You FIGURE Out Your Niche…

You FIGURE out your niche… by Leona Burton

You’re on your way!

Look at McDonald’s…

Known for BURGERS and cheap fast food.

Ideal client: people who want fast and cheap food.

What about Apple?

Known for slick technology.

Ideal client: people who want the best technology and who want to stay up-to date  with innovation.

And what about Poundland?

Known for providing brands at a discount.

Ideal client: people who want to grab essentials at a low cost

If you look at the list above…

They’re NOT diversifying all over the place!

They’re staying in their own lane…

Go figure ❤️

– stop worrying about trying to be jack of all trades.

So HOW do I figure out who my ideal client is?

  • Figure out who YOU are as a brand FIRST
  • Then think about what SOLUTIONS you have to offer people
  • What type of people need your solutions?
  • Think about that person in as MUCH detail as possible.
  • Get to work talking to those people

Much love as always
Leona xoxox