Why You Should Come To A MIBA Networking Event by Claire Mandle

Why You Should Come To A MIBA Networking Event by Claire Mandle

This is a review that was left on the MIBA Facebook Group by one of our attendees of our global MIBA networking events

“Yesterday was my first MIBA event and it has done even more for me than I thought it would!

We were lucky enough to have the fantastic Adam Hulme speaking about goal setting. I made 3 pages of notes, and they are pure gold!

But the thing is, I really struggle when there is a room full of strangers. I’m fine speaking with one or two people, but when there’s a group of new people I tend to have difficulty speaking up, even when I really want to.

Going to a networking event was VERY out of my comfort zone, and although I made effort to talk to a couple of people one on one - by the end of the event I really felt as though I had wasted the opportunity to get to know these wonderful ladies…

Walking back to my car I was kicking myself!

But as I was driving home, I realised something- this is exactly what Adam was talking about!

So when I got home I sat and made my goal list for 2020, number one on my list is to be ‘comfortable with groups and public speaking by the end of 2020’. And to do this I will be taking advantage of the sponsor spotlight opportunity at my local MIBA group.

I also wrote a post in the local group explaining why I was quiet, and the responses where so comforting. MIBA ladies are so nice!

Now I know I’m not the only one who was scared to go to an event, or who is worried about talking with a group they don’t know. But if this is you - please go to an event and get out of your comfort zone - I promise you won’t regret it! — with Adam Hulme and Paige Bird.”

MIBA Networking Events take place globally. We are so proud of all our coordinators and guest speakers and love that we are bringing women entrepreneurs together worldwide.

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Love as Always
Estelle and Leona