It’s all too much! Urgh

It’s all too much! Urgh…. by Leona

Ever get those moments? Yup! Me too.

Life is 100,000 miles an hour and you’re spinning plates and they’re crashing down faster than you can glue them back together? Yes that’s been my life for a little while.

Trying to be the perfect mum, and the perfect wife, the perfect business owner who has her shit together is NOT an easy task! I repeat for the people at the back… ITS FUCKING HARD WORK!

And then comes along miss judgey mcjudgeyson.. eye roll! Taking a swipe when all you need is SOMEBODY to hold out their hand and help you back up onto your feet.

I’m here to tell you this (after much frustratedness) YOU have the ability to pick YOURSELF up..

YOU have the ability to glue your plates back together!

YOU have the ability to throw those god damn plates away!

The power is within you. Stop searching for somebody else to give you the power. Stop searching for somebody to save you. They’re not coming. YOU have to save YOU.

Top tips:

Be ok with having a shit day
Don’t let your shit day turn into a shit week
Acknowledge your feelings
Journal like a mofo, get your thoughts onto paper and burn that shit (if you fancy it)
Create a plan on HOW you’re going to move forward (even if it’s tiny steps)

Much love, as always


Homeschooling by Leona Burton

What is it REALLY like to be a homeschooling mum/ceo/wife/all round amazingpreneur?!


There is no other way of describing it! There are days when I want to hide away in a cave so that nobody finds me…

There are days when I’d prefer to stab my own eyes out with a rusty fork than jump into a meeting or think of a clever way to educate my children without them feeling like they’re at school…

Some days I’m more like the trunchbull than miss honey and other days I’m as zen as the greenpeace founder chewing on a piece of special green! (Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that greenpeace have ANYTHING to do with anything special and green!)

What I’ve come to realise after many years of putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself and allowing others to impose their unrealistic expectations of me… that I am what I am! I can be whoever I want to be, parent how I WANT, grow my business in a way which works for ME. Some days it works better than others BUT it’s on MY terms.

Be the master of your own destiny, but don’t be hard on yourself if you eat the cake or lose your shit!

Congratulations YOU are human

Much love

As always

Leona xox

Life Isn’t All A Bed of Roses

Life isn’t all a bed of roses! by Leona Burton

We have seen HUGE success over the last two years and I’m massively grateful. Whether it be landing a contract with Principal media in Beverly Hills or smashing a quarter of a million pound turnover in a year life has been GREAT
Stuff still happens, life still continues to throw some serious shit in this direction. There are ups and downs, arguments, frustrations, hiring and firing and everything else that comes with being a human..in particular one that runs a company!
I want to you to understand that life is whatever you make it, some stuff you have control over and some stuff you don’t. The stuff that you have control over.. make it the best that you can. You have one short life, fill it to the brim with happiness and fulfilment.
When life gets tough here’s three things that I tell people to do:
  1. take a breather, allow yourself the space to gain some clarity in the situation that you’re in
  2. Do the things that make you happy, whether that be eating chocolate or going for a run, it’s important
  3. Surround yourself with great people, people who will elevate you.
Life’s short, eat the cake, enjoy the sex and go grab that contract!
Much love

Let’s Escape The Rat Race!

Let’s Escape The Rat Race! by Leona Burton

Why do I just get up and go?

Like driving to Portugal for the night..

Or upping and going to the states for three months..

Or getting rid of my house and going to Spain within a six week period…

I’m not entirely sure! And I’m not entirely convinced that I need to work it out either!

But what I can tell you is this…

I live for today.

Not tomorrow

And DEFINITELY not yesterday ❤️ Yesterday is something that has been, gone. Mistakes have been made and in turn lessons have been learnt!

I have anxiety’s that have grown due to a few traumas and I’m battling daily to keep them at bay… (Never ever suffered with anxiety until I had an encounter that I’ll never forget. All will be revealed in our book coming out in September)

It’s not easy!

But I won’t let them define me, after all I am ME.

And I certainly won’t let them rule me! You all know how much I hate rules Hehehehe…

And I KNOW that we have one life, the one where we are human (one main one that I know of anyway)

And I intend on living it to its fullest potential. What does that look like to me?

Time freedom: being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Financial freedom: being able to pay my bills and indulge whenever I want to..

It also means being able to give back! A huge one for me. Charity is everything. We are super bloody fortunate that if you’re reading this you have access to the internet. The place where YOU can grow your knowledge and your business for FREE. Over 40% of the worlds population don’t have access.. scary huh?!

Live life on YOUR terms ladies

Work hard and play just as hard

Love always


Xoxo xoxo

Wow What Can I Say?

Wow what can I say? by Leona Burton

I’m sat here having a cheeky nose through Facebook and I stumble upon an article in Elle magazine talking about how Forever 21 sent their customers diet bars with their orders.

Firstly, I have to write this blog before I spontaneously combust! I have had what has been borderline an eating disorder more than 20 years…

I’m tonight wearing a size 16, I’ve been on every diet, I’ve starved myself, I’ve drank celery juice for breakfast lunch and dinner, I’ve had body wraps, pills from eBay and all manor of other things…

Today I had a protein shake for breakfast and salad for my lunch and dinner. Contrary to popular belief not everybody who is overweight sits and eats 25 bars of chocolate for dinner followed by a tub of ice cream.

I want to be HEALTHY for me, if I’m unhappy I WILL CHANGE IT FOR ME, not because society says so, or a fucking clothing company!

We have a DUTY of care to our younger generations to teach them HOW to be healthy and happy! Not comparing themselves to the Instagram filtered versions of people….


Fuck you Forever 21.

Ladies go be happy and healthy for you!

Much love



Networking?! How The Actual Fuck Can I Benefit I Hear You Ask?!

Networking?! How The Actual Fuck Can I Benefit I Hear You Ask?! by Leona Burton

I mean yes they have a reputation for being full of suits and snotty private school types (I went to private school for a short time so no offence meant, before I get bashed)

BUT they can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I’m not actually lying….

Rewind 18 months..

Estelle and I hated the majority of networking events for the reasons as stated above PLUS we couldn’t have taken our children which for me being a mum of 5, breastfeeding for what seems like 42 years and having an autistic child was almost impossible!

One day over a casual morning catch up we decided to birth MIBA networking, with the thinking that we would hold one a month in Leicester where the INSTA QUEEN is based and one in Monmouth where I was living at the time….

BOY WERE WE WRONG! Who knew that our idea of child friendly networking events was going to be such a HUGE HIT!

135 locations around the world now established and growing month in month out. Providing our women with a networking event that is inclusive without the hefty membership fees that usually come attached has proven to be something that EVERY female entrepreneur around the world is looking for. Well in MIBA we like to deliver so here’s to the future! Working with MORE incredible female entrepreneurs helping them to grow their businesses and their futures whilst looking after their small humans (a small human is optional! You don’t have to be a mum to attend)

If you would like to help coordinate a MIBA networking event (it is a paid role) then holla and we can grab a chat!

But honestly ladies it’s revolutionised the face of networking and we are proud that over 7,000 of you have walked through our doors in the last year.

We are super grateful to be surrounded the best females EVER!

Get a grip?!

Get a grip?! by Leona Burton

When I say get a fucking grip THAT doesn’t refer to people with mental health issues!

It means STOP COMPLAINING about shit that isn’t important to you.

Listen.. I used to moan in every single restaurant I went in, in fact it was known amongst my friends that I would mostly end up with a refund (quite ashamed to even say that aloud) but it’s true!

I would moan if it were cold, I’d moan if it were hot, I’d moan if somebody looked at my husband, I’d moan if somebody were late, or if they were early, I’d even moan if I had no post..

You see I was bloody miserable! Outwardly I was happy bloody clappy but INSIDE i was DEEPLY unhappy. I’d surrounded myself (some chosen ones.. some by default) with moaning assholes and that had totally effected the way I thought.

I was miserable in being miserable so I decided to STOP. I mean don’t get me wrong it has been a journey and sometimes I have to but my moaning bitch back in her cage but I worked so hard on me that I’m now TRULY happy!

If I get a shit steak out, I pay the bill and don’t go back (life is too short to argue over shit steak!)

Mental health is something not to be scoffed at, in fact I have two close family members that have attempted suicide, one many many times. It’s NOT an unhealthy mindset. It’s an illness that unfortunately can not be fixed overnight.

Please if you’re struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts talk to somebody, anybody. Don’t suffer in silence.

Be happy, go live an incredible fulfilled life.

Much love



Diary of a MOFO CEO

Diary of a MOFO CEO by Leona Burton

Wow what can I say…?!

Who would have thought that I’d be sat here writing a blog!

Me? The girl with no GCSES who makes up random words whenever she feels like it but hey I’ll have a good go.

So I thought that you ladies would like to see more into the lives of Estelle and I, and a blog would be a great way of hearing about what ACTUALLY goes on behind the scenes in MIBA HQ…

What a few weeks it has been! We turned two AND hit 40k in our Facebook group in the same week. That’s kinda crazy to think back to two years ago when MIBA wasn’t even a thing! Now people talk us all around the world (ok good and bad BUT whatever hehe) and all that we have created in just that short amount of time! #blessedAF

I can’t lie it’s been two years of extreme highs and successes but MANY a late night, early mornings, tears and tantrums.

It’s proven to me what I already believed. If you want anything in life you absolutely can have it, IF you work hard enough!

Figure out wtf you enjoy, align and hustle!

We have a shit ton planned over the next few months including social media summit and our autobiography launch (OMG?!)…

It’ll be a wild road (we’ve got some pissed off people that would prefer we didn’t write our stories but they are OUR truths) we want you to understand that regardless of your past or current situation YOU can get through and BE and DO anything that you want!

Now to get back to work (I’ve got a podcast to organise so keep your eyes peeled)

Much love


Xoxo xoxo

Ps. Look out for a blog coming soon from our very own Insta Queen