The Power of Collaboration Part 1

The Power of Collaboration Part 1 by Estelle Keeber

Since creating Mums in business Association, collaboration has always been something that we have realised the power of. Early on in our MIBA journey we collaborated with an amazing some amazing business that helped us to do a number of things.

So first of all let’s talk about how collaborating can help your business. When you collaborate with a brand or business you are showing others that you recommend this brand, that you believe in what they stand for and that your happy to be associated with them. This is great for the brands reputation and will reinforce this to other people who may not have known who they were prior to the partnership. And this works in the reverse too. So firstly, it can help with building your brands reputation.

Secondly it will open you up to a whole new audience of people (who will hopefully be your ideal clients if you have chose your collaboration partner wisely). When you collaborate with a brand it’s not uncommon for you to cross promote posts. For example you will post about their products and promote them and they will do the same for you. This means that your brand is being put in front of a whole new audience that you may not have had an opportunity to approach before. Collaboration is amazing for raising your visibility!

Thirdly, it allows you to build relationships that can take your business forward in ways that you wont even think abut right now. The power of networking is crazy. I have been able to connect hundreds of women who have gone on to have hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales and all through the power of networking. Once you have worked with a brand and showed them how dedicated you are and what an amazing brand you have, this company will then go on to recommend you to others. So not only have you opened up your audience and increased your credibility you have also built a relationship that could end up being priceless.

That’s it for part 1… watch this space for part 2 where we’re going to be talking about HOW to connect and collaborate with the right people!

Until then…

Much love
Estelle aka #mibainstaqueen x