More than pretty pictures!

When I say the word Instagram most people envision 20 somethings on beaches looking amazing with a drink in hand living their best lives. more than pretty pictures, now don’t get me wrong, Instagram is flooded with these gorgeous people but don’t let that distract you from the fact that its also one of the fastest growing social media platforms for business. There are currently over 1 billion active users.

I recently got asked by a 50 something man with an interest in photography if Instagram was the place to promote his business, in short HELL YES! Instagram can work for everyone!

No matter what your business or niche Instagram is the perfect place to reach out to your potential clients and Instagram are doing more and more to make this process as easy as possible. So when it comes to Instagram, what’s the secret to making sales? Well its an amalgamation of things. First and foremost, the content you share with your audience needs to be solving their problem, whether this be giving them advice on a product or service or sharing out a review of something they will find useful. Content is key! After curating incredible content you then need to focus on making sure that content is seen by as many people as possible and that’s where hashtag come into play! To keep it simple think of each hashtag as a search word. You can use 30 hashtags which means you have 30 opportunities to be found by users.

With out a doubt the most important thing to focus on when using Instagram for business is building relationships. Providing followers with amazing content, value and a behind the scenes look at what goes on in your business are crucial steps in making sales. People prefer to buy from real people…what is going to make you stand out in a crowded social media platform when there are hundreds and thousands of people selling the same product or service? YOU!

Show your personality authentically. Tell the story of your business through your images and take your followers on a journey behind the scenes.

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