Round Up of 2019

Incredible Instagram news in 2020

Everything you need to know about the last 12 months on Instagram

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What an incredible year it’s been for Instagram fans. With too many updates to mention I thought I would compile a shortlist of what’s been happening in the last 12 months to keep you all up to speed!

2019 has been one of the worst for Instagram outtages with millions of people being unable to use the app multiple times this year. Along with the outtages 2019 has been huge for updates and new features too.

I would love to know…what been your favourite update so far this year??


*Algorithm announcement – Instagram confirmed that the algorithm is still based on factors that include relevance, timeliness, frequency in posting, and the number of people following you.
This is the same algorithm that’s been in place for a while now, and as far as social platforms go, they’ve been transparent about what affects your ranking within it.

Posts with a lot of engagement will help you in the algorithm, as they always have, so keep creating high-quality, engagement-oriented content in the feed.

*Sharing to multiple accounts

*Countdown sticker in IG stories – great for product launches

*Showing user active / privacy

*EGG pic is posted and knocks Kylie Jenner off the tops spot


*IGTV previews in main feed – a great way to drive traffic to longer form content

*Instagram remove self harm images

*Instagram purge fake accounts – cue big drop in followers

March - IG DOWN

*Checkout in post – Shopping made easy!

April – IG DOWN

*Polls stickers in stories – another feature Instagram introduced to encourage engagement


*Creators able to tag products for partnerships
*Quiz stickers in stories
*Donation stickers in stories

*Account muting


*Horizontal video to IGTV – great for repurposing old content
*Branded content
*Share main feed posts to stories

July 2019 – IG down

*Chat sticker in stories
*Ads in Explore page
*Instagram Warn users before closing down accounts for violation
*Song lyrics in stories

August – IG Down

*Close friends list

*Create your own Facefilter

*Creator accounts launch

*Instagram restrict who can see cosmetic procedure / weightloss posts


*Dark mode
*Took away following tab (so we cant check on other accounts!)
*IGTV series
*Create mode for more ease in story navigation


*Purge on fake iG story views
*Removing likes in UK

*IG allow you to share stories to Facebook dating

*Tightening up on age restrictions – No one under 13 can have an account.

So there you have it…a few of the updates that have happened this year…and from what ive heard through the grapevine…2020 is for sure going to be epic!

Until then…
Much love Estelle #mibainstaqueen