Hacking the 10k Swipe Up Option

Hacking the 10k Swipe Up Option by Estelle Keeber

So if you missed the live explaining this hack don’t worry you can watch all of my Tuesday night lives over on our Youtube channel,  In the video I explained to you all why you don’t need 10k followers to use the swipe up option on your Instagram stories.

The swipe up is a feature you will see all over the place. Accounts will use the story space to tell you about something that you can then SWIPE UP to find out more about. This then takes you to another page. Sign up, website or sales page.

So how can you hack this I hear you cry. Well its really simple and im going to break it down into 3 easy steps.

First of all you need to record an IGTV episode on the subject you want people to find out more about. For example I could record an episode on my Instagram training course. When your adding the title and description remember to ADD a link. An added bonus of IGTV is that you can not only add hashtag but you can also add a clickable link! Cool hey?

Once you have the IGTV episode uploaded you can jump to the next step.

Share to your story some engaging information that will entice your followers to swipe up. I like to show some feedback and ask if you want to see result like this…swipe up.

The important thing to remember is you really want to make it obvious that people can swipe up so use a GIF to be more creative.

Once you have created your story you then click the link button on the top menu - click the image

This will then give you the option to add IGTV link that goes with your story.

Et voila! Now when people watch your story they will be able to swipe up! This will take them to your IGTV where they can find out more AND don’t forget there is also that live link that your followers can click!!

So there you have it…a quick and simple way for you to hack the 10k swipe up option!

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Until next time!

Estelle #instaqueen