Non Spammy Selling - Creative Advertising

Non Spammy Selling - Creative Advertising by Estelle Keeber

Do you swipe straight past the ads on Instagram. You know the ones that are obviously trying to sell you something you don’t need?

Do you scroll on past the boring buy my shit posts all over FB?

I know, I’m the same. No one wants to be sold to and so this is why you need to focus on creative advertising. Sell your product and service in a non spammy selling way and attract your ideal clients…and its not hard!

I’m always banging on about documenting rather than creating when it comes to content. If you’re showing your followers on a daily basis what you do and how your product / service benefits others you’re selling without selling.

So let’s look, take me for an example. I’m MIBA CEO and Instagram Expert. I show people through my stories what goes on behind the scenes in my day.

Tip 1 – Be relatable!

Part of my day includes creating content and working 1:1 with different companies and clients to help them understand Instagram. I share this to my stories… so that anyone who comes to my stories for the first time know… this is what I do. I might even ask… anyone else need some support with Instagram. This not only increases engagement but also then give me a list of warm leads… people who WANT my service.

Tip 2 – Let people know WHAT you do WITHOUT selling to them!

Once Ive finished my training I will use the feedback to share into stories. Recommendation and word of mouth marketing is the most powerful advertising you can have!

Tip 3 – Share positive feedback and testimonials.

I’m probably going to grab some lunch afterwards… and yes! I share that to stories too! Get people involved in something fun… ask them what do you prefer for lunch… burger or salad?

Tip 4 – Use engagement stickers to increase interaction

Once I have warmed people up with what I do, how I help and the results of my product I would then finish my stories with a way that people could find out more… Direct them to DM, link in bio or opt in page.

Just with those examples you can see that not once have I tried to sell. I’m allowing the product to sell itself by showing people the results. Before and after pictures are so last year. People want to see your product and service in action. They want to see the results, they want to be able to relate to you. They do not want to be sold to.

Skills + Trust = relationship = SALES

So there you have a very brief breakdown of how to sell without selling.

Until next time…

Estelle #mibainstaqueen