Homeschooling by Leona Burton

What is it REALLY like to be a homeschooling mum/ceo/wife/all round amazingpreneur?!


There is no other way of describing it! There are days when I want to hide away in a cave so that nobody finds me…

There are days when I’d prefer to stab my own eyes out with a rusty fork than jump into a meeting or think of a clever way to educate my children without them feeling like they’re at school…

Some days I’m more like the trunchbull than miss honey and other days I’m as zen as the greenpeace founder chewing on a piece of special green! (Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that greenpeace have ANYTHING to do with anything special and green!)

What I’ve come to realise after many years of putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself and allowing others to impose their unrealistic expectations of me… that I am what I am! I can be whoever I want to be, parent how I WANT, grow my business in a way which works for ME. Some days it works better than others BUT it’s on MY terms.

Be the master of your own destiny, but don’t be hard on yourself if you eat the cake or lose your shit!

Congratulations YOU are human

Much love

As always

Leona xox