Diary of a MOFO CEO

Diary of a MOFO CEO by Leona Burton

Wow what can I say…?!

Who would have thought that I’d be sat here writing a blog!

Me? The girl with no GCSES who makes up random words whenever she feels like it but hey I’ll have a good go.

So I thought that you ladies would like to see more into the lives of Estelle and I, and a blog would be a great way of hearing about what ACTUALLY goes on behind the scenes in MIBA HQ…

What a few weeks it has been! We turned two AND hit 40k in our Facebook group in the same week. That’s kinda crazy to think back to two years ago when MIBA wasn’t even a thing! Now people talk us all around the world (ok good and bad BUT whatever hehe) and all that we have created in just that short amount of time! #blessedAF

I can’t lie it’s been two years of extreme highs and successes but MANY a late night, early mornings, tears and tantrums.

It’s proven to me what I already believed. If you want anything in life you absolutely can have it, IF you work hard enough!

Figure out wtf you enjoy, align and hustle!

We have a shit ton planned over the next few months including social media summit and our autobiography launch (OMG?!)…

It’ll be a wild road (we’ve got some pissed off people that would prefer we didn’t write our stories but they are OUR truths) we want you to understand that regardless of your past or current situation YOU can get through and BE and DO anything that you want!

Now to get back to work (I’ve got a podcast to organise so keep your eyes peeled)

Much love


Xoxo xoxo

Ps. Look out for a blog coming soon from our very own Insta Queen