How Taking Part in a MIBA Instagram Challenge Can Grow Your Business!

How taking part in an MIBA Instagram challenge can grow your business! by Estelle Keeber

If you haven’t ever taken part in a MIBA Instagram Challenge where have you been?

Right back when we first set up the Facebook community, we started running our FREE Instagram Challenges every couple of months. For anyone that has never taken part let me explain what it entails and why YOU need to be a part of the next one!

Our Instagram challenges usually last a week. Before the challenge starts, I will release a list of prompts. These are simple ideas for you to use for content. You can interpret these however you feel. They are there to give you a starting point for those of you that struggle with content ideas. I get some many message saying that people really struggle with content and have no idea what to posts. Our FEAST acronym is always a good place to start but the Challenge prompts help!

So, there you have your 7 days of content ideas…. but it doesn’t stop there! By using the prompts every day, it will also help those of you that struggle with consistency!

Alongside the quotes we also use a branded hashtag, this changes depending on the challenge, for the latest challenge we used #mibaoctchallenge ( go check it out after the blog ) The reason we use a hastag is so that everyone that is getting involved in the challenge can connect and support each other. This means your content is being put in front of people who may never have know about you. The best bit is they are wanting to learn about using Instagram for business just like you!

Every day you will find a post in the Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mumsinbusinessassociation/ - this will include the prompt for the day, a tip for using Instagram and a task for you to take part in! You simply follow the instructions and away you go!

The perfect way to increase your followers and engagement whilst learning and best of all its FREE!

Not only did we have the FREE Instagram challenge happening last week we also had the Insta Sales training happening at the same time for those of you ready to ramp up your Instagram!

The Insta sales training takes part in our private Facebook group. Once you have signed up for the training you will be sent a personalised welcome email with a link to join! Once inside you become a part of the MIBA inner Instagram tribe!

Before the training starts you have the opportunity to drop your link and connect with everyone else who has joined.

For the next 7 days you will get a video which explains 1 topic each day which will help you raise your visibility, encourage engagement and most importantly MAKE SALES! The topics covered this week included using your bio effectively to attract the right clients, why you should use hashtags and which ones you should be using aswell as tips on photography to make your images stand out and story tips and templates.

The best part about the private group trainings are the community spirit. Its always incredible to watch relationships grow and connections be made. Everyone is supportive and there to learn.

Over the last 7 days we have seen members increase followers by almost 100 in a day, members have had engagement increases by over 100% and lots of our amazing members have seen multiple sales in just 1 day!!

Although the training is now over you can still get access to the community but only for the next 7 days…after this the group will be closed and only members who have already joined will have access to all of the videos aswell as the incredible community inside.

Seeing as its almost Christmas we have also started our #mibaxmasgiftlist

Every single week we will be selecting 1 product to be our featured product of the week.

If you would like YOU product or service included in the #mibaxmasgiftlist simply use the hashtag when creating your posts!

For anyone looking for that perfect Christmas gift…take a look at the hashtag too…Ive already made lots of purchases from amazing businesses I didn’t even know existed!! Its always great to be able to support fellow MIBs too!

So, that’s it for this week.

Join me again for next weeks blog where you will get all of the backstage gossip from TWISN #Wedcon expo where Im speaking on Tuesday!!

Much love…
Estelle aka #mibainstaqueen