Week One in America

Week one in America


Week one in America has been an adventure!

Worldschooling at its finest. Thanksgiving dinner in Savannah was an incredible experience for all of us as a family but especially for the children to see how other people come together.

Arrived here in Myrtle Beach a few days ago and we’ve experienced shark teeth hunting and sampled the local delicacies! Including LOTS of BBQ sauce on everything….

Personally I’ve used being here as a reason to get healthy! I’ve been to yoga twice and spin a couple of times now and I’m feeling better already. I’ve been so busy back and forth to the UK that my health hadn’t been at the forefront of my mind however now it’s MY time! After all I’m 34 this week… HOLY SHIT!

The week ahead is proving to be as busy as the last and I can’t wait for this adventure to unfold.

Ladies my CTA for this week: go and do ONE thing for YOU! One thing that’ll help YOU personally….

Much love

As always

Leona Burton