Let’s Escape The Rat Race!

Let’s Escape The Rat Race! by Leona Burton

Why do I just get up and go?

Like driving to Portugal for the night..

Or upping and going to the states for three months..

Or getting rid of my house and going to Spain within a six week period…

I’m not entirely sure! And I’m not entirely convinced that I need to work it out either!

But what I can tell you is this…

I live for today.

Not tomorrow

And DEFINITELY not yesterday ❤️ Yesterday is something that has been, gone. Mistakes have been made and in turn lessons have been learnt!

I have anxiety’s that have grown due to a few traumas and I’m battling daily to keep them at bay… (Never ever suffered with anxiety until I had an encounter that I’ll never forget. All will be revealed in our book coming out in September)

It’s not easy!

But I won’t let them define me, after all I am ME.

And I certainly won’t let them rule me! You all know how much I hate rules Hehehehe…

And I KNOW that we have one life, the one where we are human (one main one that I know of anyway)

And I intend on living it to its fullest potential. What does that look like to me?

Time freedom: being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Financial freedom: being able to pay my bills and indulge whenever I want to..

It also means being able to give back! A huge one for me. Charity is everything. We are super bloody fortunate that if you’re reading this you have access to the internet. The place where YOU can grow your knowledge and your business for FREE. Over 40% of the worlds population don’t have access.. scary huh?!

Live life on YOUR terms ladies

Work hard and play just as hard

Love always


Xoxo xoxo