Stop being Judgey McJudgeyson!

Stop being Judgey McJudgeyson! by Leona

I know right, easy said done.

The Justice Project, the Kim Kardashian West documentary is mind blowing. If you haven’t watched you totally need to! (You’ll find it on HayU)

It really has made me think about the way we make an instant judgement on people, without understanding their backstory.

As somebody who has had my name dragged through the mud, as somebody who fought tooth and nail to clear my name, as somebody who spent months being vilified. I can only imagine what an incredible stress these people must feel who are trying to create new lives for themselves, being vilified at every turn.

I believe that we live our busy lives for the majority of time not allowing ourselves to understand, to learn, to be educated, therefore not having a true understanding and making judgement without the full picture ❤️

What if we all spent a little more time being compassionate humans? Believing that there is a bigger picture…. I mean the change in the world would be UNBELIEVABLE. And it’s free!

There is nothing wrong with focusing on what we want as individuals but I do believe that we are stronger as a collective. As a community.

What can you do today to be a little less judgemental? Don’t over think it. Don’t over complicate it.

Be kind.

Much love as always.

Leona Burton