Wow What Can I Say?

Wow what can I say? by Leona Burton

I’m sat here having a cheeky nose through Facebook and I stumble upon an article in Elle magazine talking about how Forever 21 sent their customers diet bars with their orders.

Firstly, I have to write this blog before I spontaneously combust! I have had what has been borderline an eating disorder more than 20 years…

I’m tonight wearing a size 16, I’ve been on every diet, I’ve starved myself, I’ve drank celery juice for breakfast lunch and dinner, I’ve had body wraps, pills from eBay and all manor of other things…

Today I had a protein shake for breakfast and salad for my lunch and dinner. Contrary to popular belief not everybody who is overweight sits and eats 25 bars of chocolate for dinner followed by a tub of ice cream.

I want to be HEALTHY for me, if I’m unhappy I WILL CHANGE IT FOR ME, not because society says so, or a fucking clothing company!

We have a DUTY of care to our younger generations to teach them HOW to be healthy and happy! Not comparing themselves to the Instagram filtered versions of people….


Fuck you Forever 21.

Ladies go be happy and healthy for you!

Much love