What Are You Doing Whilst Corona Has Taken Over What We Knew as Normality?

What Are You Doing Whilst Corona Has Taken Over What We Knew as Normality?

Its not been easy for most of us right?

I mean social media is telling we should have learnt ten new languages and created 30 different income streams and some of us are just trying to keep ourselves from drowning.

I’m taking this time whilst in lockdown to reflect on life. To sharpen my skillset, to do some inner work, to spend time with my family and to nurture my business. God knows it’s needed. I’ve been so busy working in the business that I’d almost forgotten about working on ME.

This time is what it is. It’s challenging time for us all, some more than others, however, use this time, if you’re fortunate enough to not have to be a frontline worker fighting for the safety of your people) to grow as humans and as business owners, whilst also remaining SANE. NOT EASY HUH?!

I know that it feels suffocating and restrictive, I get it, I feel it too. I’m one of THE most peopley people that I know. I NEED human interaction. Not just online, which is great and all that but I wanna feel your vibes.

However this is for the short term. We can use these times to become better versions of ourselves. To be a kinder version of humanity. To understand the importance of simple things like freedom. Things we have previously taken for granted now we class as a privilege. Let’s create executable plans for the future, let’s make it a good one, after all how long do we really have? We’ve been living as though we have forever, or at least most of us have. We don’t.

Take control of your future, your health, your wealth and your happiness. And you know, stay sane… after all that’s most important.

Much love

As always