Power of Community

Power of Community by Estelle Keeber

Having a social media following of over 150k people is no mean feat… BUT there’s no secret to making this happen!

Let’s start way back in June 2017 when we first started the Mums in Business Association FB group. We started with an idea. We wanted to help other women feel less alone as women and mums in business. We had already identified that as women in business ourselves we felt lonely, isolated and misunderstood. This is what we will call our problem.

Isolation = problem

So off we go and we created the Facebook group. We start to find other women who we feel would also be enduring this problem of isolation. We knew that we wouldn’t be alone and so we started to reach out to as many people as possible. Not only that but we actively encouraged others to do the same if they thought that they knew someone who would benefit from the group.

FB group = solution to problem

We started posting content that we knew would resonate. We talked about our own problems and what we found difficult and allowed people to get to know us as founders of the group. This is where the foundations of the community begin!

Nurturing relationships is HUGE part of building an online community. People want to feel valued and listened to, they want to belong. So we made sure we engaged as much as possible. We made our comments genuine and showed we actually really did care about our community. Even now with our incredible community we try our best to respond to every comment and inbox! Now that’s dedication!

Nurturing = Builds trust

We listened to what our community wanted and provided them with whatever that may be. Trainings, inspiration, knowledge and experts. We continuously ask about what we can do to serve you best and then act upon the result…and this is what keeps us relevant!
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Providing value = continued trust

So there you have it…the blueprint to creating an incredible community…well the basics of it anyway!

First recognise a problem, create a solution to the problem and then nurture and build trust it really is that simple!

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Until next time

#mibainstaqueen aka Estelle x