Instagram – Why Having Amazing Images Isn’t Enough

Instagram – Why Having Amazing Images Isn’t Enough By Estelle Keeber

As many of you will know before co creating MIBA I actually owned and ran my own wedding photography business. My love of photography has never left and I was really sad to have shot my last wedding in May this year.

I think this could be where my love of Instagram comes from as it's such a visual way to share your ideas and creations but over the last few years I have realised that simply having amazing images isn’t enough.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at TWISN #wedcon - click for more info. The convention was attended by many other business owners in the wedding sector and it was great to be able to share some of my first hand experiences with them. Personal connection is important on so many levels and this was just one of the things I covered in my training. Along with security and content create we also got interactive and shared stories! Stories are one of the fastest growing ways to consume content and its always so much fun seeing so many people get involved and start to use stories in their marketing plan.

Stories are a great way to show a more raw, real and authentic side to your business. Unlike your main feed your pictures don’t have to be the highest quality, you don’t have to think of a snappy caption nor do you have to think of 30 hashtags! You can create stories in literally seconds and you can encourage interaction and engagement by simply using the stickers Instagram give you.

The location, mention and hashtag are my go-to and all for visibility reasons. By using the location sticker you have the chance of being seen in that location by an audience that do not already follow you. By using the mentions sticker, the person you are mentioning can also share your story, meaning again, your in front of an audience who wouldn’t have known you prior to that story and finally your hashtag sticker. Hashtags in stories work in the same way as the main feed. They are simply ways for you to be found so think about which hashtags YOU use in your stories!

A favourite for increasing interaction is the polls sticker. By asking a question and encouraging people to interact your showing Instagram your content is engaging which means it will be shown to these people even more!

So there you have it in just a few paragraphs… why Instagram is so much more than just amazing images.

Why not take a look through our blog post archive for more tips and tricks on using Instagram to grow your business or check out the MIBA VIP area where you will find over 10 instagram trainings!

Looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces for my next presentation next week at the Success Summit 3… keep an eye out for the blog post!

Until then…
Much love

Estelle #mibainstaqueen