MHW – Episode 3 – Dean Stott

In this episode Estelle is joined by Dean Stott. After making it through the Special Forces gruelling 6 month selection process, Dean became one of the very first army members to join the SBS (Special Boat Service). Throughout his esteemed military career, he has conducted deployments to overseas hostile environments and been involved in Counter Terrorism operations; he has travelled to some of the toughest places in the world.

After 16 years of service Deans career ended after a parachuting accident left him unable to serve. Listen is as Estelle and Dean discuss Dean incredible story  from him singlehandedly evacuating the Canadian Embassy in Libya to what made him decide to ride 14,000 miles after never owning a bike!

Listen in as we discuss what its like to go from being a part of the SAS to going it alone and tansitioning back into home life.

An inspiring and heartwarming episode raising awareness of mental health.

Liz is an experienced Commercial and Business Director, having set up Chesil Infinity, named after the beach in Dorset to support more small businesses and charities in the UK and Internationally. Liz has worked with some of the largest children’s charities in the UK and offers unique approaches to strategy through to high energy business development Рgoing for whole journeys of performance improvement. Liz is also our co-ordinator for MIBA Dorset.

If anyone is thinking of starting a not for profit can get immediate support and a framework to get cracking

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Back to Basics for an Online Presence by Danielle Holmes of Black Nova Designs

Back to Basics for an Online Presence by Danielle Holmes of Black Nova Designs

Welcome to our newest blog thanks to our collaboration with MIBA we thought it might be useful to share some of our website top tips and unravel some of the geek terms that you may often see.

As a quick intro, I am Danielle and co-own and run @Black Nova Designs, we are a website design and hosting company.

We offer the full I.T. solution to your everyday business and personal needs in a succinct and friendly manner, combining service with affordability, we are a growing team and have a team that has doubled in size over the past few years.

Professional affordable and fully insured Web hosting and Award-Winning Website Design, Hacked Website repairs and recovery, Qualified Wi-Fi Installation Services, Backup Solutions, PC Builds, laptop and pc repairs.

So that’s enough about us, we wanted to share with you today some of terms you will need to understand the online world.

So, you’ve started a business, its going well and you are ready for a website. The industry is flooded with options – many great and some not so great.

This blog is hopefully going to unravel a few terms that you will need to understand before committing.


What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.
In other words, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it lives.

A good way to think about this is if the domain name was the address of your house, then web hosting is the actual house that address points to. All websites on the internet, need web hosting.

How Domain Names and Web Hosting are Related?

Domain names and web hosting are two different services. However, they work together to make websites possible.

Basically, a domain name system is like a massive address book that is constantly updated. Behind each domain name, there is an address of the web hosting service storing the website’s files.

Without domain names, it will not be possible for people to find your website and without web hosting you cannot build a website.

Website design is another additional service to the above – you can design your own website with a domain and hosting OR a designer can design a site for you – but keep in mind

A Domain
Website Hosting
Website Design

Are 3 separate services but are often sold together.

Do I really need web hosting? 

The quick and easy answer to this question is yes if you have a website.

If you’ve gone to the effort of building an awesome website for your business, chances are you’ll want everyone to see your stunning creation, and so for it to go live and be visible, you need web hosting.

Web hosting is simply a service that allows you to post a website to the internet so users can see it.  It’s a bit like finding your site a home, where others can visit freely, and where it will be stored securely.

Website hosting companies are everywhere, we are one of them, but there are many options. Choosing a hosting company can be a difficult task as cheaper does not always mean great, but expensive does not mean the best – it is not a regulated industry therefore finding a good host can be confusing.

Here are 7 simple lessons about professional web hosting, to help you make the right decision when it comes to picking a web hosting company, and a cost-effective plan that not only suits your business needs, but one your wallet will appreciate too.

Keep in mind WordPress for example is free software, anything you pay towards a WordPress site is hosting, subscriptions or ongoing support.


It goes without saying you as the business owner want your website to be visible and accessible around the clock.  Therefore, it’s important when considering who you choose to host your website that their percentage of up-time (uninterrupted service) is high.

Professional web-hosting companies offer a much higher rate of up-time i.e. 99%, and this is what puts them streets ahead of their free and low-cost competitors.

Customer Service

In the event of any technical or other problem related to your website, having the reassurance that your issue will be resolved efficiently and without fuss or detrimental impact to your business is critical.

You must ensure that any issues can be rectified asap, a good hosting company should mean you benefit from immediate technical support, through means of live chat, email and UK based telephone assistance.  (UK based is important for us but if you are global there is a benefit of using a hosting company that is based within your specific country)

Check if the hosting company has 24/7 support, check how you can contact them and if they get back to people quickly

Control of Data & Content

When it comes to data, rest assured that with most professional web hosting company, data backup and restoration features are provided as part of a hosting package. However, if back-ups are your responsibility you need to be aware of that from the start.

Keep in mind, if you pay a hosting company, you need to be s named contact for the hosting account, your website should be registered in your name, same as your domain name. Do not let someone register this on your behalf, Black Nova and a number of other reputable hosting companies will register the hosting and domain in your name – meaning if you ever wished to leave one particular service you can without using a third party contact eg your designer to move things.

If your website designer is your host, then all this blog still applies – check what you get and what is in your name, and most importantly who owns the rights to the site and hosting once published.

Domain & Email

Professional web hosting will usually provide you with at least one domain name, allowing you, the business owner to build your brand from the get-go.  With a private domain name your website can create personalized emails, making it easier to introduce to your online business, or for a more feature rich email experience Microsoft 365 Emails are incredibly powerful for the price.


Professional web hosting allows users access to more storage space and dynamic bandwidth that is adjustable for growth in traffic in real time.  When choosing a hosting company, it is important to check the capacity of the package and the associated costs.

For example, here at Black Nova we provide optimised WordPress hosting with different storage and bandwidth levels, and for larger sites we also manage VPS and dedicated server hosting packages.

In the main, most small business websites will fit perfectly within our Business Starter package, this allows 15gb of storage which is £84 per year (https://www.blacknovadesigns.co.uk/web-hosting/)

It is also worth noting that some website builders restrict you to only using their hosting and their platform.  They therefore can restrict views per month, server size and other capabilities at any time, including the fact you are stuck with their prices.



Interestingly, all the benefits of professional web hosting such as performance load speed, reliable up time, and secure connections with SSL certificates, are all believed to be factors that search engines are looking for when grading a website.

Although many free or budget web hosting providers promise to deliver SEO services, few provide the same level of progress up the search engine rankings as many businesses would demand.

The amount of third-party integration that some websites may require is not easy or even possible on free or budget web hosting services.

When making your decision, reading reviews can be helpful, or you may want to ask for recommendations from trusted sources in your network, as they are more likely to offer you a balanced view, having had first-hand experience of using professional web hosting.

Lastly, once you have hosting and a fab website you need to keep in mind the below:

These days everyone knows that having a website designed with your audience’s needs in mind is crucial.

However, people often think their work is done once their site is designed, built and live on the web.

They simply sit back and wait for traffic, sales leads and conversions to pile in.

But very often this doesn’t happen.

Why? The reason for this is simple.

You can spend lots of money, time and effort building a website that stands out, but it’s likely to all go to waste if you do not take the second, perhaps even more crucial step: Marketing, promoting, monitoring and evaluating its success.

So, if you do nothing else today – make sure you tell someone about your website!

Here at Black Nova Designs Ltd we offer free website hosting transfers, our hosting offers increased web traffic, optimised images, and impressive load speed to name only a few of the benefits.

If you are in a dilemma about your web hosting and would like to discover what options are available to you whatever the size of your business, contact Black Nova Designs Ltd and we can answer your questions free of charge.

MHW – Episode 2 – Tamra Simmons

On today’s episode of Estelle Meets executive producer and Emmy awards nominee Tamra Simmons. Listen in as Estelle and Tamra chat all about her incredible documentary Surviving RKelly and how lifting the lid of decades of abuse has impacted on her own life aswell as the women who have come forward. Backed by John Legend, Lady Gaga and Ciara Tamra is a force to be reckoned with and a voice for so many survivors around the world.

FlyingBinary is the wind beneath your Mompreneur wings in the Isolation Economy. The tools, teaching and technology we create supports you to protect your communities, homes and families. We are focused on inclusion and help you unlock the superpowers of yourselves and the GenZ and GenAlpha children you are raising, so you can all share your amazing talents with the world. Dr Jacqui Taylor’s passion is delivering a global inclusion agenda as an Expert Advisor to the G20 and the United Nations, she will explain how all our businesses can help create the Empathy Economy, a world we all want to live in.


General advice on my Facebook CyberSafe page access to my Empathy Economy closed Facebook group to get help with preparing your business for the Isolation Economy in a CyberSafe. Access to me directly to get help via either my Facebook or LinkedIn profile offer any concerns which MIBA members don’t want to share publicly. Plus my Zoom top tips which has been created based on my safeguarding work to help Mumpreneurs protect GenZ, Gen Alpha from criminals online.

MHW – Episode 1 – Robin Windsor

In today’s episode Estelle is joined by Strictly Come Dancing star Robin Windsor. Listen in as they chat about Robin’s childhood, his big break into Dancing, Strictly Come Dancing and of course his very own mental health journey and suicide attempt.

An incredible episode that you do not want to miss!

Robin Windsor IG – @robinwindsor

Liz is an experienced Commercial and Business Director, having set up Chesil Infinity, named after the beach in Dorset to support more small businesses and charities in the UK and Internationally. Liz has worked with some of the largest children’s charities in the UK and offers unique approaches to strategy through to high energy business development Рgoing for whole journeys of performance improvement. Liz is also our co-ordinator for MIBA Dorset.

If anyone is thinking of starting a not for profit can get immediate support and a framework to get cracking

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chesilinfinity
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Twitter – @Chesil_Infinity

Guest Blog for Mental Health Week by Holly Matthews

Guest Blog for Mental Health Week by Holly Matthews

You want to understand how I bounce back from challenges, from my husbands diagnosis of brain cancer, of his death, of my 2 premature babies and stint in special care, of autoimmune disease and the challenge of being a working single parent? Resilience. Resilience is the art of bouncing back, of walking yourself through challenges and not giving up. It’s the ability  to recover quickly from difficulties and to potentially even come back stronger.

Resilience is something that can be learnt and not something for a tiny, select few.

Being resilient doesn’t mean not feeling the pain or frustration of a situation, it means feeling these things appropriately and then finding ways to cope and to walk through whatever is going on.

You are resilient, even if you don’t feel like it at times, you are. I have no doubt that you have gone through some stuff in your life already and you have walked through it. I bet there have been things that have happened in your life that you really didn’t imagine you would get through, BUT YOU DID.

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

  1. Flexible thinking. Have strong goals and plans but be flexible in your thinking and way of executing these, be willing to move, pivot and change the way you work to suit your reality. One of my fav quotes by Charles Darwin sums it up perfectly: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the ones most adaptable to change!”
  2. Build relationships and connections. During our times of trouble or challenge, the relationships we have with others can greatly impact our level of bounce back and being able to pull ourselves through.

Our nearest and dearest can be there to allow us our moments of vulnerability, the moments when we open up and about our fears and worries and this is an important part of us facing where we are currently at.

Another important part of building your resilience is helping others. While your are helping others it can strengthen you too. I know from my own hardships that helping 100’s of people across the globe has most definitely helped me too. By helping others we get what can be referred to as a ‘helpers high’ and that pulls us through too.

  1. Accept your current reality. “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” ~Sonia Ricotti

 When it comes to resilience one of the most important traits of resilient people is their ability to accept their current reality, to look the tiger in the eye and sometimes face the raw brutal truth of their situation.

I’m a positive human being, I look for the good and I seek it out around the bad, but I’m also a realist and I have found that sugar coating tough situations actually prolongs my suffering. If I sugar coat it, or I’m overly optimistic avoiding the facts of a situation, then I am almost inevitably going to face disappointment and loss. When my husband Ross died for example I didn’t refer to his death as the ‘loss’ of my husband or that he had ‘passed away’, these are ways for us to soften the blow and I knew that in order for me to truly accept what had happened, I had to say that he had died. It was almost like every time I said it, I faced the reality head on and found my acceptance. That of course doesn’t mean I’m happy with the reality, or that I don’t feel pain around it, but I have been able to move forward because I haven’t grasped at something I cannot change.

Many people slip into denial as a coping mechanism and jeez, no judgement here guys, we do what we do, with what we have and facing reality, truly facing it head on is painful work and emotionally raw, but I promise you that when you accept your current reality it gives space to find new solutions and ways through.

Also lets not confuse acceptance with helplessness, I am NOT saying you have to be passive or still, I’m not saying you can’t move yourself out of your current reality. Once you face the truth it’s amazing how many ways you can see to walk yourself through to the next stage of your life.

  1. Trying to find purpose and meaning in our lives has been a trait of human beings since time began and I’m pretty confident always will be. One of the fundamentals of resilience is the capacity to find meaning in the most terrible of times.

Finding meaning is all about the questions you are asking yourself.

Turbulent times shake us up like nothing else ever will and they pull at the threads of our current life. If there are parts of your life that perhaps weren’t important to you anymore (or aren’t now since the difficult time), if there are people that are no longer serving you, or parts of your own personality that need to change, you may find that the tough times mean those parts of your life just begin to come away.

  • Who do you want that to be?
  • How do you want to show up in the future?

These moments can feel (if you allow them) transformative and as if the slate has been wiped clean.

  1. Cry. When was the last time you had a really GOOD cry? Today? Yesterday? Ten years ago? And I mean a good cry, the runny nosed, blotchy eyed, wailing sobs? If you have had to thinking about this for very long, the answer is that its BEEN too long.

Crying is important. Its a release and it’s also a proven way to lift your mood. Allowing yourself space to cry, without judgement is a really important step in moving forward to the next stage. Its like a proper clearing out of your mind.

Don’t ever be embarrassed about this nor think this means you are failing at this positive thinking and resilience lark.

Allow yourself moments to recognise the stuff you’re going through and be kind enough to yourself that you let yourself feel.

Sometimes in our lives (probably way more than once) life is going to get a bit tough and shitty. You might be slap bang in the middle of this chaos right now. I’m confident you can remember another time in your life when you had a pretty big challenge to deal with. Something which felt hard, maybe it made you cry and you didn’t think you’d come out of the other side.

Now remember that you DID. You came out the other side and you had learnt some stuff and when you come out of the other side of this current moment, you will have a whole new set of skills too.

My three favourite mantras are “I got this!” “Whatever it takes” and Marie Forleos “Everything is figureoutable! (which I have as a screen saver on my phone)

Please feel free to steal these and say them to yourself on loop. You have got this! Whatever this is and you’re going too be just fine.

To learn more about me:

Www.facebook.com/groups/thehappymeproject (FREE GROUP)






The Happy Me project 1: https://iamhollymatthews.zippycourses.com/course/thehappymeproject/

The Happy Me Project 2- https://iamhollymatthews.zippycourses.com/course/iamconfident

Mantra jewellery:


Collab with By Laura Ella



Tik Tok and how to Use It!

Tik Tok and how to Use It! by Estelle

So what is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is an app that was actually created in 2016… it’s just taken a while for it to catch on. I remember a few years ago when my step daughter tried to explain Music.ly… and Vine. I didn’t really get it but even then I thought it was pretty cool. Fast forward 4 years to January 2020 and Tik Tok was actually the most downloaded app in the world!

Now most people are going to take one look and either love it or hate it…most people above the age of 25 don’t really understand how to even use it… especially not for business and so I wanted to break it down for you…and hopefully see more of us oldies (I say that very loosely) over there!

So why should you be using TT? Even if you have no idea how to use it or why you should be using it… have a go. The first video I created was awful. I had absolutely no idea… I actually did it to impress my son on Christmas day with a cool surprise (you can watch the video over here video https://vm.tiktok.com/38wse4/)
But I’ve been on the edge of TikTok for a while. There are so many ways in which Instagram and TT cross over you can imagine my excitement!

So firstly get on there and watch the videos… this is the easiest way to get inspiration for your own videos. The idea with TT is that you can create your own videos… many people joining using a hashtag to create a community like experience (much like Instagram).

The videos can be of anything you choose but research is showing that using the most popular sounds and also trending hashtags may help in putting your video our there to the world. Now unlike Instagram, the amount of followers you have doesn’t make a difference on who sees your video. An account with very few followers (like mine) can have videos go viral (like this one, https://vm.tiktok.com/3LdHEY/)

The TT alogorithym is a much-guarded secret right now but from what I can gather it’s a little like Instagram in that your video is shown to your followers and is drip fed into other peoples feed. If people start to interact, like comment, share then this flags up that the content is good and so it is then shown to even more people in the end creating viral content.

So why should you be using TT? Well first of all its pretty fun! You can lose hours of the day if you are not careful (stats actually show that the average user spends over 50 mins per day on the app). But from a business perspective it’s a great way to grow your brand and visibility and it will also help with getting your fans and followers engaged! It’s also a great way for you to share your content with the world!

Brands such as Levis are all over TT and have amassed over 5.5k user generated videos and had 10.5M videos views during the 6 day campaign for #InMyDenim. By creating a branded hashtag and encouraging your fans and followers to get involved you are increasing your visibility and engagement as well as creating UGC.

There’s tonnes of ways you can create cool effects from sliding videos to filters and games. TikTok has it all.

To create a TT you simply tap the cross icon at the bottom, this then gives you the option to create a video or upload one from your camera roll.

After uploading you can then add in the cool filters, effects and other options. There are literally so many to play with… go get creative!

You can also record multiple segments within a video, use hands free and a timer option.

You can add in a sound either before or after the video. Using popular sounds or sounds that are trending will also help with visibility.

Once you are done recording simply add in your caption. You are limited in characters so keep it short and sweet. Include relevant hashtags… try using hashtags that are trending to raise your visibility.

You can check the trending hashtags and look at all the latest content by simply tapping the discover icon at the bottom of the screen before recording.

And there you have it a quick guide to TT. And don’t worry if your video isn’t an overnight success. TT doesn’t work like Instagram and Facebook… even old content can end up going viral if it has a small peak in engagement.

Be sure to head on over and check out my tiktok for lots of my usual Instagram tips and tricks!

Until next time…

Estelle x

Episode 37 – Liz Walton

MIBA co founder Estelle Keeber is joined in this episode by the amazing Liz Walton. Liz is our expert VIP contributor and shares her inspirational story in todays podcast. You can check out the VIP collection, Being the best version of yourself in our VIP area now!

MIBA VIP- https://mumsin.biz/vip

Episode 36 – Donna Crous

Today Insta Queen Estelle Keeber is joined by award winning food photographer and blogger Donna Crous. Donna has worked across a spectrum of niches including health and food magazines to brand development and recipe books.

In today’s episode Estelle and Donna chat about how you can take better award winning photographs for your instagram feed!

Have you seen that Instagram have launched a new sticker??

Have you seen that Instagram have launched a new sticker??

The CHALLENGE sticker will enable you to create and take part in challenges similar to TIKTOK!

So far this is what I can figure out… To take part in a challenge you tap the sticker when you see it in stories (unless you are nominated in which case you will get a notification) you will be able to take a pic, record or upload a video to take part. Right now Instagram have only added a small selection of challenges such as the yoga challenge, the drawing challenge, the dance challenge, the 10 year challenge, squat challenge, the art challenge as well as a few others.

What I predict will happen is that Instagram will soon allow for people to create their own challenges. You would simply create a story and then use the sticker to create a community hashtag… you can then tag someone in the story who you nominate to do it next. When someone takes part in your challenge you are notified and can re-share… again a great opportunity for raising visibility of your brand.

The use of hashtags is another way that instagram are hoping to create even more of a sense of community on the platform which i think is a great idea… the idea of nominating someone will also help build community and engagement… and the more people engage the more they will see your content.

So from a business perspective… how can you make an impact?

Well it’s very much like when I talk about having your own branded hashtags. Encouraging people to get involved and creating a community around the hashtag. Popsy Clothing do this really well with their hashtag #popsypretty which encourages fans to share pictures of them wearing their Popsy dresses and using the hashtag so potential clients can see an array of women all wearing the amazing designs.

The way to implement this into your business is to create a branded challenge, something you can encourage followers to take part in. Share your challenge and then nominate your followers to do the same… great for brand visibility and engagement but for right now… get involved with the challenges Instagram have given. Not only will it open you up to a whole new audience it’s also kinda fun!

When you do launch your own challenge make sure you are using other social media platforms to promote and encourage traffic to your insta account and stories. Maybe even offer a prize for the most engaged or fun video / pic to take part in the challenge

I literally cannot wait to see what happens next…

Until then head on over to my Instagram account @estellekeeberofficial for more tips tricks and insta hacks!

What do you think to the latest update?

Will you be using it? For fun or for business?

Let me know in the comments!

Episode 35 – Darren Baker

Today’s special episode Estelle is joined by Royal Artist and mental health advocate Darren Baker.
Listen in as Estelle and Darren chat all about WHY its so important we talk about mental health. Darren shares his incredible story from losing his sister Leanne to suicide