Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

1. What is my data captured for?

For the purpose of The Company’s events, your first name, surname, postal address and email address are captured during the checkout process.  These are required in order to be able to know who is attending and contact attendees with up to date and important information and, if The Company wish, contact you with occasional marketing material in relation to other events of interest The Company are running in the area or online.  Address information is captured for the purpose of validating payment card information.

When you provide your email address for marketing opt in, this information will be used to contact you occasionally with information about The Company and relevant promotions aligned to your marketing preferences.  You can opt out of marketing campaigns any time by following the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in our emails.

2. What information is required to complete the request?

At a minimum The Company capture the following details from attendees of their events:  Name, postal address, email address.

For marketing only the name and email address of The Individual is captured.

3. Who has access to my information within the organisation?

The Company support staff could use your information in order to be able to process your order.  Payment card details are not stored in their original form and our staff and third parties do not have access to them.  If needed at the point of purchase (you will be notified) our payment provider stores a representation of the card information provided in order for The Company to process repeat payments to services such as subscription services.

Additionally, The Company can and will choose to share information with selected third parties in support of the services offered by The Company.

4. Are any third parties given access to my information?

We work with selected third parties who we may share your information with in order to perform tasks on behalf of MIBA.  We work very carefully to ensure the third parties we work with have policies and procedures aligned to ours.

5. Where is the information stored and processed?

Events, Publishing & Marketing:  All information is physically stored within the European Union (EU).

For events and ticket sales outside of the EU your information will still be stored in the EU.  As your coordinator is likely to be local to the country the event takes place in, it should be presumed processing of your data will occur in the EU and the country where the event takes place.

Thinkific aligns to GDPR standards and declares that some data can be transferred to the USA.  This is detailed in their Privacy Policy (Section 11: https://www.thinkific.com/privacy-policy/)

6. How long is the data kept for?

For marketing we will hold your data whilst you wish to be part of our mailing list.  If you wish to unsubscribe, please let us know by following the instructions on one of our emails. (Should include unsubscribe link already)

Where your information has been provided for the purposes of attending one of our events and you have opted out of marketing your information will be stored for 18 months.

7. If I have a query about the use of my data or want to request visibility of the data you have about me, who do I contact?

Our site has a form that will be sent to our admin team for processing.  Please fill in the form and we’ll respond to your query.