Saving Time

Saving Time by Estelle Keeber

By the time you read this the Summer Holidays is going to be upon us all ( Im already a week in ) those 8 weeks as parents we love at the beginning and hate by the end!

I thought that I would follow up after my Instagram LIVE with a blog post showing you all how easy it can be to save time on social media during the holidays. It’s quite funny how alone we all think we are in managing the struggle that is the work life balance, especially when it comes to school holidays. We feel guilty for working too much, we feel guilty for not working enough, it doesn’t matter what we do we always seem to be chasing a ever ending rainbow in the hope that at the end will be the answer when really, we already know what we need to do. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Im the worst for setting boundaries when it comes to stepping away from work…BUT what I can tell you is that it feels so much easier to step away once I know my shit is done! 

Now the expert tips Im about to share with you wont mean you can jet off on a 2 week world cruise without a second thought for your business BUT what it will do is free up some time for you to do something else! 

Tip 1
Set times for social media. Don’t dip in and out. We all know that that 5 minute “ oh im just looking for something “ can lead us to be in the same place 2 hours later having watched 15 make up tutorials or in my case cake dripping videos!Give yourself 15 minutes, morning, lunch and evening and try and stick to them. Go onto social media for the purpose you set ie to answer messages, reply to comments and then get off! 

Tip 2
Planning. Having a plan for content will make life so much easier. How many of you get to the end of the day and think oh shit I haven’t posted I will throw something out now, in between settling the kids, cooking dinner and checking emails! Even just writing down your content ideas will help. For those of you that are planning addicts like me you can go the whole hog and plan everything from the image to the caption in our MIBA Guide to Growing your Instagram.

Tip 3
Document rather than CREATE. Now Im helping you to free up more time that means your going to be out having fun! Rather than constantly worrying about what content to post, capture your life as you normally would ( if you don’t take lots of pics, start getting into the habit ) That way when it comes to talking about what you have been doing BTS you have plenty of images and content to refer to! 

If this has given you food for thought, why not check out the Youtube video where I talk more about saving time whilst being present! 

So, now the only question that remains is…what are you going to do with the extra hour I have just saved you? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time 

Much Love MIBA Insta Queen x