IGTV and why you should be using it!

IGTV and why you should be using it! by Estelle Keeber

So we are half way through the year and Instagram has already gave us some pretty impressive new features. In the last few weeks we have seen the new chat sticker in stories and up to 5 different feed layouts not to mention the new stories layout that a lot of you now have. Thanks to the amazing Preview app for the images! https://thepreviewapp.com/

Since the beginning of the year we have seen the new shop option, horizontal videos on IGTV, branded content ads, creator profiles, fundraising options and more ( don’t worry we will be talking about all of the new features in the coming weeks)

Instagram is really upping its game when it comes to creating a more personalised and interactive platform. Right now I have to say I think my favourite feature is the new easier to access layout. Instagram is rolling out the new look profiles and we were are happy to say we actually have the better looking of the versions

By adding the shop and IGTV icons to the top of the feed Instagram are making it even easier to for your followers and fans to take in more of your amazing content and purchase products with the tap of a finger. So now is for sure the time that you need to be focussing on being present!

IGTV is a great way for you to share more detailed content with your followers. In the main feed you can add upto 1 minute of video, in stories you can add 15 second segments but in IGTV you can share up to 10 minutes of video ( more if you have more than 10k followers )

So what is Instagram TV? IGTV is accessible via the IG app itself and it also has a stand alone application. Before you can create an IGTV episode you need to create a channel. This will be your username and super simple to do ( just follow the prompts ) Once you have your channel you can then start sharing out your episodes. In the last few months Instagram is now allowing horizontal and vertical videos for IGTV which means that ANY video you have already created can be shared! Great for repurposing old content! Massive time saver for all the busy mums out there!

So for those of you out there thinking why should I be using IGTV…let me break it down for you….

People love watching videos! Many people happily spend hours checking out videos on topics they’re interested in. IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube I can guarantee that we will see similar popularity in the the next year or so!
Videos give your brand personality! Videos let customers and potential clients see the people behind the name, giving your business a friendly face. Remember people buy from people!

Video content is engaging! Written posts do attract attention, but the increasingly short attention span of followers means that great video content will keep them engaged longer.

IGTV episodes create trust! When your videos provide helpful tips in solving problems your followers face, they know you care and start to develop a personal relationship with you, your company and your brand.
Seeing is believing! For lots of people, images mean more than words. Product videos have a huge effect on customer perception of quality. They are also great for showing the advantages of your product or service…I love to watch how to videos!

Make that emotional connection! IGTV lets you take your followers along for the ride. Exciting experiences or touching moments move hearts, it’s the sharing of this sort of content that will help you to become relatable!

So know you know how and why you should be using IGTV…the next step is content creation…stay tuned for the upcoming blog!

Until next time…peace out from the Insta Queen x