Going Live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram by Estelle Keeber

I was absolutely rocked by how many people that joined me on last week’s Instagram live who said they were scared of doing an Instagram LIVE!

But then when I got to thinking and spent some time chatting with you ladies afterward I realised that for a lot of people being present on Instagram is a huge deal. Some of you haven’t even shown your faces on your account! First of all being YOU is what will help your business to succeed. I say it time and time again, people buy from people. Allowing your personality to shine through on your Instagram is what is going to allow you to find your tribe!

So, lets talk about going live on Instagram. I know, it’s a scary thought if you haven’t done it before. What will you talk about, what if no one watches, what if I make a mistake, what if the kids come in or the door knocks… well guess what..

ALL of the above have happened to me and im still alive… yep… I didn’t die… So whats the worst that can happen?

So lets talk tips…

Tip 1 – Find out what your followers want to see. Ask them using your posts and Instagram stories… find out HOW you can give them value so you know what you are talking about is useful to them.

Tip 2 – Plan your live. Write down some notes to keep you on track, even if its bullet points. I always write notes and always go off track BUT it gives me somewhere to refer back to and bring it back around…and I think that it shows that Im real. That the lives aren’t too planned and that Im happy to answer YOUR questions as they arise.

Tip 3 – Breathe! If people watch great, if they don’t… it’s ok. Just because people don’t watch live doesn’t mean they wont see it at all. I get lots of people watch my lives on replay.

Just remember to keep going… we all start somewhere. I’ve had 2 years of practice and still balls it up, get things wrong and forget what Im talking about…and Im sure that why you love me… because Im real and just like you. So before you give yourself a hernia through the stress of thinking about a live…just do it…if you hate it that much you can always delete!!

Until next time…

#mibainstaqueen xxx