Personal Brand

Personal Brand by Leona

Personal brand is a term that hear thrown around social media A LOT…

However it’s something that most people are either getting wrong or don’t understand.

You see your personal brand is more than great instagram  filters and a shiny Facebook profile. It’s WHO YOU ARE.

Yes I repeat it’s WHO YOU REALLY ARE!!!!

So here’s some tips:

1. Figure out who the hell who really are
2. Figure what social media platforms you enjoy being on (choose two, don’t overwhelm yourself)
3. Decide how best you deliver your content (ie. blog, vlog, post, video….)
4. Show up consistently over a long period of time on said platforms
5. Have a strong message, don’t be wishy washy
6. Interact with your audience!

We’ve grown MIBA to a turnover of what will be HALF A MILLION POUNDS this year on our PERSONAL brand. Yup. Not too shabby huh?!

Don’t over complicate the process.

Stay true to you.

Show up.

Recipe for success.

Much love as always



Ps. I talk in more detail in VIP this November