The Process of Becoming an Author

The Process of Becoming an Author by Estelle Keeber

With the launch of our autobiography making us 8 times best sellers I thought that now would be a good time to share a few of my favourite tips with you all about how our 1st book went from idea to print ( and best seller ) in just 5 weeks and how have now managed to bag ourselves best seller status with every single book we have released since.

My passion for wanting to write started along time ago when I had the luxury of being able to have my head in a book for around 10 hours a day…as life happened ( and MIBA was created ) writing a book, or anything else for that matter had pretty much gone out of the window.

It wasn’t until we started reading through all of the messages from our community, explaining their struggles and how they had overcome them that we decided to put together our 1st ever real book, Mumpreneur on Fire 1 - available from our bookstore - click here. We knew that if we were inspired and able to connect with these women on an emotional level, that others would too. So right from the start we had a true belief that the stories we were going to share were going to bring value to other people.

When you start to write a book ( if you plan for it to be a best seller ) its really important that there is the need for the book in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong, if becoming a best seller is not what its about then that’s a totally different matter.

For a lot of people, simply sharing their story and knowing that they have had story published is enough. Writing about your life experiences is very therapeutic so if you are one of those people reading this then to hell with the need….just do it for you if it feels good.

So now we have covered the need for the book the next step is actually making this shit happen!

We love to share the journey with each of our publishing clients because no two are ever the same. We usually aim to go from idea to publishing in 6 months…yes I know…we don’t mess around!

Each story, book and author are different but we always advise our clients use the same model when writing. We set aside time every day / week and have a set of guidelines of the most important things for each person to share. This depends on the person and the story. If you are self publishing this is where you would start to write yor time line and note down your memorable experiences, good and bad. The bits that really make the story readable. Making your writing environment as relaxing as possible will also help the process. That being said I know a lot of people who love to have the music on full blast whereas I like to be in total silence hearing nothing but the tap of the keyboards and maybe a oil diffuser bubbling away in the background. Its an individual thing!

Setting targets for your writing will also keep you focussed and on track. Its during our mid point check in meetings that we would be asking if our clients need any support either emotionally or physically as a lot of people really struggle when it gets to the indepth part of sharing their story and as the aspect of it becoming a reality really sinks in. Having a supportive network will really help you to understand the process you are going through and to really embrace it. All of the emotions this brings can be very overwhelming and we are always here to support you!

So once your book is written the next step is making sure that its ready to publish. There are lots of routes you can take, we like to use Amazon as they deal with print and distribution on demand which is perfect for us and our clients as there is no wastage of books if over ordered.

Each publishing platform will have its own requirements and specifications for both the transcript and cover so make sure that these are correct as this can really hold up the process.

And that’s it…once you at that stage all that’s left to do is promote ( which is a whole other blog )

I really hope that these tips have been able to help in your journey ns some way. This blog is a really simplified step by step process of how we have created our own books and the process we use to help others become best sellers too!

If you would like to know more about how WE can help you become a best selling author drop us a message - click here

Until next time

Estelle x