Instagram Hide Likes in the UK… So What Does This Actually Mean and How Will It Impact on YOUR Business?

Instagram Hide Likes in the UK… So What Does This Actually Mean and How Will It Impact on YOUR Business? by Estelle Keeber

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Instagram started to hide likes in certain countries months ago now. Canada were one of the first countries to be rolled in way back in April and since then Australia, Brazil and Italy have followed. Instagram did say that this would be rolled out everywhere but would be trialling a small percentage of users in each country.

And so it seems its hit the UK. Yesterday I became aware that certain UK accounts were unable to see other people likes… yes… Instagram have taken them away. 

So far Instagram have tweeted that the results of the experiment so far have been positive, but its continuing to test because its such a fundamental change to the app.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri added that getting rid of the likes counter, which allows people to see how many likes others peoples posts have acquired, could help make the platform ‘less of a competition’ and prevent from trying to out do one another. Therefore being able to focus on sharing content we want to share.

As a content creator I feel that taking away the likes wont have too much of an impact BUT rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feel differently! Minaj has recently tweeted that she was going to boycott the app if her likes were hidden and arch nemesis Cardi B has also hit back explaining she think comments are more toxic than the likes.

So how will this change affect you and your business? Well let me break it down for you.

YOU will still be able to see your own likes.
You will still be able to see which content is working best and track your engagement.

Lots of Influencers are concerned that if Instagram hide the likes counter they will loose brand endorsement and collaborations due to the fact that these brands are searching Instagram specifically for this reason. BUT as I explain to many businesses wanting to work with influencers…the partnership should be based on so much more than the likes on a post. Before working with any influencer I would want to know more about engagement, indepth stats on reach aswell as feeling the connection was aligned. I would never base a choice solely on the amount of likes a post gets.

The reason behind this is the fact that many people can still buy likes and followers and even have fake engagement in the comments. The account may have 2 million followers but if those people aren’t engaging with the account then is investing in that person really the best option?

So whether you’re a business, influencer or content creator… there’s nothing to panic about. Infact it’s actually a good move all round.

But the thing is… are we addicted to the likes? Psychologist Emma Kenny says when we get a like we get a tiny hit of feel good hormone, dopamine, plus we feel validated by our fellow social media users. As humans were poor at self regulating, so we crave those feelings.

Will Instagram hiding the like help mental health?
Will it cause chaos for influencers?
Will everyone leave and go to Tik Tok…who knows.

But one thing is for sure…likes or no likes…the insta queen is here to stay!

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