How To Avoid Loosing Your Shit Over an Instagram Meltdown

Is Instagram down? Is social media everything?

How To Avoid Loosing Your Shit Over an Instagram Meltdown by Estelle Keeber

Is Instagram down? Is social media everything?So after yesterdays outtage on both Facebook and Instagram ( and an inbox FULL of people wondering WTF was going on ) I thought that I would share my thoughts and give a few tips of how not to lose your shit when your favourite social media platform goes down!

First of all, Facebook has commented that there IS a problem with their apps ( Whats app, FB and IG ) and that they were working fast to fix it. Users were reporting not being able to post content onto instagram, not being able to see posts that were posted during the outtage time aswell as not being able to upload instagram stories ( which as you can imagine was killing me! )

Over on Facebook users were unable to share videos with sounds and reported issues with again seeing images.

Now this is not the 1st issue that has been reported in the last few weeks. In June we saw a similar major outtage and in the last few weeks engagement, interactions and reach have all dipped and caused the Insta community to really consider if Insta is the platform for them. Rumour has it that over the last month or so Instagram has had more updates and rejigs than in the last 6 months.

As you will know if you watch my stories only this week we have seen the new chat stickers and new layouts come into play. With all of these changes going on behind the scenes it no wonder engagement has dropped. Each time Insta do this it happens, but it just so happens that they have done 10x as many in a short space of time which is therefore causing chaos. My advice…keep on going…post amazing content, engage and keep giving value and don’t focus on trying to beat the algorythm.

These things never seem to last too long in my experience. Infact usually less than 24 hours. BUT its at times like this that I feel real smug in the fact that I have a plan B.

So….Im going to tell you a secret. If facebook and Instagram died tomorrow…Mums in Business Association would still be here and I will tell you why. Because we have a plan B.

Ever heard the saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket…well its sort of like that. As a social media expert I would always recommend that you focus on the 1 social media platform that your ideal clients are on, establish yourself there and then move onto the next. BUT that being said always have a plan B. Find ways that you can connect with your clients outside of your favourite SM platform. Encourage them to head on over to your website or sign up to your email list. That way, should anything happen to your FB page, FB group or Instagram account you still have ways of reaching out to your followers to let them know about whats going on.

So seeing as all my favourite social media platforms are down and this blog is written Im heading back to 1999 and having a real conversation over a cup of tea with Mr MIBA.

Peace out from the Insta Queen x

See you all next Tuesday for my weekly Instagram LIVE @estellekeeberofficial