Get a grip?!

Get a grip?! by Leona Burton

When I say get a fucking grip THAT doesn’t refer to people with mental health issues!

It means STOP COMPLAINING about shit that isn’t important to you.

Listen.. I used to moan in every single restaurant I went in, in fact it was known amongst my friends that I would mostly end up with a refund (quite ashamed to even say that aloud) but it’s true!

I would moan if it were cold, I’d moan if it were hot, I’d moan if somebody looked at my husband, I’d moan if somebody were late, or if they were early, I’d even moan if I had no post..

You see I was bloody miserable! Outwardly I was happy bloody clappy but INSIDE i was DEEPLY unhappy. I’d surrounded myself (some chosen ones.. some by default) with moaning assholes and that had totally effected the way I thought.

I was miserable in being miserable so I decided to STOP. I mean don’t get me wrong it has been a journey and sometimes I have to but my moaning bitch back in her cage but I worked so hard on me that I’m now TRULY happy!

If I get a shit steak out, I pay the bill and don’t go back (life is too short to argue over shit steak!)

Mental health is something not to be scoffed at, in fact I have two close family members that have attempted suicide, one many many times. It’s NOT an unhealthy mindset. It’s an illness that unfortunately can not be fixed overnight.

Please if you’re struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts talk to somebody, anybody. Don’t suffer in silence.

Be happy, go live an incredible fulfilled life.

Much love