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Guest Special by Lisa Denniss

Guest Special by Lisa Denniss

My world came crashing down at the beginning of the year as my brother died from a brain tumour. He had only been diagnosed a few months earlier and he was actually doing really well. He was so positive and he thought he could beat it and so did I.

I fell apart and really couldn’t deal with it. I cried everyday…driving in the car, where ever I was going and even sat on the floor at work when I was on my own sobbing, as I was so heartbroken. I felt so sad and lost and didn’t know what to do. Some friends who I thought would be there for me weren’t, which upset me and actually changed me, while others have been amazing and there for my really dark days.

After a while I knew I couldn’t go on like this as it was making me ill. I needed to get some normality in my life. I wanted to get back to my business, it was the only thing that kept me focused and took my mind off things.

So I threw myself into it and I did lots of MIBA courses and 1:1’s with Leona and Estelle to keep me busy. I kept really active in the group and inner circle, which all kept me on track and focused.

I’ve learned so much in this short time and my business and I have grown loads. I have also started another business, helping mums with social media and content, which I love.

If it wasn’t for Leona, Estelle and MiBA I wouldn’t be where I am now. It really saved me at a time when I was so low. It’s bittersweet, as I wouldn’t have been quite this focused without all of this happening.

MIBA isn’t just a group for business advice and support, it’s a massive community which supports women and has helped so many, not just in their businesses. I meet so many amazing women from it and some friends aswell.