONS you have to offer people
  • What type of people need your solutions?
  • Think about that person in as MUCH detail as possible.
  • Get to work talking to those people

Much love as always
Leona xoxox

Instagram – Why Having Amazing Images Isn’t Enough

Instagram – Why Having Amazing Images Isn’t Enough By Estelle Keeber

As many of you will know before co creating MIBA I actually owned and ran my own wedding photography business. My love of photography has never left and I was really sad to have shot my last wedding in May this year.

I think this could be where my love of Instagram comes from as it's such a visual way to share your ideas and creations but over the last few years I have realised that simply having amazing images isn’t enough.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at TWISN #wedcon – click for more info. The convention was attended by many other business owners in the wedding sector and it was great to be able to share some of my first hand experiences with them. Personal connection is important on so many levels and this was just one of the things I covered in my training. Along with security and content create we also got interactive and shared stories! Stories are one of the fastest growing ways to consume content and its always so much fun seeing so many people get involved and start to use stories in their marketing plan.

Stories are a great way to show a more raw, real and authentic side to your business. Unlike your main feed your pictures don’t have to be the highest quality, you don’t have to think of a snappy caption nor do you have to think of 30 hashtags! You can create stories in literally seconds and you can encourage interaction and engagement by simply using the stickers Instagram give you.

The location, mention and hashtag are my go-to and all for visibility reasons. By using the location sticker you have the chance of being seen in that location by an audience that do not already follow you. By using the mentions sticker, the person you are mentioning can also share your story, meaning again, your in front of an audience who wouldn’t have known you prior to that story and finally your hashtag sticker. Hashtags in stories work in the same way as the main feed. They are simply ways for you to be found so think about which hashtags YOU use in your stories!

A favourite for increasing interaction is the polls sticker. By asking a question and encouraging people to interact your showing Instagram your content is engaging which means it will be shown to these people even more!

So there you have it in just a few paragraphs… why Instagram is so much more than just amazing images.

Why not take a look through our blog post archive for more tips and tricks on using Instagram to grow your business or check out the MIBA VIP area where you will find over 10 instagram trainings!

Looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces for my next presentation next week at the Success Summit 3… keep an eye out for the blog post!

Until then…
Much love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen

The Process of Becoming an Author

The Process of Becoming an Author by Estelle Keeber

With the launch of our autobiography making us 8 times best sellers I thought that now would be a good time to share a few of my favourite tips with you all about how our 1st book went from idea to print ( and best seller ) in just 5 weeks and how have now managed to bag ourselves best seller status with every single book we have released since.

My passion for wanting to write started along time ago when I had the luxury of being able to have my head in a book for around 10 hours a day…as life happened ( and MIBA was created ) writing a book, or anything else for that matter had pretty much gone out of the window.

It wasn’t until we started reading through all of the messages from our community, explaining their struggles and how they had overcome them that we decided to put together our 1st ever real book, Mumpreneur on Fire 1 – available from our bookstore – click here. We knew that if we were inspired and able to connect with these women on an emotional level, that others would too. So right from the start we had a true belief that the stories we were going to share were going to bring value to other people.

When you start to write a book ( if you plan for it to be a best seller ) its really important that there is the need for the book in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong, if becoming a best seller is not what its about then that’s a totally different matter.

For a lot of people, simply sharing their story and knowing that they have had story published is enough. Writing about your life experiences is very therapeutic so if you are one of those people reading this then to hell with the need….just do it for you if it feels good.

So now we have covered the need for the book the next step is actually making this shit happen!

We love to share the journey with each of our publishing clients because no two are ever the same. We usually aim to go from idea to publishing in 6 months…yes I know…we don’t mess around!

Each story, book and author are different but we always advise our clients use the same model when writing. We set aside time every day / week and have a set of guidelines of the most important things for each person to share. This depends on the person and the story. If you are self publishing this is where you would start to write yor time line and note down your memorable experiences, good and bad. The bits that really make the story readable. Making your writing environment as relaxing as possible will also help the process. That being said I know a lot of people who love to have the music on full blast whereas I like to be in total silence hearing nothing but the tap of the keyboards and maybe a oil diffuser bubbling away in the background. Its an individual thing!

Setting targets for your writing will also keep you focussed and on track. Its during our mid point check in meetings that we would be asking if our clients need any support either emotionally or physically as a lot of people really struggle when it gets to the indepth part of sharing their story and as the aspect of it becoming a reality really sinks in. Having a supportive network will really help you to understand the process you are going through and to really embrace it. All of the emotions this brings can be very overwhelming and we are always here to support you!

So once your book is written the next step is making sure that its ready to publish. There are lots of routes you can take, we like to use Amazon as they deal with print and distribution on demand which is perfect for us and our clients as there is no wastage of books if over ordered.

Each publishing platform will have its own requirements and specifications for both the transcript and cover so make sure that these are correct as this can really hold up the process.

And that’s it…once you at that stage all that’s left to do is promote ( which is a whole other blog )

I really hope that these tips have been able to help in your journey ns some way. This blog is a really simplified step by step process of how we have created our own books and the process we use to help others become best sellers too!

If you would like to know more about how WE can help you become a best selling author drop us a message – click here

Until next time

Estelle x