The Power of Collaboration Part 2

The Power of Collaboration Part 2 by Estelle Keeber

How to find your perfect business collaboration.

After explaining the power of collaboration in a previous post I thought that it was only right that I know explained how to find your perfect collaboration. So here goes….

First of all not all collaborations are going to work…and the reason I know this is because I have found out first hand. Its using your experiences to make choices in the future that will help you grow and your collaborations become more successful.

The mistake I made ( and I know is a common mistake ) is jumping at the first person who offers.

When thinking about a collaboration you need to check a few things first…
1) Is the brand / company someone who I believe in and would be happy to be associated with?
If you answer yes…move to 2.

2) Do them have an audience that YOU would benefit from being in front of.
If your still answering yes its looking good.

3) What can you bring to them as a collaboration to serve your clients and their clients at the same time. If you have nothing this is not the collaboration for you…if your still answering Yes then you have a possible collaboration ready to go.

Once you have answered yes to all of the above, you then need to communicate your aims and targets for the collab to your partner to ensure your both on the same page. Its really important to make sure that both companies are aligned. Another huge mistake I see a lot is miscommunication, where one company / brand have not verbalised exactly how they see the collaboration going.

During these discussions you need to put things into place so that you both know what is expected of who. Will you be sharing to your email list and all social media or will it be limited to an Instagram story. Making sure that everyone is clear on expectations is crucial for a smooth and successful collaboration.

So there you have it…a few of my top tips on how to find your perfect collaboration!

Keep and eye out for part 3 where we are going to be discussing the right way to approach your potential collab partners and how to maximise your collaboration potential!

I would love to know in the comments who YOU would love to collaborate with!

Don’t forget to take a look through…this could be your perfect collaboration just waiting to happen!

Until next time
Much love
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