It’s all too much! Urgh

It’s all too much! Urgh…. by Leona

Ever get those moments? Yup! Me too.

Life is 100,000 miles an hour and you’re spinning plates and they’re crashing down faster than you can glue them back together? Yes that’s been my life for a little while.

Trying to be the perfect mum, and the perfect wife, the perfect business owner who has her shit together is NOT an easy task! I repeat for the people at the back… ITS FUCKING HARD WORK!

And then comes along miss judgey mcjudgeyson.. eye roll! Taking a swipe when all you need is SOMEBODY to hold out their hand and help you back up onto your feet.

I’m here to tell you this (after much frustratedness) YOU have the ability to pick YOURSELF up..

YOU have the ability to glue your plates back together!

YOU have the ability to throw those god damn plates away!

The power is within you. Stop searching for somebody else to give you the power. Stop searching for somebody to save you. They’re not coming. YOU have to save YOU.

Top tips:

Be ok with having a shit day
Don’t let your shit day turn into a shit week
Acknowledge your feelings
Journal like a mofo, get your thoughts onto paper and burn that shit (if you fancy it)
Create a plan on HOW you’re going to move forward (even if it’s tiny steps)

Much love, as always