Life Moves at a MILLION Miles an Hour

Life moves at a MILLION miles an hour and sometimes we forget the IMPACT that we are having by Leona Burton

So after a meeting with our incredible PR agent Haddy A Folivi we’ve been left feeling pretty proud.

Today we talked about our vision for MIBA and what we have done for others so far.
To be honest, MIBA HQ is so crazy we just do what we do and take most things with a pinch of salt, celebrate the win then move on to the next job.

But today has given us an opportunity to stop and think about all the things we’ve done for others so far….

In just over 2 years since we started our little facebook group we have not only empowered, educated and inspired hundreds of thousands of women we also been able to make change on a much wider scale.

Weve supported The Purple Community Fund which helps to take children off the streets of the Philippines by collecting thousands of ring pulls.

We collected over 20 thousands items to help end period poverty here in the UK
We collected hundreds of toys for the Rayaan Brown Foundation to give to children diagnosed with cancer.

We’ve helped raise over £11,000 for Womens Aid Leicestershire.

And I could go on….

But it doesnt stop there….

We are super excited to have many other projects lined up that will help impact thousands more women in mind blowing ways!

And it all started with 2 crazy sisters and 1 little idea!

Watch this space!!

Remember to make a difference you don’t NEED to raise £1000s for charity, one small act of kindness can start a chain reaction.

We challenge YOU to go and do something nice for somebody TODAY! Whether it’s a cup of coffee for the guy who lives outside the chippy or donating your time to a non profit… it all helps.

Together we are stronger.

Much love

As always
Leona and Estelle