Life Isn’t All A Bed of Roses

Life isn’t all a bed of roses! by Leona Burton

We have seen HUGE success over the last two years and I’m massively grateful. Whether it be landing a contract with Principal media in Beverly Hills or smashing a quarter of a million pound turnover in a year life has been GREAT
Stuff still happens, life still continues to throw some serious shit in this direction. There are ups and downs, arguments, frustrations, hiring and firing and everything else that comes with being a human..in particular one that runs a company!
I want to you to understand that life is whatever you make it, some stuff you have control over and some stuff you don’t. The stuff that you have control over.. make it the best that you can. You have one short life, fill it to the brim with happiness and fulfilment.
When life gets tough here’s three things that I tell people to do:
  1. take a breather, allow yourself the space to gain some clarity in the situation that you’re in
  2. Do the things that make you happy, whether that be eating chocolate or going for a run, it’s important
  3. Surround yourself with great people, people who will elevate you.
Life’s short, eat the cake, enjoy the sex and go grab that contract!
Much love