When People Say The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Create the best follow up statergy

When people say the fortune is in the follow up they’re NOT bullshitting! by Leona


TALKING TO SO MANY OF YOU recently and lots of you tell me that FOLLOWING UP WITH PROSPECTS OR CLIENTS is NOT a strength…..

You are potentially missing out on a HUGE amount of sales….!

Do YOU have a follow up PLAN or are you hot and miss? Be honest!

Top tip:

Create a really simple process ie. three days after somebody registers interest in a product you ask them which product they prefer best!
Then three days after product arrives you check in to see how much they LOVE the product (see how I’m using assumptive language)

Make it SIMPLE so that it’s DOABLE otherwise you won’t do it! (Go figure)

I CHALLENGE each of you to follow up with TWO people TODAY that you know you should have contacted by now…..

Much love

As always

Leona xoxox