PASSION.. by Leona

We hear that word thrown around regularly but the heck is it?!

It really simply is something that you LOVE and that you’d do for FREE for a period of time.

So how do you find it I hear you ask?


People are REALLY BUSY searching for it that they often are totally missing the very thing that they’re looking for!

Top tips:

Take time out regularly to journal, meditate, exercise… whatever gives you some space to clear your mind.

Have a look at what lights you up…. I mean really lights you up. Is there a pattern in your happiness? Is there a specific activity that gets you all excited? (Not THAT type of activity unless you plan on monetising…?!)

Brainstorm ways in which you can incorporate MORE of those things into YOUR business…

And lastly, don’t overthink it. Allow it to be whatever it is….

And then create your vision from there.

Much love

As always