Episode 1: Mamma Hinch

Welcome to the first episode of The MIBA Podcast. In today’s episode Estelle interviews Alex from Mamma Hinch.

About Alex
As a stay at home mum of 3, all age 4 years and below, the workplace is the last place I wanted to be, when I can be business owner and mum at home!

I signed up for the first IG challenge with my business page @janehooperuk at 203 followers with an aim to gain 500. On day 6 of the challenge I hit 2000 followers, orders coming in and pinching myself that this was a dream. I then wondered, does this really work, or is it the hype of the challenge on IG? What would happen if i set up an account from scratch? The rules - do not follow anyone you know, no MIBA page or people linked and dont tell anyone! @mamma_hinch was created, listen to the podcast to see how my story continues…

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We apologise for some of the sound quality, the joys of recording over the web. We hope to have a better solution for recording remote conversations.

Enjoy our first episode

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