Want More Sales on Instagram?? Let’s Go Back 2 Basics!

Want More Sales on Instagram?? Let’s Go Back 2 Basics! by Estelle Keeber

3 new sales in less than 2 hours??

Yes , that’s right. That was the feedback we had less than 4 hours after posting the first video into the Instagram Back 2 Basics training group!

In the first video I talk all about the basics of setting up an account and how to make sure you are creating the right foundations for a great Instagram account. When I was creating this training I was actually worried that people might think that it was too basic but boy was I wrong. The feedback has been incredible and its been less than 24 hours (I’m writing this on Monday!) I wanted to create a training that not only taught you the basics of Instagram, like setting up an account and creating posts but one that also showed you how to really make use of all the features Instagram has to offer but in the most basic way.

So far, one day in even the people who already had established accounts are making changes and seeing improvement in engagement after implementing our tips! People who didn’t have accounts are feeling more confident and are excited for the rest of the week.

You see this is the thing with Instagram, infact with most things we don’t know or understand. They scare us…and it’s not the thing itself that scares us, just the idea of not knowing what to do and worrying we wont be able to do it.

So if this is you, your reading this and thinking…YES I want to make sales on Instagram… then the back 2 basics course is the perfect place to start. The Back 2 Basics training takes place in a private FB community with over 200 members so far, there will be daily videos, tips and hacks to teach you all about how to use Instagram for business…even if you don’t even have an account yet! Once you are in the group you can watch the videos at your own pace and ask questions at any point!

I’m super excited and already proud of all the amazing women already taking action and learning how to use Instagram to grow their business!!

You can check on  whats happening throughout the week on the hashtag #mibaIGb2b  and its not too late to join…don’t forget you can watch the videos at a time that suits YOU….so theres no excuse!!

See you there…until next time

#mibainstaqueen x