Travelling Around The East Coast of America for 80 days

Travelling around the east coast of America for 80 days whilst we worldschool our children was not a easy choice however it’s turning out to be an amazing decision.

Uh oh it’s 2:52am however we had THE best dinner with Cathlenes incredible family on in the intercostal as the sun set (my fave)

The children have had a blast and they’ve requested that on the way back we come and meet again ❤️

For them to spend time with other homeschooled children has been awesome, lots of laughing and exploring, just perfect!

So far we are totally in love with the east coast and quite possibly could be on our three year plan to make a move!

I am feeling more inspired than EVER!

The last three days really have changed my life, sounds crazy huh but it’s shown me that even after doubting myself (yes I’m human) that I was right to follow my gut.

I cannot tell you how important it is to use your natural gut instinct in your life and business.

If something feels icky for a period of time to time to check it and figure if you can change it or get rid.

If an idea is pecking at you to make it happen, why aren’t you taking the steps to do it? Remember how to create goals? And then create a PLAN to make it happen…

It’s not easy BUT it’s TOTALLY doable!

CTA: do ONE thing today to move you towards the ONE thing that’ll make you HAPPY.

As always

Much love