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Fat People Don’t Buy Supplements?!

Fat people don’t buy supplements?! By Leona

Fat women don’t wear Calvin Klein?


Some people will say anything for engagement 😬

Kiss my fat ass….

OMG seriously?! Can’t even believe I’m writing this.
Somebody had posted a status with words to this effect, they were saying that in marketing they should stick to doing what they know works ie: skinny people promoting underwear etc

HELLO….. this is the 21st century! Do we really love in a society where this way of thinking still exists 😭
I’m all for understanding your ideal client but if we are shaming people on the way to success then there’s an issue.


Understanding YOUR client is important.

Figure out who they are (age, sex, location. I’m aware that sounds like a chat room quote)
Find out what their pain points are
What solution do you have for their pain points
Communicate with said people

Don’t over complicate it ladies, and don’t be an arsehole on the way…

Much love

As always

Leona xoxox