Networking?! How The Actual Fuck Can I Benefit I Hear You Ask?!

Networking?! How The Actual Fuck Can I Benefit I Hear You Ask?! by Leona Burton

I mean yes they have a reputation for being full of suits and snotty private school types (I went to private school for a short time so no offence meant, before I get bashed)

BUT they can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I’m not actually lying….

Rewind 18 months..

Estelle and I hated the majority of networking events for the reasons as stated above PLUS we couldn’t have taken our children which for me being a mum of 5, breastfeeding for what seems like 42 years and having an autistic child was almost impossible!

One day over a casual morning catch up we decided to birth MIBA networking, with the thinking that we would hold one a month in Leicester where the INSTA QUEEN is based and one in Monmouth where I was living at the time….

BOY WERE WE WRONG! Who knew that our idea of child friendly networking events was going to be such a HUGE HIT!

135 locations around the world now established and growing month in month out. Providing our women with a networking event that is inclusive without the hefty membership fees that usually come attached has proven to be something that EVERY female entrepreneur around the world is looking for. Well in MIBA we like to deliver so here’s to the future! Working with MORE incredible female entrepreneurs helping them to grow their businesses and their futures whilst looking after their small humans (a small human is optional! You don’t have to be a mum to attend)

If you would like to help coordinate a MIBA networking event (it is a paid role) then holla and we can grab a chat!

But honestly ladies it’s revolutionised the face of networking and we are proud that over 7,000 of you have walked through our doors in the last year.

We are super grateful to be surrounded the best females EVER!